Piate Lohmann should retire

DrThe management of the sports department of the Federal Ministry of the Interior is developing into an expulsion seat. On Tuesday, Interior Minister Nancy Visser decided to refer Ministerial Director Piate Lohmann to early retirement. This was confirmed to FAZ by a reliable source. Le Mans succeeded Gerhard Bohm four years ago. Previously, she headed the Department of Administrative Modernization and Administrative Organization.

Bohm entered into an open dispute with the leadership of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). While Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere backed his department chief, Horst Seehofer succumbed to sports pressure led by his CSU friend Alphonse Hormann shortly after taking office and sent the man who initiated potential analysis and upper-class sports reform in April into early retirement in 2018. This happened quickly So much so that the person in question was surprised when he was on vacation – by a note in the employee’s letter. As a result, almost the entire department was replenished in terms of staff.

The 61-year-old Rhinelander Lohmann is not known to have entered into an open dispute with sports organisations. However, rumors indicate that this time, representatives of the federation complained to Weiser and Parliamentary Minister of State Mahmut Ozdemir about irreconcilable differences between the sports and the sports department. Like Özdemir, Le Mans was convinced that an independent, top-tier sports company should distribute or reject three hundred million euros in top-tier sports funding from the federal government according to strict success criteria.

It was remarkable that the Budget Committee last week, in its control session to restart the club and mass sports, did not put the remaining 50 million euros of Corona aid for professional clubs in the budget of the Ministry of the Interior. , as expected, but half, 25 million. The decision was not backed by any concrete actions, as the funds are currently frozen. Homeowners ask the Home Office for a release concept.

This is a wonderful process. The debate over the nature of the arguments is questionable. Aid for team sports after the Corona pandemic is promised in the coalition agreement. On Tuesday, the German Football Association (DOSB) called for a paradigm shift in federal sports policy. He is no longer responsible for first-class sports alone, but for the entire sport. Until now, the task of the federal states has been to promote club sport, folk and youth sports.

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