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Goalkeeper Almuth Schulte could win the cup for the eighth time with Wolfsburg on Saturday. For the 31-year-old, the final in Cologne against Turbine Potsdam is also the last game for the “wolves” after nine years.

After nearly a decade in the Works Club shirt, it’s time for the Olympic champion to bid farewell to the club that shaped her success story on one hand with great performance and on the other with her personality. After the final on Saturday (4:45pm, live on Erste and at Livecenter on, Schulte threw a big party in front of Wolfsburg City Council on the program the next day.

It can be assumed that the emotional goalkeeper will shed a tear or two again. Like on May 15, when VfL football players were after 7-1 win over Bayer Leverkusen The mother of two unleashed her emotions after her last match in front of her home fans.

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A phase of Schulte’s life ends at the end of the week. She leaves not only Wolfsburg, but also Germany. The goalkeeper, who comes from Dannenberg in Lower Saxony, will move to Los Angeles and will be in charge of Angel City Football Club in the future.

Schulte can celebrate his eighth cup win

The 31-year-old will be very happy to pack the winner’s medal for her eighth success with the VfL in the DFB Cup into one of her moving boxes, which will already be filled with plenty of trophies anyway. “It’s an unbelievable series,” Schulte said. “There are very few sports like this.” The final women will play their 211 competitive match with Wolfsburg on Saturday. The goalkeeper, who moved from SC 13 club Bad Neuenaar to the Maitland in 2013, would have likely had quite a few goals if he hadn’t fallen behind due to injuries and illnesses. In 2018, Schulte had to fear for her life after contracting measles.

The 31-year-old explained to Bild at the time: “My teammates said I looked like death in the pictures. That’s how I felt. I was afraid I wouldn’t come home alive.”

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Almut Schulte claps his hands.  © Images Imago

The national goalkeeper signed with Angel City FC in Los Angeles. The club was founded by Hollywood star Natalie Portman. more

Only number two in the German Federation’s goal at the moment

Serious illness – past. Schulte looks to the future. Thus, not only in the cup final against “Turbinin”, but also in the European Championships in England (July 6 to 31). There, the DFB selection will meet Denmark, Spain and Finland in the preliminary round, and perhaps they will have to face this strong competition to reach the quarter-finals. It is now unlikely that Schulte will guard the DFB’s pick in the football motherland. Merle Frohms, her successor on VfL’s upcoming series, has proven to be number one after Schulte missed in 2019 due to shoulder surgery and the fracture of her child.

The DFB’s planned comeback for the twin mother this year has been devastated first by the coronavirus pandemic and then by shoulder issues. In preparation for the European Championships, there is nothing left but to practice in clothes against Switzerland on June 24.

Schulte can imagine returning to Germany

However, Schulte has not yet given up his struggle for the regular spot in the European champions record goal. “Of course I want to make the decision as difficult as possible for the national coach,” said the 64-time national, who will be putting herself behind Froomes (“we appreciate each other”) in England. Everything for this team is successful in the European Championship because we can win the title.” For the 31-year-old, this will be his second European Championship title after 2013. And of course another excellent reference before joining Angel City in the USA.

“Of course it is not out of the question to play in Germany again, but there are not many clubs in Germany that I would have played for.”
Almoth Schulte

It is not yet certain whether she will eventually end her eventful career in the United States, her first job abroad. “Of course it is not out of the question to play in Germany again, but there are not many clubs in Germany that I would play for,” Schulte explained. VfL Wolfsburg, the club with which you celebrated six trophies, the 2013 Champions League and seven cup victories so far, should definitely be one of them.

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Almuth Schulte © picture alliance / |  Tatiana Herzberg

The women’s Bundesliga announced this on Monday. The 30-year-old has played for VfL for almost ten years and has been very successful. more

Merle Froomes in the German national team shirt.  © IMAGO / Huebner

The 27-year-old, who was already at VfL from 2011-2018, will inherit Almuth Schulte, who will leave “Wolves” in the summer. more

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