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26.21 meters – no one has ever surfed a higher wave. The record now belongs to Sebastian Studtner. It’s the next award for the Nuremberg boy who’s been moving the scene for years.


Sebastian Studtner soon realized that he had never been into surfing. In October 2020, he chased the giant wave at a speed of more than 80 km / h.

Tears welled up in his eyes from the crazy speed and wind in the Atlantic Ocean. The German surfer said that he immediately noticed that this giant was special. Others in Nazareth, Portugal saw it too. However, the 37-year-old had to wait a year and a half before this was officially confirmed. It was only apparent on Tuesday: the giant was 26.21m on October 29, 2020. He has never seen and never seen high waves in high waves.

Steudtner: ‘You didn’t chase a title’

Steudtner is now “officially exceptional,” he was told when he was certified by Guinness World Records in Portugal. “I didn’t chase trophies and I didn’t start this sport to win trophies. It’s not in the nature of our sport either,” said Studtner of the German news agency dpa. “But of course: I’m the first person in history to do that. That’s something special.”

Steudtner has always been one of the best companies out there. At the age of 16 he moved from Nuremberg to Hawaii to learn to surf. In the years that followed, he’s evolved into an outstanding athlete and curious figure in the big wave scene. Steudtner is the only European to have won the title of highest wave surfer of the year three times. With the world record, he finally reached Olympus. In this sport dominated by Americans and Brazilians, there is currently no one better than the boy from Nuremberg.

farther up

With the world record, Steudtner has now broken the previous record set by Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa. Coxa also surfed a 24.4-meter wave in Nazareth in 2017. However, why it took the jury so long to measure the exact height of a record-breaking Steudtner wave is also a mystery to him. But it is no longer important to him. Instead, he already has the following goals in mind.

The season for giant cutters doesn’t start until fall in the coastal city north of Lisbon. But preparations are already underway. With a team of sponsors and scientists, Steudtner is pushing new frontiers. 26.21 meters? The 37-year-old firmly believes that he will be able to ride higher waves in the future. “This is exactly what I set myself as a project for the next few years: I want to work on technology and try to ride bigger waves,” he told Bild. (dpa)

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