Marcus starts to come back? – “Werder Bremen was the perfect club!”

Cologne / Bremen – It has been nearly six months since Marcus Bedening was exposed with a fake vaccination card and thus lost his relatively new job as SV Werder Bremen coach.

Meanwhile, the Bremen District Court has sentenced the 47-year-old to a fine of 36,000 euros, and the German Football Association (DFB) has suspended his work as a coach until June 10 and SV Werder Bremen He has stepped up with initial successor Uli Werner. How did Rheinlander live this moment, what part of the rise is he claiming for himself, how does he look back on the vaccination card scandal and how does he plan his future as a coach while still not vaccinated? start mark In the Interview with the DeichStube.

Mr. Start, do you see yourself as a climber?

If you were part of the season, you might be part of what came out of it. The majority is of course with Uli Werner and Patrick Coleman, who has done a fantastic job. Werder is in a very difficult position. I was often referred to as the poorest pig in the store because you never knew what the team would look like the next day. But I’ve never seen it that way. I was never alone, but I was always in exchange with Frank Bowman and Clemens Fritz. You helped form the team. And the fact that nothing has changed in the winter shows that we were in a very good position.

Would you have chosen it with Werder?

As a coach, you have that belief, but this is a hypothetical question that I can’t answer. I can only say: I was in the drop zone with Kiel, I went up with Cologne – and when I was eliminated by Werder after round 13, we were three points behind Schalke, five behind the landing place and six behind the direct climb.

How did you follow the decisive match against Regensburg?

I could have just let it run on the side because I was so excited. I wanted to upgrade a lot because I met great people at Werder and because the whole environment is so worth it.

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Have you reviewed the Ascension Celebrations?

No the game was enough for me. I was very happy too

Who were you in contact with in Werder then?

I wrote to some players via WhatsApp, including Clemens Fritz and Frank Baumann.

You’re talking to Frank Bowman. Even though you lied to him about the vaccination card issue, he kept emphasizing your role on the board. Why does he do that?

Frank knows exactly what my situation was and how I felt. He knows that I am a loyal and honest person. I’ve proven it for years. But I lied about it, and I apologized to him for it.

I’ve commented a lot about how important honesty is to you. How do you intend to restore that trust?

If you have made a mistake, three things are critical: 1. You have to bear the consequences. That’s why I quit. 2. You have to accept the punishment you get for it. i did it. 3. You have to apologize. I even made it public.

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Werder’s boss, Klaus Felbri, once said you took the wrong turn at some point. When was this?

He also said he knows my condition and my health concerns are justified. He knows, I think, the whole club knows that, which is why I don’t have to explain that much anymore.

With a fake vaccination card, you are exempted from the mandatory test in Werder. This is why many out there resent putting them at an unnecessary risk of infection. Can you understand that?

Sure, but I tested myself every morning and I’ve never been positive. One of my biggest concerns was the lack of positive cases here. I always tested myself afterwards when I met other people.

Who did you turn to for help during what certainly wasn’t an easy time after you left Bremen?

I came home and took care of my family. This was the most important thing.

How does the family deal with this?

My family has been through enough, so now I want to completely get them off this.

What have you been doing in the past few weeks?

It’s very simple: I tried to find myself and settle down with my family.

Werder Bremen: Marcus Anfang wants to work as a coach again after the vaccination scandal – ‘My life goes on’

If you came out anyway, how were your reactions?

I experienced a lot of head-shaking – about the way my situation was presented to the public. Total strangers told me it was crazy.

Did you find this crazy too?

I hardly think about it. My thoughts were only about my family.

The story is from half a year ago, at what stage do you see yourself now?

I resigned, my punishments charged, and I apologized publicly. This is now my fault unfortunately. But my life goes on.

Do you want to work as a coach again?

If you have a passion like me, and if you saw how the last stages of my career went in terms of sports, it was not my fault as a coach.

Are you afraid of not getting a coaching job anymore?

I’m not worried.

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The German Football Association (DFB) has decided that you can work again from June 10. Have the clubs already signed up?

I actually had several conversations – even shortly after my resignation.

Where do you see yourself as a coach?

I like to play good and successful football. I am only happy when I am on the field with the players, and I can help them as they leave the field happy. If I can pass that on again and spread my passion again, I’ll be happy.

Back to Werder: Who and what has impressed you the most in the past few weeks?

Above all, everyone stayed healthy and were able to play. Correcting this was our main task in the summer. When I came in, the team wasn’t stable, there was a lot going on. We had to build a lot there. By the way, one thing made me think of cologne.

in which?

It’s a good way to have two strikers up front who get along. In Cologne we’ve had John Cordoba and Simone Tyrod from the start. Only later did we get Marvin Doksch to join Niklas Volkrug in Bremen.

But you put Füllkrug on the bench.

take time. Niklas wasn’t 100 percent at the time. Nor some others. You also need everyone on board if possible to play the way you want to. Then an incident occurred with Niklas. Finally we tried to attack from the start against St Pauli and Nuremberg and it worked well.

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A 2-1 win at Nuremberg did what it takes to become a sticking point match, but then everything turned out differently with you out…

This is correct. Ole Werner said many times that he was able to build on this basic formation.

But there are very few who would say: Ole Werner is a stroke of luck, he suits Werder better than you. Does this hurt?

No, this is totally legitimate. Uli Werner and Patrick Coleman did a great job. We handed the team over when we were on the right track. Regulars like Leonardo Bettencourt, Omer Toprak and Christian Gross are back.

Will the Ducksch/Füllkrug duo score as usual in League One?

Stay out of it, it’s not my job to judge. I can only say: Werder simply belongs to the Bundesliga. I’ll keep my fingers crossed so Werder stays there.

Can you imagine working with Werder again sometime?

Everything can happen in football, even if you can’t imagine it at the moment.

What will you take with you from your time at Werder?

Werder is a very tidy and laid-back family club, even if it does not always appear that way in the summer. But the people involved remained calm. Especially Frank Bowman. Frank is a really great person and an outstanding sporting director. He shows incredible empathy and expertise. It exudes a very special calm. I would also like to mention Clemens Fritz and Klaus Filbury. Werder could be lucky to have such personalities. I felt incredibly comfortable. Werder was the perfect club for me. (knee)

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