Amateur football in Bavaria: strange stories from the 21/22 season

Notable things happen these days: in Bavarian amateur football – relegation or not – the season ends more on schedule than on some regional trains, as is said to have happened more often in the past; A season that began in the summer of the previous year, completed on schedule, didn’t span several years and wasn’t calculated using any quotient at the end—and it was packed with all-too-familiar ingredients, drama, coach changes, and curiosity. A season like before the pandemic. Here is the incomplete summary.

In the spirit of Lauterbach

Some observers may be skeptical whether that will work, but the 2021/202 football season has been postponed despite Corona, including in Bavaria. However, the pandemic has not left football the same this time around. Rarely has a club had a more violent outbreak at some point. Some have already hung the flag of the plague on the club, even if there was only suspicion of a wave of infection, so to speak, entirely in the spirit of Karl Lauterbach. In November, for example, players from the domestic league TSV 1860 Rosenheim refused to travel to TSV Aubstadt, as did the Bavarian league team TSV Wasserburg, who refused to play at SpVgg Hankofen – which seemed logical from a precautionary point of view. The reason: As potential virus actors, we prefer staying at home. And instead of the Medal of Honor from the Robert Koch Institute, both received two defeats at the green table, and Wasserberg also received a fine. Note: Life is not fair. Both were relegated at the end of the season.

Goalkeeper’s honor

Of course he felt sorry for his colleague on the other side. The honor of the goalkeeper! But National League goalkeeper Cosmos Esteten was a little responsible for freeing TuS goalkeeper Simon Voss, who found his way to the unexpected goal: he clearly didn’t really pay attention to the match, the ball was a little earlier. corresponding penalty area. “It wasn’t quite what I wanted, and to be honest, I only noticed it when everyone was running towards me,” admits Voss, the team’s 21-year-old top scorer. The fact that the camera did not capture the 80-meter goal may have prevented me from running for Goal of the Month. The goal mattered anyway: it was a 1:1 equalizer in the 87th minute, and Geretsried won 2:1.

Mask duty only outdoors!

Thousands of club restaurants in March were what they once were: after the final whistle, regulars sit at the table with beer, service hovers between rows, people explode and talk about the results—and for everyone who wanted it, without a mask again, at least in place. Because again the gastronomy was allowed to take it off. So you can see the smiles on their faces again when they talked about the fact that you should still wear a mask outside on the field, but not indoors. Because the state government has extended the 15th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance (not the term, just the validity), and this, no joke: until April 2. It is said that some of the press conferences not only helped in the exchange of opinions but also in the exchange of viruses.

Journalistic work of a foreign association

Press releases are often boring. “Player XY suits us well in terms of personality,” things like that. It becomes interesting when one club takes over the press work for another without the club’s knowledge. To begin with, an April Fools’ joke couldn’t be ruled out when Pepinsridge’s Tariq Sarisakal sent an unforgettable message on April 1.

ALWAYS ON THE AIR: Tariq Sarisakal, Bippensred Sporting Director.

(Photo: Goldberg / Beautiful Sports / Imago)

The sporting director has announced that coach Hannes Sigurdsson will move from FC Diesenhoven to Wacker Burghausen. Sarisakal did so because he was angry: Sigurdsson promised orally in Pepinsried that “Solos will become Paul in Burghausen,” he concluded. Attempts at poaching are sometimes treated as capital offenses in amateur football, although they are not prohibited. Which brings us to Roman Bleach. He took charge of planning for the next season of the regional league at the shattered former professional club Türkgücü Munich, although his team’s third-division planning has also contributed to the club losing their financier after the continued failure. They’re particularly bad at him in league rival SV Heimstetten. According to reports, Plesche contacted nearly all of the players and simply asked if they wanted a change. Perhaps interesting press releases will follow soon.

Rebellion in the Upper Palatinate

During the winter break, the future was still rosy at ASV Neumarkt: fifth place at Bayernliga Nord, only four points lost from first place, then a good New Year’s solution: ASV extended the coach early until the summer of 2023. But after a few days, the team rebelled Against coach Jürgen Schmid, who suspended one of the players. Several levels of escalation ensued. A friendly match was canceled because the team did not play. The team prevailed, Schmid was forced to go, and the main sponsor withdrew. Then the dismissed Schmid/Getner duo on Thursday showed up to Maundy at the clubhouse and watched practice. Reason: At the ASV, they forgot that the coach’s vacation period was over, and the two didn’t want to be guilty of entering absenteeism. Another day later, later coach Michael Lohse was fired for a critical interview with Central Bavarian newspaper upon departure. But Newmarket proves that a coach’s dismissal usually has no effect: The team finished the season in fifth place.

Mythical creatures between posts

Lucas Wenzel’s note probably won’t end in the house of history, like the one Jens Lehmann kept in his socks in the 2006 World Cup quarter-final against Argentina. But at least Obstadt was upside down thanks to such notes as “15: dead,” which the TSV goalkeeper stuck to his drink bottle: In the Toto Cup semi-final against Munich 1860, Wenzel (“I’m a fox!”) saved three penalty kicks, for example. Marcel Barr’s penalty, jersey number 15. But in the final, the fox who defeated the black became a hare who lost to the hedgehog. The match at FV Illertissen went to penalties with the same 1: 1 score, but then the hosts – thanks to enough explanatory material – knew exactly where Aubstadt was going to shoot. FV goalkeeper Felix Thiel is now ‘Man of the Match’. He not only saved two penalties, but also converted one penalty kick. No one had any idea where to shoot.

Kick him like Lutheran

Looking back, the idea turned out to be brilliant: although he initially saved the club from relegation and led them to the first group of the third division in the new season, coach Marco Antwerp was sent off by 1. FC Kaiserslautern – right ahead of the promotion games .

Amateur football in Bavaria: Withdrawal early in the day: Junior coach Orhan Akort (R) was sent off by SV Pollach before relegation.

Early action: Junior coach Orhan Akort (right) was sent off by SV Bollach before relegation.

(Photo: Sven Leifer / foto2press / Imago)

What a four-time German champion can do is absolutely right for SV Pullach. The Bavarian league of the Isar valley did the same thing as the Red Devils in their last spurt in the relegation battle by eliminating Orhan Akort. A junior coach whose qualifications lie above all in the fact that as an active player he resembled Gerd Müller of the Bavarian amateur football. In the spring Akkurt had a winning streak almost like Antwerp, but after only two defeats in April, Pollach’s only decisive winger, Theo Liddell, pulled the emergency brake – and took over the coaching position himself – however – Pollach won 4:1 at Unterföhring, now he must survive From the second leg and another round. And maybe there will be a big party at the end, as in FCK. Incidentally, the sacked Orhan Akort, 36, consoled himself with his favorite pastime: shortly after his release, he shot SV Waldperlach to stay up in the domestic league.

Donors who have stopped giving money

There is nothing in football that does not exist. How about the following story: sponsor and aspiring actor pimps the club for years, and the team is climbing the league as if it were nothing. However, always with a change of staff, after all, the quality of the team has to keep up with the increasingly in-demand tournaments. And then, when the road stumbles a little for the first time, the financier throws it away – in the middle of the season, which directly means that the team is torn from the game, the table is crooked and the topic of “distorting competition” is not just about making the rounds behind closed doors. The shepherd is called paranoid, and in the end there is also a lot of malicious joy. Yes, that’s exactly what happened last season, the reader may have heard about. Specifically, with the lower Franconian league club SV Euerbach/Kutzburg. The similarities with the third tier club in Munich are purely coincidental.

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