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Freddy Bobic, 50, broke into the door of Hertha’s dressing room at Hamburg’s Volkspark, and was spooked again at the end of a badly bad season: “What a dirty music,” and he scolded the manager. It was in light of the amazing bass that comes with the loud sounds beats per minute– Numbers chased through a box, easy to understand.

But there was also a wonderful smile on Bobic’s lips, and also a sense of relief that found expression in the cabin music – and the task was almost missed: Hertha managed to prevent the seventh relegation in the history of his club in Hamburg.

One by one the Berlin players ran in the direction of the bus, one with a bottle of beer in his hand, the other with a full can, which is less introspective, most of them intrigued. The provision of drinks, that’s for sure, did not reach Berlin. On the way to the Federal Capital, the tour group stopped at a service area and happily brought supplies.

One of the evening’s protagonists drew attention with a special song party: “Svaite Liga,” Amburg is “Here, Argentine Santi Ascacíbar sang in a video that quickly circulated online. He was intoxicated by Herta’s 2-0 win (1-0) One of them was that the victory came through goals in which free-kick specialist Marvin Platnhardt played a key role: Dedric Boyata headed Platt’s corner kick over the line (4), and in the 63rd minute the former international scored himself a free kick with a header. Technical kick in the corner.The other thing is that Hertha proved to be a bipolar team: the same team that didn’t show anything reminiscent of football in the first leg 0-1 on Thursday presented four days later in Hamburg: Everything. Come on, Hertha!

go then?

Herta’s victory in the HSV Championship was based in large part on the locker room’s sophistication: all the power to the boards! At least that is how coach Felix Magath, who was once a legend in the HSV team, but who has now prevented the Hamburg players from returning to the first division, described it. “Prince made the team – thank God I listened to him,” Magath confirmed.

Freddy Bobic says relegation was the ‘last sign’ to finally rest

In the days before the rescue, there was still talk of deep struggles between veteran Kevin-Prince Boateng, 35, and Magath. In the end, the rumors got to the point that there were voices in Hertha who were said to have considered breaking up with the 68-year-old landing specialist. Was Magath deposed? Freddy Bubeck laughed at that question. But what is at least true: Boateng played a major, perhaps even decisive, role in Hertha’s orientation and tactical formation. And he also said this publicly.

Referring to his relationship with Magath, Boateng said, “He’s a special guy and I’m a special guy. You can clash or get along really well. And we get along really well.” And, yes, the coach gave him “freedom” to pick individuals for the second game: “He asked me: ‘Who do you see best in which position,'” said Boateng, praising Magath’s ‘size’ at this point. In the end, there were eleven players on The pitch, which suddenly appeared from the first degree.No more, no less.

And now? Despite the rescue, there will be a turning point for Hertha, as one of the other personnel has already been confirmed on Tuesday: Deputy Commander Niklas Stark is leaving Berlin after seven years, as are leaving lower ranks such as Lucas Kloenther and Niels Korber. But Boateng wants to stay: “You can write: The Prince is back!”

Above all, however, Felix Magath is now finishing the “project,” as he called it. Bobic said the continued hiring of the coach was not up for discussion. “I have been assigned to keep Hertha in the first place,” Magath explained. “I take it that I will pack my things in Berlin and go home.” what is he doing now? “Cut the wood,” Magat answered in his irony way.

Will Hertha train soon? Sandro Schwartz is currently giving an overview of what is happening at Dynamo Moscow.

(Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov / ITAR-TASS / imago)

Whoever follows Magath is open. The favorite is former Mainz coach Sandro Schwartz, who will play the Russian Cup final with Dynamo Moscow against local rivals Spartak on Sunday. Freddy Bobic revealed that he was “too far” in his conversations, and that the coaching position was a matter of days. But if only that.

“We have to bring calm to the club,” Boateng pleaded, but a deeply divided club is far from that. Chief Financial Officer Ingo Schiller announced his departure. On Tuesday evening, President Werner Gegenbauer, who had been in office for 14 years, announced his resignation. He had not had a choice for a long time: before the plenary meeting on Sunday, there were so many promising proposals against Gegenbauer and his government team that his era was somehow coming to an end.

Manager Bobek is very concerned about Hertha’s instability, which is obvious. He noted that he came to a working club when he took over Eintracht Frankfurt in 2016 – also after surviving relegation – to later win the DFB Cup and lay the foundation for winning the Europa League in Frankfurt. ‘We need to be able to act’ – only in the upcoming summer transfer window, Bobic stressed, as Hertha, who has been fueled by investor Lars Windhorst with €374m in the past three years, ‘must’ generate a surplus this time around when he said buying and selling players. Bobic.

Here’s another reason to draw Bobic into the Hertha family’s “duty of care” before the next major appointment on Sunday: “The public meeting is really cool, you have to let yourself be humiliated for three hours. That sure is fun, we’re into SM stuff like that,” he smugly said at TV interview on Monday. On Tuesday, he questioned whether there would be a “riot” or a “substantive debate” on Sunday.

Bobbik complains about “accelerators”

Investor Windhurst, who wants to speak on Sunday as a member of Hertha, asked Bobic to show “a clear commitment and a clear duty to the club”. Looking back over the past year, he had said earlier that Herta had experienced so much background noise and comments from the environment that it could have acted as a “fire accelerator”. But Bobbik also said there is nothing more important than Hertha’s core sport.

“Football can sweep over everything – positive as well as negative,” he said. “It will be our job to make sure that this engine is working. If that is the case, you will attract everyone, because even those who are loud and talking behind you are quiet and realize: Oh, I would like to be there too.”

But Bobic stressed one thing above all: that Hertha had one last chance in Hamburg to come to their senses: “This is the last sign for everyone, not only at the club but also in the environment, to understand what it means to go and this during difficult times: “This is the last sign for everyone, not only at the club but also in the environment. Relegation was the last chance.”

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