Nürburgring 2022 live tape: Thursday timeline

11:53 PM

1 down, 3 to go

That was the first day of the 50th edition of the Nürburgring 24 Hours! Tomorrow we meet straight from the ring again. Until then, good night!

11:43 PM

The science is fickle!

Sessions over, still the best time of the day with Rowe-BMW #98 (Catsburg/Edwards/S. van der Linde/Wittmann). The most important news is that there were no serious accidents on opening day. Teams will now prepare vehicles for Friday.

Click here for the Night Training Report.

1. Rowe-BMW #98 (Catsburg / Edwards / S.van der Linde / Wittmann) – 8: 14.771
2. Walkenhorst-BMW #101 (Krognes / Soucek / Trogen / J. Müller) +1.165
3. HRT Mercedes #12 (Marciello / Ellis / Stolz) +1.405
4. Audi Car Group #22 (Haase / N. Müller / Niederhauser / Rast) +3.108
5. Schubert-BMW #20 (Krohn/Sims/Klingmann/Krütten) +3.121

11:31 PM

last minutes

While not much happens at the top of the timeline, there is still isolated drama. Phoenix-Audi #5 (V. Kolb / Stippler / Feller / K. van der Linde) has passed start / finish with a hole, at the same time Black-Falcon-Porsche #121 (Harkema / T. Müller / Nagelsdiek / Scheerbarth), Third place in the Cup2 class, in the Hohe Acht division after a technical fault.

11:15 pm

is there anything else?

The times at the top seem to be burnt out. For the most part, drivers perform their mandatory courses in the dark. However, there are still some improvements. Christopher Mies in Audi Group Car #24 (P. Kolb / Drudi / Mies / Niederhauser) just finished the P15 and set the best time ever in the seventh sector. Or as livestream commentators like to say: purple.

11:00 PM

More penalties

Now you get to Falken Porsche #44 (Bachler / Picariello / Pilet / Ragginger), which is currently in 23rd place. Reason: overtaking under the yellow flag.

Meanwhile, the best lap time in the #23 Audi range (Fetzer/Koch/Reicher/Marschall) was canceled due to driving too fast under Code 60. With Audi already qualified for TQ2, it doesn’t matter.

10:44 PM

Penalty against Walkenhurst

Walkenhorst-BMW #102 (J. Müller / M. von Bohlen / Tuck / Schmidt-Staade) will have to start the race from the end of the first set. But this is not the penalty for the accident with Huber Porsche #25 (Thyssen/Rader/N. Menzel/Kern) earlier. The violation exceeded the maximum speed under Code 60 which is five kilometers per hour.

The BMW M4 GT3 was already one of the cars pre-qualified for the TQ2. It remains to be seen if this will ever be addressed. Here’s the collision before.

10:22 PM

KTM exclamation mark

The KTM X-Bow GT2 once again lives up to its reputation as a GT3 horror car. Number 116 (Kofler / Siljehaug / Hofer / Heinemann) 4.614 seconds behind the leader in tenth place.

10:13 pm

Octane126 criticism and what’s inside

In a pre-race press release, Ferrari’s Swiss team Octane126 complained, among other things, of an unfair rating on its Balance of Performance (BoP). We spoke to the team and took a look at the Ferrari 488 GT3’s ratings over the past two years. You can find the analysis by Heiko Stritzke here. The article also provides interesting background information on rebuilding the vehicle.

9:51 pm

Code 60 remains in Wippermann

Time improvements are not currently possible, because the recovery of the accidentally inflicted #25 Huber Porsche is still in progress at Wippermann. So there’s a Code 60 phase there.

9:43 pm

BMW is satisfied but…

“Things look good for BMW so far,” says Sheldon van der Linde of the Rowe-BMW #98 flagship. “But I think the cards won’t be on the table until tomorrow. The M4 feels good and is probably the best car I’ve ever driven. We’ve made some progress over the past two weeks. The ambiance at Twilight is great. In Brünnchen you can smell the grills and see the fans – which is something Wonderful. “

John Edwards Sheldon van der Linde Marco Whitman Roe Row Racing VLN ~~

9:33 pm

News of the departure of the Hyundai Elantra TCR

Mark Basing explains why his teammate Manuel Lauk left the track at the start of training with the Hyundai Elantra TCR #830 on the Grand Prix circuit: “The left front suspension broke in NGK chicane. There’s a new ‘sausage’ treat and Manuel got you.”

9:28 pm

Crash at Weberman

Huber-Porsche #25 (Thyssen/Rader/N. Menzel/Kern) collided with Walkenhorst-BMW #102 (J. Müller/M. von Bohlen/Tuck/Schmidt-Staade) in Wippermann, turned around and crashed into the bulkhead on. The Porsche ride is over, and Ben Tack can continue in a BMW. It was a classic misunderstanding. Tak wanted to enter, Ryder closed the door.

9:19 pm

BMW trio crack proudly

Luca Stolz blows the BMW trio up front and takes third with the #12 HRT-Mercedes (Marciello/Ellis/Stolz).

9:15 pm

Training is now in flow

After the turbulent initial phase, things have now calmed down and the teams are working through their programme. The sector times continue to flash pink on the time screen, but the BMW trio of #98 Rowe, #101 Walkenhorst and #20 Schubert are ahead. The first chaser is the Porsche Dynamic #28 (Inglehart/Cairoli/Lidogar/Braining).

8:59 pm

Now three BMWs are in front

But Aston Martin’s fourth place didn’t last long, as Jesse Krohn improved to third on a Schubert-BMW #20 wheel (Krohn/Sims/Klingmann/Krütten). There is now a BMW trio on top.

8:57 PM

Aston Martin in P4

Improve the first time in the upper field. Maxim Martin put TF Sport Aston Martin #90 (Sörensen / Thiim / Pittard / Martin) in fourth. His best time gap for a #98 Rowe-BMW (Katsburg/Edwards/S. Van der Linde/Wittmann) is 4.144 seconds.

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