Hennefer Sports Needle: Appreciating Services for Sport in the City

At the end of 2016, the city council decided to honor people with the “Hennefer Sport Nadel” who, regardless of their sporting achievements, provided an exceptional and lasting service to sport in Hennef. So far, 45 people have received this award. Mayor Mario and President of StadtSport, Ferband Hennef, Hajo Nobeni, now presented again eleven Hennefern with the award: Jürgen Zawyasa (SV Allner/Bodingen), Angelica Gigrich, Alfred Sander (both TVroot), Simone Korner (DLRG), Ralph Boczyk , Hayk Fox, Richard Bongertmann (all HTV), Dieter Hombach (RC CITO), Dieter Obst, Manfred Sternzenbach (both FC Hennef 05) and former mayor Klaus Bebeke. The honorees have suggested their clubs, StadtSportVerband (SSV) and the mayor.

“In order for people to play sports, we have to create conditions together. As a municipality, we do this by building sports facilities, with maintenance and care and many other measures. Above all, it is important in clubs to create the right structures. These – especially in team sports – The mission of the volunteers. They run the clubs, who keep the ball rolling, who do whatever is necessary in the background so that people can practice their sport in the club. They form an association – and more than that: a city and its community. It’s an achievement we cannot overstate. And as always: Many do a lot of good, but some go above and beyond and make a very special contribution. And it is precisely for these people that the Hennefer Sports Badge was designed. With that in mind, I thank and congratulate all the people we will honor today. Mayor Dham said “Their accomplishments are exemplary, and their commitment extraordinary.” The honorees then received a pin number and a certificate. After the award, the city invited drinks and snacks in the lobby of the Mays Factory.

In June 2016, the Committee on Culture and Sports outlined the scholarship pathway for the Hennef Sports Needle and “assigned the management, in coordination with StadtSportVerband Hennef eV, to propose an award for women and men who had participated. In sport over a long period of time in their club and in the city of Hennef.” Then a system was adopted The award at the meeting of the Sports Committee in November 2016. They are:

  • The Hennefer sports pin can be awarded to citizens of the city of Hennef who, due to their position, have promoted the sport in a special and unusual way.
  • The award of the Medal of Honor is accompanied by the delivery of a certificate of honor from the city of Hennef.
  • Sports clubs, StadtSportVerband Hennef and Hennef City Council have the right to suggest this.
  • The Executive Committee of StadtSportVerband Hennef and the Mayor decides to award the Medal of Honor.
  • The Medal of Honor is awarded within a reasonable framework by the Mayor and President of StadtSportVerband.

All honorees have rendered outstanding service to their club and thus to the sporting life of Hennef in one form or another, regardless of their sporting successes. The following is an overview of the activities and achievements in honors:

Jürgen Zawyasa (SV Allner / Bödingen)

  • Member since July 1, 1987
  • Across all ‘stations’: players and coaches for seniors and coaches among others for youth (including Bambinis), still today
  • Young leader for 2 years
  • It is the soul of the club.
  • Always friendly, helps wherever he can and has designed and implemented many projects

Angelica Geigrich (TV Rott)

  • Member for 40 years
  • He has since been a board member as head of the gymnastics department and leads the weekly training units for this area
  • She is a role model for young and old
  • But what is especially noteworthy is its strong work with the elderly
  • She always focuses on the fitness and health of those entrusted to her
  • Their extensive professional knowledge is coupled with humanity and tolerance
  • It also bears responsibility beyond the tasks that fall within its actual scope of responsibility

Alfred Sander (TVroot)

  • The Board of Directors says of him that he has excellent qualifications for a position on the Board of Directors, but is not a member of the Board of his own volition – nevertheless:
  • Member for 55 years
  • Since then worthy in all areas
  • Undertaken duties on behalf of the Board of Directors
  • He made a significant contribution to the new construction of the changing room building and with his technical talents in very intensive care and maintenance work and with a high level of personal commitment
  • A corner of the club is always ready to take responsibility

Simon Corner (DLRG)

