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For the seventh time in a row nitro The end of this next week 24 hours from the Nürburgring Transfer. Transportation must be 27 hours In the past he broke the world record from 2016 with a total of 26 hours and 20 minutes. When Nitro starts broadcasting the race scene of the TV marathon, the event run by RTL Germany celebrates at the same time Tik Tok channel @ rtl.sport Show 1: It should be possible to follow the crucial stages of the Long Distance Classics live here. It is the first sporting event that RTL Germany presents on the video platform – in 9:16 . format As a split screen consisting of the live picture of the race as well as exclusive commentary and detailed live accompaniment, they say. “With broad live broadcasting, we want to explore new distribution channels and choose the target group of young people where they are: on Tiktok,” he says. Saskia Meister, Head of Sports Social Media. “With our own feedback and exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, we are also creating a second screen experience for TV viewers. In this way, we are creating a diverse show and adapting the transmission to the progressive world of Generation Z.”

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Donata Hopfen, new managing director of the German Football League (DFL)They provided insight into their plans at the Sports Innovation Fair in Dusseldorf. The main focus was on innovative methods that German League Experience for the younger generation more individual It must be. We want them Most digital soccer league in the world As examples, Hopfen said, naming the VR features of smartphones or even the most diverse cameras with new perspectives. In addition, the DFL is currently testing the possibility of interviewing players on the field using a small drone. At the same time but Donata Hopfen also does not want to lose sight of tradition, as the Bundesliga coach said: “Anyone who simply wants to enjoy 90 minutes of football with beer and sausage should be able to do the same in the future.”

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The German League Handball has with Tender for National Media Rights For the 2023/24 season until 2028/29 inclusive. It is about the HBL, the 2nd Bundesliga for handball, the DHB Cup competition and the Super Cup. As before, the rights to exploit the audio will also be put up for tender. For the first time they are separated Digital exploitation rights outside the home You have, i.e., the rights to broadcast the motion pictures across outdoor digital advertising spaces in public places. “Based on the offers made, HBL shareholders will decide, after careful examination and consideration, which media partners will be able to demonstrate professional German handball in the upcoming rights round,” HBL said. Sky and ARD currently share rights.

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Christian Seifert Meanwhile he spoke at a ‘Bild 100 Sport’ meet about the planned platform, which he runs with Springer – and there will also be Interest in the German Handball League advertiser. “We would like handball to be with us. It is a very strong sport in Germany because the Euro 2024 and the 2027 World Cup are in Germany and because handball is a sport with the greatest potential in Germany.” He is fighting for ice hockey rights Lost “Very upset”Seifert admitted. “And now we will give the answer on the field and convince DEL that they may decide differently in a few years.” Under the price policy, Seifert announced that there will be one “Be a very attractive monthly rate”, the CEO of S Nation Media said, without revealing his identity. “We’ve looked closely at whether this price is right for all sports. We have a very clear idea of ​​what we’re planning in between matches that has a certain investment size.”

Contract extension 2. Basketball Bundesliga
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The 2. German Basketball League Will continue to do so in the future Sportdeutschland.TV to be clear. The interview fee is now DOSB New MediaOnline sports channel player. The agreement is valid for the next three seasons and includes all main round matches and play-off matches. Submissions can still be received for free. “With Sportdeutschland.TV, we still have a very good and reliable partner on our side that will help us increase access to the league,” he said. Christian Krings, Managing Director of The Second Basketball Tournament. “In the past two years, we have been able to significantly improve game transmission with the help of Sportdeutschland.TV, among other things, so that we will continue to develop this with Sportdeutschland.TV in the coming years.” Bjorn Benhauer, Managing Director of DOSB New Mediastressing that they are looking forward to “taking the next development steps together”.

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Sports 1 starts a collaboration with meinsportpodcast.de (MSP). In the meantime, all 14 podcasts from Sport1 will be integrated on the platform and will also be marketed by MSP. Additionally, select MSP podcasts are now available via Sport1. As part of this, Sport1 is running one on its website New podcast section It provides its application with a new launcher. “For over 100 episodes, I have been producing the podcast ‘Fever Pit’ch’ with my MSP colleague Malte Asmus every week and appreciate the professionalism of meinsportpodcast.de,” Sport1 Editor-in-Chief Pete Gottschalk. “Now we at Sport1 are taking advantage of the experience and in return we can provide high-access content ourselves. A classic win-win situation.” And Thomas Wischnewski, Managing Director of Media at WorkHe says, “Running our podcast player on the Sport1 website is an essential part of achieving our collaboration. In this way we not only give our listeners a huge advantage, but we also increase our reach and thus Marketing capabilities via our ad server.

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Michael Ballack It looks like it’s newer DAZN expert. However, the sports broadcasting service has not yet officially confirmed a matching report from “Bild” and “Sport-Bild”. It is therefore planned that the former national team captain will not only be used to analyze matches from August, but will also act as a co-commentator. The 45-year-old has experience in front of the camera: He worked in the European Football Championship last year purple tv Together with the mediator Johannes B. Kerner as an expert. He will also analyze for the Telekom platform again in the upcoming World Cup.

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Football star Tom Brady It goes under the producers: along with the streaming service Netflix will shape “Greatest Roast Ever: Awesome” to produce. “We can’t wait to ‘toast’ three-time Super Bowl loser Tom Brady, who only got back to the NFL to delay this party,” joked Robbie Praw, Vice President of Comedy and Stand-up Formats at Netflix. “Seriously, it’s a pleasure to be working with the greatest footballer of all time on this project. Nobody is better at taking hits and still coming out victorious, so we know the roast will be a breeze for Brady.” It’s not Brady’s only TV job: after the end of his career, he’ll work for it Fox Sports Work as an expert – presumably a full ten-year contract 375 million dollars to receive.

Sports by numbers

Sky Sports F1
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sky She has a Sunday with Formula 1 Excellent reviews achieved. The domain fell with it 690 thousand spectators It is also possible that the weather in early summer will be somewhat less than in the past, but in the target group the payment terminal with a market share was 16.3 percent at noon A market leader. It was also the second best value for the current season – topped only by the Australian race, which had more than 20 per cent market share in the morning hours. The sky was also strong on Sunday with the English Championship Conference Premier League: From 5:00 p.m. This is provided for one person Market share 6.5 percent in the target group. generally turning 380,000 fans In to watch the long distance duel between Manchester City and Liverpool.

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The Ice Hockey World Championships takes care Sports 1 Hold on to the high odds: 590 thousand spectators She was there on a Sunday afternoon when Germany vs Kazakhstan game. The market share of the total audience was 5.3 percent. For people aged 14-49, the value was 4.0 percent lower, but still well above the station average – a success also on the back of a robust motorsports combat programme. In the morning he had a “double pass” It has already accounted for 4.6 percent of the market share of the target group. generally decided 510,000 fans The day after the cup final to talk football.

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“It’s a wrong approach that we want to take someone down.”
Christian Seifert, Managing Director of S Nation Media, on his new sports platform

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