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Once the season is over, Eintracht Frankfurt steps on the throttle when it comes to team planning. Some jobs are already well filled, and other additions are imminent. But there are also hardship cases and construction sites.

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Eintracht Frankfurt: Champions forever!

Poster: The jubilant winners of Eintracht Frankfurt after the final whistle of the match in Seville.  Next to them is cheery Axel Hellmann.  Text: Eintracht Frankfurt - Champions forever!  Logo: home match

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After the pre-season: Shortly before the well-deserved break for all involved, Eintracht Frankfurt set some course for the future at the start of the week and repositioned the squad. Some players were fired, others got new contracts, and some are yet to come or go. barren.

A goal keeper

The position between the posts is already clear. Leading player and recent champion Kevin Trapp is in the shape of his life and will start next season as number one crystal clear. The only unanswered question: will Trapp also be in the crosshairs of the DFB team at the World Cup, or is he “only” enough for second place under national coach Hansi Flick? The opinion of Frankfurt fans, which can be clearly heard at the reception in Romer, is clear: “New on the bench.”

This is exactly where Diannet Ramage or Jens Grahl will be seated at Eintracht next season. The contract with young goalkeeper Ramage was extended on Tuesday until 2027, the future belongs to him. Grahl, whose contract runs until 2024, will remain calm and be there when needed.


Significantly larger changes were announced in defence. It is clear that interim defense chief Tota, who extended his contract shortly before the Europa League final until 2026, will continue to wear the Frankfurt shirt in the future and is appointed as central defender. Jerome Onegin, coming from Salzburg, or Hrvoy Smolcic, who was said to have come from Rijeka, could defend his side. The move for the 21-year-old Croatian has yet to be officially announced, but the move could be just as certain as the signing of right-back Aurelio Botta from Antwerp.

Sporting director Markus Kroesche commented that “it is possible” for the next two transfers, which will bring more quality and flexibility to Eintracht. A switch to a back four as coach Oliver Glasner planned last year would also be possible. In this case, left-back Christopher Lenz could form Botta’s counterpart. But Rizvan Yilmaz from Besiktas, Istanbul, is a good candidate for this position.

Hrvoje Smolcic from HNK Rijeka

However, it is unclear how things will proceed with Martin Hinterger and Ivan Ndica. On the sidelines of the title celebrations, fan favorite Hinterger confirmed that he would like to stay in Frankfurt. In the event an Austrian bid is made, the signs are goodbye. “Sometimes new players come in, and that’s what happens in football,” Hinterger told hr-sport. N’Dicka, who has a contract until 2023, is on the list of top clubs and could bring in Hessein in excess of €20 million. The fact that he’s moving for free next year should be avoided at all costs.

Elmami Toure, who has proven his worth especially in the European League, must stay. Makoto Hasebe is still a backup general, and Timothy Chandler is also entering another season. Eric Dorm has no perspective, but no other team currently does. Dani da Costa moves to Mainz.

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Philip Kostiki’s future is exciting and always will be. The Serbian, who really wanted to go to Lazio Roma and the bigger stage of football last summer, can now also play in the Frankfurt Champions League. Coach Glasner is optimistic that the Seville final will not be Kostik’s last match with Eintracht. Since Kostic’s contract only runs for one year, everything is open. Another candidate for change is Daiichi Kamada. The Japanese are also associated with the Hessians only until 2023. Motto: Extend or bring in a drawing.

Ansgar Knauf is sure to continue playing on the right flank next season. Jesper Lindström has a long-term commitment anyway, and Sebastian Rode, Kristijan Jakic and Djibril Sow have also been appointed. There is a clause that applies to Milan’s loan Jens Peter Heug, which was not necessarily convincing. Eintracht will buy the Norwegian company, and there is a transfer fee of more than ten million euros. So far, he has failed to prove that Hauge is really worth it.

Faride Alidou from Hamburger SV The new signature. However, since the 20-year-old has never played in the Bundesliga and was not always a HSV player, he will need time. Ajdin Hrustic’s future is open. Stefan Ilsanker (no new club yet) and Ayman Barcock (Mainz) have already called.

In midfield, the team’s planners still have a lot of work to do. Much depends on where Kostic and Kamada are located. The first-class additional income, which should be invested sparingly, will certainly be the best investment in the midfield.

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End of season fight with Marcus Croce

Marcus Croce

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Raphael Bure is firmly entrenched in the Frankfurt history books after just one season, and next season he will be rewarded with the long-awaited support in the number one striker. Randall Colo-Moyen arrives from Nantes on a free transfer and with all kinds of advance praise. With Sebastian Poulter, a real striker is also expected in Frankfurt soon. It is also clear that young hopeful Ali Akman will return to Eintracht after a decent season in Nijmegen and start a new attempt. It remains to be seen if all this will be enough for the Champions League.

The Joker and mood gunner Goncalo Paciencia, who has his strengths above all else off the field, could leave Ragnar Ashe Eintracht. Sam Lammer’s poor investment has already done just that.

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