Sports stat? DOSB calls for support for mass sports

DrThe German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) has called for a paradigm shift in the federal government. “Successful competitive sport should not be the only objective of federal policy and sports financing,” says a paper on key issues titled “Sports Moves in Germany,” published by the umbrella organization on Tuesday: “Mass sports should also receive the attention and resources that it has deserved due to its outstanding social importance.” So far, the federal states have been responsible for this.

DOSB is submitting its 19-page claim as a contribution to the sport development plan that the SPD, Greens and FDP promised in their coalition agreement. According to the newspaper, the government is showing its intention to recognize the importance of sport and its practice to society as a whole and to take political responsibility for the sport as a whole. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, which is responsible for a first-class sport, did not want to confirm this. When asked, his press office indicated that by the end of the legislative period, that is, in the fall of 2025, real value-added at the grass-roots level should be created.

In April, behind the closed doors of the German Bundestag’s Sports Committee, the vice-president of the German Football Association, Kristen Holz, said what her association expects from politicians: a state writing for sport in the Chancellery is similar to that of culture, which is central. Liaison Officer for Team Sports, Department for the Promotion of Physical Activity in the Federal Ministry of Health, Federal Government Commissioner for Sport Development. The German Football Association (DOSB) now reiterates that it is important to understand sport as a cross-sectional task and to at least coordinate its handling in the Ministries of Interior, Construction, Family and Health. The Council of the Soviet Union (DOSB) reiterated its demand that Chancellor Olaf Schultz be invited to a summit of the movement.

Sport faces social challenges such as epidemics, war and flight, climate and demographic change. Promotes building democracy and social cohesion. Above all, it contributes to promoting health. The special status of sport must be expressed in state-level sports policy, the German Football Association (DOSB) demands and formulates an additional request in the form of a question: “What a strong indication if sport and exercise, such as competitive sport, are included in the Basic Law by Federal government?” Before implementing such big plans, there must come a “reboot” of club sport, for which the Budget Committee provided 25 million euros and blocked it until a concept was introduced.

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