The Giro d’Italia lives on in the bar – Stage 18 is the last chance for runners: Will he hit the Cavendish?

After two hard days in the mountains, Giro organizers give a little peloton “break” on vacation. It moves from Borgo Valsugana from the Alps to Treviso. There are only two Category 4 mountain classifications in the program and the section is a relatively short 156 km long.

So rating riders should try to muster the strength for today’s grueling Giro finale. For others, this might be the last chance to win a stage. In particular, the fast-paced guys around Arnaud Démare (Groupama-FDJ) and Mark Cavendish (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team) must do everything possible today to attack again.

Démare can already claim his fourth win in this Giro. Provided that it still enjoyed its vitality after the two stages through the Alps. Otherwise, the time for the Separatists, who will stalk for a possible weakness in the runners, must come again on Thursday.

Giro d’Italia

Three things stood out: Almeida’s dream of Jiro’s victory exploded

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Team race or separatist victory – who will win the 18th stage? The stage is now live in the tape:

Giro d’Italia live in the tape: the eighteenth stage from Borgo Valsugana to Treviso

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Giro Road: Profile of Stage 18 Of course – Last Chance Sprint

Jiro live in the strip – 68 km – quiet day

At the current speed, the finish line should be reached in a few minutes. The drivers treat themselves to a quiet day before the difficulties ahead in the final three stages.

Jiro, stage 18 live – 73 kilometers to go

In the last few kilometres, the gap in the field has narrowed slightly again to 1:15 minutes. But runner teams will be careful not to catch up with the passengers too soon.

Giro Live – 3:30pm – Gaboro wins middle race

In the middle race at Valdobbiadene, Gabburo is the first to cross the line after a short drag. Avene, de Bondt, and Kurt Nielsen followed suit. There were 12, 8, 6 and 4 points for this. On the field, DeMarie, Cavendish, and Knox get the remaining points.

Giro Live – 3:22 PM – Medium enemy will soon follow

Drivers arrive at Valdobbiadene. There follows a medium speed sprint. Diego Ulisse (UAE) sets the pace in the horse race, the difference being reduced to 1.20 minutes. The Italian has already won eight stages in the Giro.

Jiro live on tape – 3:18 PM – Nepalese have a problem

Vincenzo Nibali (Astana) had a problem and thus lost contact. However, he was brought back to the peloton by one of his teammates. The Quartet’s current lead around Magnus Cort is 1:40 minutes. There are still 91 kilometers to go, and 65 kilometers have already been covered.

Giro Life Stage 18 – 210W Work Tracking

Romain Combaud (DSM) does the tracking for Alberot Dainese. To do this, he invests 210 watts. This indicates that forward and backward are not currently fully turned on. But there is still over 90 kilometers to go

Giro Live – 2:58 PM – Bullets increase again

The distance is currently moving like a yo-yo. Now he is growing up again. Avene, Kurt Nielsen, Gaborough and De Bundt now have 1:25 minutes. To put it right, it should be: runners’ assistants give them more head start.

Giro Live – Gaviria is behind

The field is splitting due to Costa’s increasing speed. But this may not have been the intention. Now the former world champion is out because Gaviria was stuck in the hanging part of the peloton. This should widen the gap to outliers again. Except for 1:20, the Peloton is back in action.

Giro Life – 108 km – Emirates press

Meanwhile, he leads the UAE team at the helm of the peloton. Roy Costa is really stepping on the gas. The Portuguese greatly underestimated the Quartet’s advance. 2:35 is now 1:30.

Giro Live – 2:42 pm – Bahrain-Merida saves the force

The simple reason Bahrain-Merida is not currently involved in the tracking business is that this team has to provide their strength as much as possible for tomorrow. Because Mikel Landa is still fighting for the overall victory. Belo Bilbao is also ranked sixth. After Bardet’s departure, DSM no longer had any ambitions to rank. Thymen Arensman sits 13th but is 19 minutes behind Carapaz and about 7 behind 10th-placed Bozofevo. Mauri Vansevenant came in as the best Quick Stepper at number 29, while Attila Valter as the best groupama team came in at number 41.

