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The exclusion of Russian tennis professionals from Wimbledon and the forfeiture of world ranking points on the classic turf court this year has divided the tennis scene.

At the current French Open in Paris, a lot revolves around the upcoming Grand Slam at the end of June in the first few days. Above all, the decision of the ATP and the Tennis Association not to award points for ranking at Wimbledon was met with incomprehension by many. “I think it was a wrong decision,” Djokovic said in Paris after winning the first round of the French Open.

Djokovic: “It’s a losing position”

The world number one is particularly affected by the regulation because, as the defending champion, he is now losing 2,000 points and is very likely to be his first place in the world rankings. But he was happy that the ATP and the players made it clear to Wimbledon organizers that their decision to exclude the professionals from Russia and Belarus was a mistake. Djokovic and other stars had already criticized the exclusion.

However, the 35-year-old Serb would have preferred a different arrangement. “I think the ATP could have found a middle ground as well,” Djokovic said. “They could have dropped points this year but they have been frozen since last year.” This is how it was handled during the coronavirus pandemic. However, the entire constellation is very complex in all aspects. “It’s a lose-lose situation,” said the number one ranked player in the world.

It doesn’t look like the last word has been said yet

The men’s ATP and the women’s WTA decided on Friday that there would be no points for their respective world rankings at this year’s classic tennis tournament. The reason for this is the exclusion of professionals from Russia and Belarus by the organizers at Wimbledon due to Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine.

If the ATP and WWF adhere to their decision not to award points, the strange situation may arise that in Daniil Medvedev, a Russian player will benefit from all people the most by replacing Djokovic in the number one in the world. “It would be really strange,” Medvedev said on Tuesday after winning the first round in Paris. “If there are no points and I get first place, that’s fine for me. If there are points and I don’t get first place, I’ll be angry,” said the Russian. But I have no influence on the decisions involved.”

There are heated discussions behind the scenes between the participants – the last word seems out of place. Former world number one Naomi Osaka has indicated that she does not want to play at Wimbledon if the points are left. “I’m already playing for a chance to improve my ranking,” the Japanese said. Other pros also seem to be considering not starting, which will finally make Wimbledon 2022 a kind of show event.

“99 percent of the players want to get points and to have the tournament as it was before,” said Frenchman Benoit Bayer. “So I want to know if the ATP wants to defend the players or Russia.” Russia’s Andrei Rublev assumes that industry stars will still be around at Wimbledon. “They are not playing for money or points, they are playing for history,” Rublev said. Andrea Petkovic had already announced that he wanted to be there. “It might be my last Wimbledon, and I don’t want to miss that,” the Darmstadt native said. But you can understand the professionals who will dispense with the championship. (dpa)

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