Leclerc expects surprises in Monaco


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This brings us to the end of today’s bar. The first training sessions will start tomorrow in Monaco, then my colleague Stefan Ellen will welcome you to a new edition.

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7:55 pm

Leclerc: Stable management at Ferrari too?

Red Bull gave a stable direction in Barcelona. Could something like that be conceivable at Ferrari at such an early stage in the season? “I wasn’t with Mattia [Binotto] You’ve talked about it and haven’t heard anything yet, Locklear said when asked.

But he didn’t want to rely on such things anyway. “I just want to do the job in the car,” he explains. His goal is to win races without having to rely on instructions from the pit wall.

And this year you have proven that you are strong enough for that.

7:44 PM

Steiner: We’ll be there

Yesterday we reported on tape that Christian Horner predicted that only three teams could start in the last races of the season because everyone ran out of money because of the budget limit.

Gunther Steiner noted this statement with a smile. If now you realize that money is narrowing, then you just have to save. In any case, he refuses to increase the budget ceiling.

“We’d be happy and Ferrari would be happy too if they didn’t come to the last four races,” he told Red Bull. You just have to split the money better if you notice that things are narrowing.

7:27 PM

Tires for upcoming races

Pirelli has announced tire compounds for the next three races. The thinnest of the three vehicles will be used in Monaco this weekend. This will be the case again at the following races in Baku and Canada.

Then in Silverstone, on the other hand, the harder mixtures C1 to C3 are available. Here is an overview:

7:17 PM

Leclerc: Rain? why not!

It currently appears that it may rain in Monaco on Sunday. Leclerc would have no problem with that. “Why not,” he replied when asked if he’d like some rain in the race.

At Imola, Ferrari has already proven to be “very competitive” even in the rain. This hasn’t always been the case in recent years, but in 2022 Ferrari also took a good place in the wet.

By the way, you can find our full weather forecast for the weekend here!

7:03 PM

Leclerc: Monaco must stay!

We have already talked about the fact that some observers consider Monaco to be old. Unsurprisingly, FC Monaco is committed to keeping its home race on the calendar going into the future.

“I think it would be a bad thing for both parties,” he says of the possible cancellation of the Monaco GP. Monaco simply belongs to Formula 1 – and vice versa. Formula 1 without Monaco is not Formula 1.

Circles like Silverstone and Monza also belong to the first category and should not be omitted, Leclerc explains.

6:47 PM

In keeping with this thread…

..this series of images come to mind! There are also some Monaco-specific paint finishes. We especially remember 2004, when a Jaguar suddenly lost a diamond…

Photo gallery: Red Bull shines in white for Honda: Formula 1 special paint

6:38 pm

Mickey Mouse Ferrari

No, this does not mean an insult in this case! Instead, we reported yesterday on tape that Leclerc and Sainz got a small supporting role in Disney’s new movie “Lightyear.”

It has now been announced that the collaboration will also extend to the weekend in Monaco. This is how Ferrari will announce the new movie on the car and the drivers’ racing suits.

It doesn’t come as a complete surprise. Because the big movie studios like to use Monaco GB as advertising space.

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