Eintracht Frankfurt: Hinterger shoots club leadership

DrPictures couldn’t be sweeter. Holiday home photos published in the Viennese newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” show that Martin Hinterger happily lined up with his family with the cute dog Chewbacca. They immortalized him in front of an oil painting honoring him with the Austrian jersey, capturing the moment when children in his village, Cernitz, presented him with the European Cup they made themselves.

But the text contains it all. In the interview, the 29-year-old Frankfurt Eintracht defender bluntly revealed what had been revealed to the public only cryptically so far: “A lot have broken up this year. I told in the late autumn and between the quarter-final against Barcelona that I had to leave in the summer.”

With these remarks, Hintereger rekindled the source of the fire that seemed to have been put out. Because in the week of the Europa League victory, Eintracht said that after a clarification conversation with his coach and compatriot Oliver Glasner, the favorite of the Frankfurt fans will fulfill the contract that runs until 2024. The defender said in an interview: “I am surprised that the face of the club has changed, and that I must stay And he confirmed that it’s okay: “I definitely don’t want to miss the Champions League opportunity with these fans. !

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But does Eintracht really want it now? Or will she revert to her original assessment of the Hinterger case, which would have been better separated from the chief of defense? It is easy to describe the situation, but it is difficult to make a definitive assessment. Hinteregger is undoubtedly an exceptionally good defender by Eintracht’s standards, who is also a face of the team and one of the defining personalities of the club and its fans.

But ‘Hinti’, as he is affectionately called and as he sometimes calls himself, isn’t a perfect football professional like Makoto Hasebe, for example. He comes home after vacation from visibly overweight, uses his days off to fly helicopters against conventions, and publicly flirts with his love of beer.

Touch: Hinteregger (left) has found the right words for Trapp.

Touch: Hinteregger (left) has found the right words for Trapp.

Photo: Witters

Twenty years ago, no one in the Bundesliga was bothered by the champions enjoying an interesting position in life, as long as the performances were appropriate on Saturdays. This has changed with the professionalization of the industry – the latest performance percentage points are now taken care of.

Hinterger has repeatedly stressed that he is an old-school professional, that the pressure of today is bothering him and that he believes the football field is the dirtiest of all. In his autobiography, he describes how he sometimes suffered from depression and how he sometimes had to break the chains of profit in order to be able to sustain it in the long run. Eintracht is aware of Hintriger’s underlying emotional state and has given him support.

In the fall, doubts first appeared about whether good would win the battle between the little angel Hinterger and the little demon. The Austrian found himself in the performance pit. But in the quarter-finals against Barcelona and in the first-leg of the semi-finals against West Ham, “Henti” is back to normal. Hinterger’s assessment shifted again and remained so until the final, which tested him as team manager after sustaining a hamstring injury in the second leg against West Ham.

The way Hintereger celebrated the victory made clear the paradox of his person. One of the highlights of the party was how he praised goalkeeper Kevin Trapp and spread the phrase “New on the bench”. How he bragged about consuming beer during the procession and how he repeatedly dipped his Europa League gold plate into a late-night beer glass and licked it every time was among the low points.

The fact that Hintereger has ignored his superiors on his home leave, who had previously refused a request to change clubs, wouldn’t be appreciated either. Hinteriger and Eintracht – it’s on fire again.

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