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Shortly after scoring the goal on Monday evening, meaning 2-0 and keeping Hertha Berlin in the first division at Hamburg, it became clear once again how the Westend club in Berlin plays with fire naturally. A torch shot off the curve of Hertha fans onto the field, and one might call it lucky that no one was injured on the field. This could have been the next streak: Hertha maintains segregation in the sport as the team presents one of its rare top-flight games of the season. Exiting the game spoils everything.

If one assumes against the background of empirical values ​​that the shooter is more than One A flare missile was smuggled through the control: it seemed that there were enough troops in the corner of the Berlin fan who invited him to think. And prevent what is worse.

The fact that Hertha was able to save her in the face of HSV was symbolic. Just as the Hamburg players had been fiddling with relegation for years until 2018, Hertha had been doing the same for years. Unfazed by the €374 million from investor Lars Windhorst, who owns nearly two-thirds of the shares in the professional division with that money – and actually has very different goals than walking into the first-class abyss. On Monday evening, it looked as if Herta had spotted a reflex in the face of HSV they didn’t want to encounter – and thus freed themselves.

Only: the dangers are not over yet. The next few days will show whether enough arguments will be found to talk about a fresh start. Or if problems get worse. Hertha, which owes its name to the pleasure boat in Berlin, continues to race towards the waterfall.

Who Should Follow Gegenbauer was fully open on Tuesday

The president announced on Tuesday evening that Werner Gegenbauer’s resignation does not change much in this respect: as President of Hertha, one can only speak of him in the past tense. But his 14-year reign – in which Hertha fell twice and even in the better years has held steady – is now finally over. Ostensibly, the president’s departure removes the basis for a massive conflict in the past three years, that of Gegenbauer and Windhurst. The question of the largest single investor in the history of the Bundesliga, how the 374 million euros he owns was burned, is currently on the table; Herta replies that Windhorst has always and in case of doubt reported the expenses in writing. However, this does not completely change the corrupt transfer policy.

And then: on Tuesday it was fully open who would follow Gegenbauer. And this is not the only floating character. Ingo Schiller, who served as Hertha’s chief financial officer for nearly eleven years, has confirmed that he is leaving the club. It is considered a representative of the old system that is behind the decline. According to his own statements, Schiller leaves a tidy field. Debts were reduced, equity increased; Schiller said at the start of the year that Hertha “was well-positioned to meet the challenges of the future”. Indeed?

Chief Financial Officer Ingo Schiller (left), Managing Director Michael Prietz (center) and President Werner Gegenbauer have defended Hertha’s average performance for years. Pritz was gone over a year ago, and now Gegenbauer and Schiller are gone, too.

(Photo: Michael Hundt / Matthias Koch / Imago)

These challenges could not be much greater. The team has deteriorated steadily over the past few years, and sporting director Freddy Bobic, who has been in the role for a year, has also missed various commitments. The next change of team is imminent. For next season, Bobic needs first and foremost a coach who will put Hertha in a stable side position. And who – like its neighbor Union Berlin, which has been successful for years – develops a viable game idea and then implements it with hungry employees.

This will likely only work if the club interprets the relegation as relegation – and has already rearranged itself, as Schalke 04 and Werder Bremen did last season in the second division. Otherwise, sooner rather than later Hertha will have to turn to a savior like Felix Magath.

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