NBA Playoffs – Insights into the Mavs’ First Win Over Warriors: Fireworks with Dubs’ Recipe

After three consecutive bankruptcies, the Dallas Mavericks claimed their first win in the West Finals. The Others finally deliver a long-awaited rain of three, and Dallas steals a true secret of the Warriors’ success. the findings.

1. MAFZ vs. Warriors: The Return of “The Others”

30 points and a close triple – it feels like another amazing elimination game for Luka Doncic. But the Slovenian, the All-NBA First Team, was just one of many gears in the Mavs machine en route to the 119-109 in Game 4 win over Golden State that saved Dallas from sweeping the Western Conference finals.

Doncic was aware of this. “These guys are the key to our victories,” he said after the match. By “those guys” he meant, for example, Dorian Finney Smith, Reggie Bullock, and Maxi Kleiber, the players whose support the star relies on. So far this support has not been present in the series, the trio has put in a 30.5 percent field-field average and a three-point average of 31 percent in their first three games. Clipper in particular was in his first three duels with Golden State looking for his throw (2/14 three pointers).

Below average is still a positive expression. It should have been clear after the first two rounds of the supplement that the Mavs could do better. And they proved it in the fourth match. Vinnie Smith was the second best scorer with 23 points, followed by Bullock (18) and Clipper in the lead (13). The three hit 12/20 three times through the trap.

The “others” like the NBA legend and TNTAnalyst Shaquille O’Neal, who loves to name players roles, has met the expectations of all watchers of this series: If Doncic and Jalen Bronson get support from downtown, Mavs are dangerous. Basketball is that simple sometimes. In the end, eight Mavericks sank at least one of the three indices, even a weak 46.5 percent (20/43) rate by the fourth quarter. It was a hat-trick in the first 36 minutes that gave Dallas the much-needed win.

“That’s what they are, it’s in their DNA,” said coach Jason Kidd, delighted with the bounce game the role players play. Kleber explained, “I’ll keep throwing when I’m open. That’s the right decision. I’m going to throw like everyone else if it’s open.”

The issue of “opening up” has not been a problem for Dallas so far in the series. to me In their first three games against Golden State, the Mavs have hit 26.7 triple wide open in every game—but they’ve made a double of 33.8% of them. That was different in Game 4. When Doncic was still searching for his rhythm in the first inning (13, 4/14 FG), his teammates were already happy to weld three times into the trap, so Dallas was able to comfortably take the lead. As Doncic rightly admitted, role players are key to Dallas. And they were there in Game 4.

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