more fair? Werder Bremen coach demands more money for traditional clubs!

Bremen – Pictures are still impressive days later. It does not matter whether it is registered in Bremen, Gelsenkirchen or Frankfurt. There, a sea of ​​fans frantically celebrated the successes of their clubs and breathed new life into German football. Magical moments that show what can be achieved when passion and identification meet. This traditional club moment of glory is no accident and gives the entire industry hope that things will improve. And the SV Werder Bremen is right in the middle.

Klaus Felbri He’s seen some happy faces lately. president SV Werder Bremen Recently he was in Berlin, where there are traditionally a number of appointments of representatives of clubs and federations around the DFB Cup final. Filbury got all kinds of pats on the back. The 55-year-old says in an interview with DeichStube. “The serving values ​​in the second Bundesliga were very high this season, precisely because of these clubs. That is why I am sure that these traditional clubs will also be an enrichment of the Bundesliga.”

The German Peletag has suffered a lot lately. And I are the TV companies. There was no excitement, and a fragmented schedule and pairings that were seen as unattractive caused a drop in paid viewers and free TV. And in some stadiums, even after the ghost matches were over, the atmosphere was unenthusiastic – either because the crowd didn’t come back en masse or the fans were there. Fan scene It simply cannot be compared to the clubs that have arisen historically. twist it German Football League (DFL) Understandably, it’s not really tasty. However, the league was also – and you must be honest – favored primarily by its own rules for clubs such as RB Leipzig, TSG Hoffenheim or VfL Wolfsburg.

Werder Bremen & Co: Euroapocal winner Eintracht Frankfurt ‘brought romance back to football’

So it was fitting that RB Leipzig celebrated winning the cup for the first time last weekend, but there was a lot of criticism after that. CEO Oliver Mintzlaff reacted to this almost defiantly and emphasized that it wasn’t, “It’s a building where there is nothing emotions There, there are no people. There are a lot of laughing, happy and friendly people here who love and live RB Leipzig just like the fans of FC, Dortmund or Schalke. “Anyone who has not yet discovered that RB Leipzig is an integral part of German football They can’t be helped – and we don’t want to help them anymore. “

Now guess the rest football fans In Germany in any case not suspected of suddenly sympathizing with the club from Saxony. According to the latest statements, Leipzig’s external role was supposed to be further manifested. That there is another way Eintracht Frankfurt Just proven. The Hessians were crossed across the country in the Europa League because the overall artwork was right. Without really big investments, but with intelligence and a close connection with the fans, they were able to win the European Cup. Axel Hellmann, a spokesman for Eintracht’s board, later said: “We have German and European football. romantic Back that you can move the border. What it takes is a soul.”

Werder Bremen and the renaissance of traditional clubs: ‘They can develop incredible strength’

And since this spirit is currently not limited to just one place, Bundesliga Be the biggest beneficiary. “with the Renaissance of traditional clubs There is now a supernatural force coming back,” Hu Werder Bremen Boss Filbury was convinced. “The league will benefit greatly from this in terms of image and numbers.” Of course, in the end, it is the professionals on the field who have to ensure sporting success. However, recent events in German football show that fans are the driving force behind the development. They produce the wonderful scenes that then travel around the world. “The energy that can develop through the interaction of the club, the fans, the coach, the team and the environment can develop incredible strength,” Klaus Felbri.

However, the way to get there is not short. After all, in recent years it was only those traditional clubs, who sometimes started with wrong decisions and dreams that were too big. The receipt was in everyday sports life and from fans, who continued to stand by the club, but loudly expressed their displeasure at every opportunity. This is one of the reasons why Schalke 04 coach Mike Buskins describes his rise as “rising from the rubble” and explained: “We have found our values ​​again by pressing the reset button. That is why the motto for the future is that we remain humble and never start to go crazy again. It should be interesting to see – not just in Gelsenkirchen – how much restraint and encouragement there is. emotional Unite for the long term.

Werder Bremen: Klaus Felbri proposed financial rewards for traditional clubs in the German League

subordinate DFL It will be very convenient if the newly ignited enthusiasm will last for a long time. But for that you need fans. Klaus Felbri So it motivates someone else cash prize For those clubs that guarantee a large number of fans in the stadiums. “It’s something we’ve been promoting for years,” he says. “In the end, the sport itself should always be the right factor. On the other hand, the business model of television stations depends on subscribers, and they are more likely to be acquired through traditional clubs recruits. Eintracht Frankfurt or Werder Bremen It has a completely different meaning to the league than to other clubs. This is also significantly noticeable in the results of Sky or Dazn. “But the implementation is not that easy. “We have started to check the standards with market research, but the distribution is still very small,” explains Filbury and the requirements: “You will have to develop further there. The contribution of traditional clubs to the economic stability of the league should be rewarded in a different way.”

Could that work? Doubtful. But at least the chances are a little better in the new season. “In the end, it is politics, and as is well known, it is about finding a majority in order to assert one’s interests,” Fulbri asserts. “Next year we will have a better constellation in this regard BundesligaCause we’ll be back there more traditional clubs to have. Then you have to see if you can take advantage of it.” Because without it Capital – They know that in traditional clubs as well as fan camps – it just doesn’t work out. There are many ways to increase liquidity. But the past few weeks have shown once again that only a few followers are enthusiastically followed. (MPU)

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