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It’s a tradition, a challenge and a cult – the German showjumping and dressage championships in Hamburg-Klein Flottbek are the most important tournament in Germany after the CHIO in Aachen. NDR is broadcast live on TV and on NDR.de for four days.

After Corona’s two-year break, the legendary spring match will be held again for the first time. The 91st edition was awarded on Sunday 120 thousand euros. The course, in which 17 natural obstacles must be overcome at an altitude of 1,230 metres, is unique and has been a very special difficulty for riders and horses since 1920.

The first qualification is still below the dreaded On Wednesday, Dermot Lennon of Great Wall won the fastest clear ride on his tailor Gilvins Touch ahead of Benjamin Welchner (Putto) with Crystal and Robert Bronze (Ribnitz-Damgarten) with Corbin. A total of 14 pairs remained undefeated. The second qualification is on Friday.

video: Derby first qualifying: Dermot Lennon wins Gilvin’s touch (1 minute)

The World Champions Tour stops again in Hamburg

In addition to fighting on the Blue Ribbon on Sunday, the focus of the traditional tournament is mainly on testing the million-series World Champions Tour. Hamburg is the sixth leg of the 16 stages of the most lucrative equestrian series, as well as a final presence in Prague. Saturday’s jump show has been awarded €300,000 and is once again attracting national and international equestrian celebrities to the Hanseatic city. Top riders from 30 countries compete.

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Show jumper Jan-Friedrich Mayer Zimmermann at the Nations Cup in Mannheim © IMAGO / Stefan Lafrentz Photo: Stefan Lafrentz

Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann became a mother in January and is riding horses again. At Klein Flottbeck, she started on the World Champions Tour. more

Tim: “Focus 100% on the derby”

European champion Andre Thiem (Blau am See) would take on both, but he has clear preferences: “The focus is one hundred percent on the derby. I’ll be on the World Champions Tour with me,” said the 47-year-old. In the jumping derby, the three-time winner saddles eunuch Contador, who has already participated in the tournament several times. “I don’t know if he still remembers the jumps, but I know I have a fighter under me,” Tim said.

Mecklenburger brings his best horse Chakaria to the start on the Global Champions Tour. Hamburg is one of three championships in which chestnuts will compete on their way to the hoped-for participation in the World Championships from August 6-14 in Herning, Denmark.

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André Thieme with his mare Chakaria © IMAGO / Bildbyran

Andre Tim supported the right horse. After a failed Olympic bid, Mecklenburger is down the path to success with the Chestnut mare Chakaria. more

Will Sandra Ofarth succeed in the coup this time?

Horseracing racer Sandra Ovarth (Janderke) is one of the top contenders for the European Championship in Derby. “She’s my favourite,” Tim said. “She’s well-prepared and in great shape.” Three-time derby winner Tony Hassmann (Eppenborn) is also on hand with Top Gun. From 2004 to 2006, Hassmann beat Coleen three times in a row.

He lives

  • today: 2:30pm Tournaments in Hamburg (3pm – 5.15pm on TV and on NDR.de)
  • Friday: 1pm Spring-Derby 2nd Qualifier (1pm-2pm on NDR.de, 2pm-4pm on TV and on NDR.de)
  • Saturday: 12:00 PM World Tour Champions Qualifier (12:00 PM – 2:30 PM on NDR.de); 3.15pm Grand Prix of Hamburg (Global Champions Tour) (3.15pm on NDR.de, 3.30pm-5pm also on TV)
  • Sunday: 2pm German Jumping Derby (2pm – 3.30pm on TV and on NDR.de; decision on ZDF)

Also on Sunday (11 am) the winner will be determined in the 62nd dressage derby, which is traditionally held with horse changes. In dressage, 2019 winner Fredrik Wanderers (Hagen), Finn Emma Kanerva (2018 winner) and Hamburg local champion Kathleen Kroenke (2011) will start in a modern stadium.

Tournament Director Wolf: “The scene of the event has changed very much”

A total of 44 tests with prize money of 1.4 million euros will be conducted at Klein Flottbek. The total budget is 3.6 million euros. In the most recent edition of the classics in 2019, 96,000 spectators made the pilgrimage to Derby Park in Klein Flottbek. Tournament director Volker Wolf doubts that this number can be reached this time: “The whole event scene has changed dramatically. If we get to the trend, we’ll be very happy.” What would be his greatest achievement? “When everyone who’s been here says he’s been as nice as he’s always been. That’s our motivation. We want to pick up where we left off in 2019.”

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Ludger Bierbaum's Coupe de Coeur turned down at the Great Wall of China.  © Fishing 4

A total of 17 obstacles must be overcome at an altitude of 1230 meters. more

Andre Thiem celebrates.  © dpa

Equestrian sports enthusiasts have been watching first-class sport at the Klein Flottbek for nearly 100 years. Who won more? How long has the taming decision been around? Facts about the Hamburg derby. more

Alwin Chokemule | © NDR / Jacky Toffee

Shortly before his 85th birthday, NDR visited successful showrunner Alwin Schockemöhle on his farm. more

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