French Open: Alexander Zverev makes his way to third round in five-set match: clear criticism from John McEnroe

It looked like an easy win in the first match for Alexander Zverev. 40:0 for your service.

But Sebastian Baez managed to take an early break and put Zverev into a little crunch in the first match, which should last longer.

“That loss in the first game caused a negative spiral for Alex,” he analyzed Eurosport– Expert John McEnroe. “It’s unusual for a missed service to get you out of a beat like that. With Zverev it was a group and a half.”

French Open

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Zverev struggled with himself and with difficult circumstances. Stormy winds sometimes made things difficult for the 25-year-old. “I can’t play worse than the score 2:6, 0:4,” Zverev said.

Match ball saves: Zverev avoids early finish here

John McEnroe: “Why on earth would he do that?”

For McEnroe, this was mainly due to a wrong tactic when he sent the opponent.

“I can’t understand at all why a player who is almost two meters behind the baseline on the opponent’s first serve and second serve. On the ground – why would he do that? He was four meters tall at times. As a result, Zverev gave many opportunities for Baez to press him right after the comeback,” said the tennis legend.

“Maybe that was his coach Serge Boguera’s tactic, I don’t know. If Alex wants to go too far here, he should change that tactic anyway,” McEnroe said.

Stop! Zverev turns match point and screams everything

Barbara Ritner criticizes Zverev’s negativity

Barbara Rittner also realized a lot of negativity in Zverev in the first two sentences. “He was very late at first,” Day said. “From the middle of the second set he became more aggressive and played with the passive ball off his bones. He also got close to the short balls better.” Eurosport-expert.

Rittner’s conclusion: “That was a lot of pressure in a second-round match. If you avoid match point, there’s always a bit of luck. But in the end, Sasha’s experience paid off.”

Meanwhile, Zverev has already said a mental goodbye to Roland Garros. “I was thinking about where I would go on vacation, and what beach I would go to,” he said.

Rally Crazy: Baez digs it all – but Zverev stays cool

Zverev was already planning the vacation

Catching the little one in the second set did something in him: “I didn’t win the set anymore, but I knew I was in the match now.”

After the match, he didn’t want to deal with the reasons for his long stage at first.

“You can’t play tennis well every day for two weeks at a Grand Slam. If things aren’t going well, you always have to find a way to change matches like this,” Zverev said.

This is also the difference between who is a real hero and who is not. “Federer, Nadal and Djokovic always find a way in matches like this. I will never reach their level, but I try to get a little closer to them.”

Zverev criticizes himself after the victory: ‘He could not have played worse’

Zverev chooses risky tactics with Match Ball Base

The Real Madrid champions also avoid the match point now and then. Zverev managed it 4:5 in the fifth set – although at that moment he sent Baez with a powerful forehand.

“I wanted to surprise him with that,” he said with a smile. “If it doesn’t work out, I’ll be the idiot now. That’s how I’m the hero.”

Alexander Zverev’s journey to the 2022 French Open is far from over. But next time he should move forward a bit when the opponent serves.

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