On the bus “cow flies”: 1. FC Kaiserslautern causes an earthquake

On the bus “the cow flies”
1. FC Kaiserslautern causes an earthquake

With promotion to the second division, the pride returned to 1. FC Kaiserslautern. The environment is full of joy, ambitions are already gigantic again. Officials are waiting for a lot of work. There are greetings from the grieving former coach.

1. FC Kaiserslautern celebrated their promotion to the second Bundesliga with a grand party in front of 10,000 enthusiastic fans at the city’s Stiftplatz. The joy of the Red Devils’ return to the second highest class of football after four brilliant years outside the city limits was in the Rhineland-Palatinate. The boarding ceremony began in the afternoon and continued into the late evening. After years of grief and great financial difficulties, the pride of the traditional club is back. “The club has been through a lot of nonsense. It should be a gift for the club, for the fans,” midfielder Hikmet Şefci said after the 2-0 win (0-0) in the second leg of Dinamo Dresden.

At the fourth attempt, they “finally came out of the third league,” cheered captain Jan Zimmer, who also admitted: “There are a lot of very small eyes.” After three defeats in the last race of the league, few expected such a happy ending. But the new coach Dirk Schuster brought life to the Red Devils. “A relegation is not a punishment, but an opportunity,” said the coach, who led Darmstadt 98 from the third tier to the Bundesliga, in his most successful time.

“The team caused an earthquake,” Mayor Klaus Wieschel said in the evening. At the party at Stiftsplatz, strikers Terrence Boyd and René Klingenburg went up on stage with cigars, and Mike Wunderlich brought a bottle of XXL whiskey and handed it to the fans in the audience. With a song, pop star Mark Forster created the wonderful atmosphere of the up-and-coming community. “We are really looking forward to the second division,” said captain Jan Zimmer. “We’re facing really great opponents now.” And: “Today’s celebration was the icing on the cake the last few weeks!”

Pittsburgh returns to the Senate

The Minister – President Malu Dreyer congratulated the FCK, who managed to get a promotion “with tremendous willpower, a lot of passion”. “I am looking forward to the matches in the second Bundesliga for the fans, the city, the region and personally,” she said. SPD Sports Minister Roger Lewentz was delighted with the promotion “with all my heart”. Palatinate and the great fans deserve more than this first stage of the Ascent Marathon. “Pitzenberg, who has been sold several times in the third division, is back in the Senate of German football,” he confirmed.

The lively mood of the public spectacle at Fritz Walter Stadium with 7,500 fans demonstrated just how pleasant the environment of the four-time champion was. There is no doubt that the club “craves for success”, as Schuster discovered after just two weeks in office. Coach Thomas Heingen, who took a very personal risk with the belated change of coach from Marco Antwerp to Schuster, did not want to reveal anything about the personnel planning for the second-tier season: “Today and tomorrow it’s time to blow your head.”

Greetings from the former coach

Antwerp hailed 1. FC Kaiserslautern, if not without nostalgia. “The team, the whole club, did a great job,” he told Sport 1. “I’m proud of the boys. Of course it wasn’t easy for me to follow the relegation games.” Schuster said the players always believed in their chances and also thanked Antwerp: “Today we completed what I’ve prepared.”

The announcement by the German Football Association (DFB) that proceedings had been initiated against both clubs over the events during the relegation match overshadowed the celebration. This was announced by the German Football Association at the request of the German News Agency. After FCK’s second goal in extra time, the match was halted for several minutes due to flares and firecrackers being thrown onto the field by a mass of Dresden fan. Dynamo flags were also burned.

“Lutern is the coolest club in the world!”

The Palatinate champions had already partyed on the way back from Dresden and “let the cow fly” on the bus, Schuster said. Shortly after the final whistle, the Red Devils ran to their fans, jumped and danced with their supporters and drank their first beer on the field while fans shouted: “Luthern is the hottest club in the world!” Out of respect for the opponent and perhaps also out of concern about the escalation of the already hot atmosphere at the Dresden Arena, he urged his players to “celebrate more carefully on the field”.

Midfielder Mike Wunderlich explained where the club wants to go: “The club does not belong to the third tier nor does it belong to the second tier. We have taken at least the first step,” the veteran said and thanked him shortly before Antwerp went out of relegation: The coach did a great job, and so did the new coach.” For the people of the Palatinate, the four-year period of suffering ended with grief. Defender Kevin Krause enthusiastically declared: “We will celebrate until we lose our mother tongue.”

Since the insolvency proceedings ended in December 2020, FCK is officially debt-free, and the additional financial value in the double-digit million range through the promotion has been greatly aided by the promotion. The losing streak is over in League Three thanks to much higher media money, and the club should increase in value exponentially. With the participation of many investors, he may even be able to advance in new areas. With its radiance and Betzenberg legend, FCK is also an enrichment for the second division. Now the club has to learn calm and continuity. “The 15 months I’ve been at FCK, I feel like 15,” Hengen said.

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