  • He was instrumental in founding DLRG Ortsgruppe Hennef eV in 2006 and has been responsible ever since.
  • One of the pillars supporting swimming and training lifeguards in Hennef
  • In addition to her work as president of the association
  • She devoted herself to swimming training with great passion,
  • Whether it is a beginner, junior, young lifeguard or lifeguard training:
  • Non-swimmers learn how to swim,
  • Lifeguard swimmers
  • It also plans and organizes youth activities, for example
  • All-day lessons at Hennef-Mercede Comprehensive School are supported with swimming lessons

Ralph Bosch (HTV)

  • He has been in charge of the volleyball department since 2014
  • He leads the department with great commitment, sets training plans for different teams and always keeps in close contact with the city’s sports department
  • Also the responsible organizer of the “Europalauf” major event and the guarantor that the organizational processes are running smoothly. This all-around talent for Ralf Butschek was awarded the Hennefer Sport Badge of Honor today

Hike Fox (HTV)

  • HTV Volunteering for over 20 years
  • For 8 years she worked in the swimming department
  • Since 2010, coach in the mass sports department and deputy head of the department
  • Since 2018 Head of Department
  • It has been the driving force for the expansion of today’s diverse and comprehensive sports and training programs from Aroha to Zumba
  • With over 30 coaches in their division today

Richard Bongertman (HTV)

  • Responsible for the athletics department for 14 years
  • It currently trains about 80 children, teenagers and young adults between the ages of 5 and 22, as well as an increasing number of young people preparing for a police entrance exam or to study sports
  • His goal is always to provide the right training for everyone
  • He is very committed to all those responsible for athletics and is the voice and face of athletics Hennefer

Dieter Homebach (RC CITO)

  • A long and successful sporting career since 1955, first football, then from 1980 also cycling in RC Cito
  • As a TuRa Hennef player as a member of the legendary squad which in 1969 was promoted to the District League.
  • As a coach, he led the first team of FC Geistingen to the promotion to the Provincial League in 2002
  • Sporting Director of “CITO” Hennef-Geistingen from 1993 to 2006, in this position he set new sporting milestones such as participating in the Milan-San Remo team sporting event of more than 300 km in a driving time of less than 10 hours
  • Head of Internship Department “CITO” since 2005
  • Head of Sports Group 1 of “CITO” continuously since 2007

Dieter Obst (FC Hennef 05)

  • He started as a young footballer at SC Uckerath.
  • After moving to Tora Hennef Mishrifa in the youth of A
  • 10 years as a supervisor in the youth department
  • then supervisor of the first team of TuRa and later also of FC Hennef until the end of 2011; He won some championship titles with “The First” and was able to celebrate promotions
  • Then as now, he is in charge of washing and cleaning the shirts – so the team’s ‘clean appearance’ has always been his credit.

Manfred Sternbach (FC Hennef 05)

  • Youth captain at FC Geistingen and after merging in 2005, with another club member, for two years youth captain at FC Hennef 05
  • Then until 2020 the material manager for the youth department
  • As well as responsible for the entire lock system of the assembly
  • There is hardly a day of the year that he does not participate in the sports field
  • Spokesperson for the Youth Championships
  • Member of the district youth committee as a leader of a youth relay

Klaus Beck

  • Since 2004 as mayor (until 2020) he coined the term “Sports City Hennef” and followed the catchy slogan with actions that have had a lasting impact on the sporting scene in Hennef
  • As mayor at the beginning of his tenure, one of the signatories of the Sports Charter
  • During his tenure, nearly all football pitches were fitted with an artificial turf surface, and most recently he began building an artificial turf deck at TV Rott before the local elections – which means all football clubs finally have an artificial turf pitch.
  • He played an important role in expanding the stadium into a suitable facility for the regional league and was instrumental in building more halls, such as Söven and Meiersheide
  • In this commitment to the sport he has always stood behind all sides of the City Council, without whose cooperation none of this would have been possible in the end.
  • In this sense, he firmly established the theme of sport in politics and management and brought everyone at one table in Hennef in favor of sport.

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