Real Madrid – Courtois, a clear text about Mbappe: “He will die to be here”

Real Madrid is eager to win the Champions League, and the final against Liverpool is scheduled for Saturday in Paris. On Royal Media Day, the stars comment on the most important game of the season.


Benzema & Co. definitely want to win the Champions League – Photo: Real Madrid TV

Real Madrid-Courtois: “A final, anything is possible”

Tibaut Stadium in the Champions League final against Liverpool: “It’s my first final with Real Madrid, I’m very excited. It’s a special feeling, I hope we win. Liverpool is a great team that plays very intensely and pushes hard. The key is a good defense. It’s a final, anything is possible. We don’t play at home, They don’t play at home. In the final, it’s often the case in the beginning that both of them see what’s going on. Then when something opens, they go from gate to gate. Physically we are in very good shape, Liverpool did everything they could on Sunday Until the last second. That might give us a small advantage.”

… Possible penalty kicks: “I watched some videos and recently there were the penalties against Chelsea. This is something to look at. It is important to see how they shot all season. Salah is the first to shoot. I will keep that in mind and if it comes to penalties then I will take it again quickly “.

…the failed signature of Kylian Mbappe: “I am talking about the players who are in our squad. There are those who are out there and have to be the best at Real Madrid. Every player makes their own decisions. I will die of wanting to come to Real Madrid.”

Benzema: Vinicius is among the top five players

Karim Benzema in the final: “I will try to score in the final. We are in good spirits, focused, preparing for the match. There is no pressure, we just have to enjoy it. Liverpool is very good, the coach too. In the end we have to look at our game. I have confidence because it is not easy to reach the final.” We beat Paris, Chelsea and City, we’re in good shape and we’re on the right track. A lot can happen in the final too because you’re not playing at home. I don’t put any pressure on myself because I don’t have it and I won’t. We have to work more because we have an important match. We prepare for it.”

… Vinicius Jr.: “He’s young, but not on the field where he’s played more than 100 matches. They talk about the best in the world, but don’t confuse Vinícius with them. Vinícius is in the top five because he scores important goals, he has good movements, he does everything … I talk With him a lot, including on the field. I have a part in him. For me he can be more decisive, his bar is very high. If he concentrates a little more, he can score more goals and assists.”

Real Madrid-Modric: “It feels great”

Luka Modric: “I have a very good feeling and I really want to go to the final. Fifth, many would like first. It is special. Anyone who has not experienced this in a team should enjoy it. Hope everything is fine. Once you win the title, you want to win it again.” .

Real Madrid shirt

Kroos: “I really want to play this game”

Tony Cross: “I really want to play this game. I don’t feel a lot of pressure. It will be difficult, but being lucky enough to be in the sixth final, there is still a desire. I think it is very important to enjoy it, not to feel too much pressure. I am convinced that if I enjoyed it, she will play better. It is important to believe in him in every moment. For me, reaching the final was really successful. Of course we want to win it and we know how to do it. The season is already a very good season and now we have a chance to turn it into an amazing season.”

Alaba ready for the final: ‘I feel good’

David Alaba: “I feel very good, I have prepared myself very well, I have worked hard in the last few weeks. We are very happy to reach the final, we have a very strong squad with great people. We only have one match left and we will do everything in our power to return with a league title. Europe champions “.

David Alaba Real Madrid Zoom

Alaba ready in time for the first division final Photo: IMAGO / Just Pictures

Marcelo: “He said 50,000 times: I want to stay”

Marcelo in the Liverpool duel: “We are very happy with the season and we are in a very good stage. We are focused and really looking forward to Saturday. We want to win, but it will not be easy. We have to do everything we can to win the best match in world football at club level.”

…his future: “I want to stay, I have said it 50,000 times. But I will speak with the club after the final. I am not nostalgic, I am still here. We will see after the final.”

Rodrygo: “It’s brutal for me”

Rodrygo continues to be strong over the past few weeks: “I stand by the goal against Chelsea. I had a good season before but I missed goals. It’s brutal for me too, I’m going through a very special stage. It’s my first Champions League final now, which makes me very happy. I’m always relaxed, But it’s a little different this week. You are more nervous, more anxious. However, the feeling is the best it can be. When you go to the Champions League final as Real Madrid, you think you will win. I hope everything is fine.”

… Mbappe: “We can’t and shouldn’t talk about Mbappe. We have to focus on the final, the last one is an issue we no longer care about.”

Real Madrid advances to the CL final: ‘As if it were the first’

CASEMIRO in the game in Paris: “The key is to treat it as if the final was the first. And with the ambition always to win. To win the Champions League titles you always have very difficult matches beforehand. When you play Paris, Chelsea and City, the road is more difficult. But that is the case in the Champions League. It is A game where details matter. Whoever makes fewer mistakes is more likely to win.”

… Mbappe: “If he makes the decision to stay at PSG, we respect that.”

Vince Jr.: “I am very happy with my season. I am now more experienced after many matches at Real Madrid and many matches with the players. I am also working. I am already thinking about the final and what I can do. I am a little nervous, it is my first Champions League final. This It is the most important match.”

Real Madrid: “The desire to win the title is great”

Aden danger: “A good atmosphere in the team is the key to everything. It’s not just eleven players, it’s a team. They are all important. The goal is the title. I’ve played against Liverpool for seven years, who play a little differently now, but they are a good team.”

Daniel Carvajal: “It will be the Champions League final for the fifth time and we will try to take the trophy to Madrid. With time, we will realize what we have achieved. To be part of this era and to be a part of Real Madrid’s history is great.”

Nacho Fernandez: “I feel very good and have a lot of desire. Of course, experience is important in games like this. Playing in the Champions League final is very special – especially at Real Madrid. Our desire to win the title is huge. We are here for a reason, our work during the season has been Excellent. Now there’s a small step missing for the next title. That would be great.”

Camavinga “very happy with the season”

Eduardo Camavinga: “I am very happy with the season and I hope we win on Saturday. I am very satisfied. Real Madrid is my dream club and I am very happy. Playing at the Bernabeu is an indescribable feeling because everyone wants to come here. I am lucky to be playing here.”

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Courtois: Mbappe? I will die of wanting to come to Real Madrid.”

Real Madrid is eager to win the Champions League, and the final against Liverpool is scheduled for Saturday in Paris. On Royal Media Day, the stars comment on the most important game of the season.

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