Why Lewis Hamilton wanted to give up racing at Barcelona early

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Toto Wolff shows his understanding of what Lewis Hamilton suggested on pit radio after colliding with Kevin Magnussen at the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, ​​by giving up the race early and clashing with discussions, particularly on various social media. Media platforms networks in which the seven-time world champion is accused of inactivity.

Lewis Hamilton made a great comeback at Barcelona



“If you lose the race, you always ask yourself what’s the point of continuing to drive,” says the Mercedes team boss. “But first, there are precious kilometres, and second, we never give up. I’m glad we didn’t take the car out of the race. Because that was the most precious time to compare the two cars and the settings.”

Because what wasn’t clear to many Sunday viewers: Hamilton and teammate George Russell weren’t on the road with identical vehicle specifications, at least according to Hamilton himself. So collecting data and experience with the new parts and different setups was even more important.

In the situation following the collision with Magnussen on the first lap, Hamilton asked himself, “Why should I waste the engine when I almost got the last time and we might get a penalty later in the season. We don’t know how reliable it is, so it seemed obvious to me to ride.” engine easily.

Why doesn’t Hamilton believe in points?

Not least due to his experience from the Grand Prix race in Saudi Arabia, where his Mercedes was less competitive. When race engineer Peter Bonnington told him he could still finish eighth, Hamilton couldn’t believe it. Eventually it made its way up to P4 and only dropped back to P5 because the water temperature was too high.

The team said “I was half a minute behind to the last. Then I remembered Jeddah, starting from 15th on the grid and almost didn’t get to the top 10. I thought it was impossible to finish the points, but I think I could finish 8th. I had serious doubts.” About that and I thought he was very optimistic,” says Hamilton.

Hogg: “Best performance yet”

Norbert Haug on Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton after the race in Barcelona.

Then I gave up and said, ‘Okay, let’s see how it goes! “And he was better than eighth. Looking back, I’m glad we didn’t move. This proves once again that you should never give up. It’s a shame we ended up having an engine problem.”

Within Mercedes, the debate about Hamilton’s alleged idling hasn’t been taken as hot as some fans anyway. Wolf puts the radio message into perspective: “It was just a sentence like, ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me.’ I don’t think he meant it that way.”

Wolff defends Hamilton against criticism

Wolff doesn’t doubt Hamilton’s motives: “This is the guy who’s 38 seconds behind the penultimate car, then goes forward, leads the fastest lap times, over and over again, and then finishes fifth. That’s the best proof of his attitude and determination.”

Lewis Hamilton: The end is closer than the beginning

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Lewis Hamilton: The end is closer than the beginning

The tipping point has begun: Christian Nimmervall explains his “Who slept the worst night” column on Lewis Hamilton.

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Wolff defended Hamilton, “at that moment you think: ‘This can’t be right, 50 seconds behind the leader again!'” “But anyway it was a good test that we could have led, even if it wasn’t for a position. In the end, we learned so much that it paid off.”

“Who would have thought he could work his way up to fourth before the trouble started? And it really looked like the world champion car he was driving at that point. It was unimaginable in previous races. I felt like it reminded me a bit of last year when the car was there.” .and so was the driver.”

Incidentally: Wolff confirmed a “water leak” in Hamilton’s car and “George’s car overheating” at the Barcelona Grand Prix. It is not yet clear whether all components of the power unit are intact. The power unit that was used in the first five races in Monaco was planned anyway. This gives the team time to thoroughly examine Barcelona’s engine.

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