Giro live in the pointer – 2:33pm – first intermediate race to follow in Valdobbiadene

The next special rating for this part of the day is Valdobbiadene’s Medium Enemy. Stage 14 – a time trial – ended there in 2020. Filippo Gana beat Rohan Dennis and Brandon McNulty. However, the enemy will only be approved at km 71 today. So about a quarter past three. The fugitives are currently just over two minutes ahead. In light of the occupation, teams of sprinters shouldn’t give them much more than that.

Jiro Lives On Tape – 2:22 p.m. – Dries De Bondt won first mountain classification

De Bondt is the first to cross the rating line at Bergpreis – Affini, Gabburo and Cort Nielsen are in tow.

Jiro, stage 18, live broadcast – strong splinter group

This is a strong group up front. Gabburo tried multiple times to break away in this Giro event and finished second once a day. Cort Nielsen snatched three stages at the Vuelta in 2021 and nearly won in his last long run. Affini is considered one of the best experience experts in the field. And Dries de Bondt isn’t a former Belgian road champion for nothing.

Jiro, stage 18 live – Almeida had to drop out

For the Emirates team, the day started with a shock: the fourth player overall and the leader in the junior rankings, Joao Almeida, had to leave the Giro early due to a positive Corona test. More information about his exit can be found here: Bitters Aus: Almeida has to leave the Giro due to Corona

Jiro, stage 18 live – two minutes apart

In the overall ranking, none of the outliers plays a role. The best place is Gabburo, approximately two and a half hours behind Richard Carapaz (Ineos – Grenadiers). This puts him 55th. He has already been second on the Giro stage once this year. After 20 kilometers the four fugitives got two minutes.

Jiro live on tape – 2:04 PM – Peloton surrenders

After a few drivers tried to catch up with the bosses, the attacks on the main square now stopped. It will be ejected. The quartet expands quickly to over 40 seconds.

Giroud, stage 18 live – 2pm – in front of de Bond and Nielsen

Dries de Bondt (Alpecin – Fenix) and Magnus Cort Nielsen (Education First – Easy Mail) hopped away. Avene and Davidi Gaborough (BArdiani – CSF) bridge the gap. This is a great group. After a short time there is further progress in depth. The quartet advances 12 seconds.

Jiro Live – 1:53 PM – Jumbo attacked Visma too

The usual suspects are trying: Eolo – Kometa, Alpecin – Fenix, Drone Hoppe – Androni Giocattoli and Bardianai CSF teams. And of course Jumbo-Visma! It seems that Edoardo Affini discovered his affinity for the day stage and broke up solo. But he should take a few people with him.

Giro Live – 1:50 pm – A sharp start

It starts now – the first attacks look a bit hesitant. I’m sure all of you are experiencing tired legs after the past couple of days.

Giro Live – 1:43 pm – Neutral stage

The neutralization phase has begun. The UAE Emirates team still wants to tear something up today. Before the start, Matteo Trentin told that today is Fernando Gaviria’s day. And Trentin should know: he comes from Treviso.

The Giro d’Italia live on tape: Harpoon vs. Runners

The Giro’s flat final stage usually gives runaways a good chance because the sprinter teams are less enthusiastic. However, there should be enough motivated runners in Arnaud Démare (Groupama-FDJ), Mark Cavendish (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl) and Fernando Gaviria (UAE).

The Giro d’Italia live in the video: Welcome to Stage 18

Hello and welcome to stage 18 of the 105th Giro d’Italia. Today’s section leads from Borgo Valsugana to Treviso and is 156 kilometers long. Since there are no major hikes in the program, this is the last chance for runners to win another stage in this Giro. We live from 1:45 pm.

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