Red after the collapse of Mick Schumacher in Monaco!

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Red Bull is ‘confident’, even without the best time

Ferrari is well ahead, but Red Bull is “satisfied” with the position of the chase, Helmut Marko says on Sky. He explains: “Max [Verstappen] He set his time on the first lap by an average. It certainly wasn’t the fastest way. Then he misjudged and we decided not to continue chasing the times.”

The small gap ahead of Ferrari shows that Red Bull is “on the lead” in Monaco, Marko continues. And: “We look forward to everything with confidence.”

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It’s getting worse for Schumacher…

Ralf Schumacher believes his nephew Mick Schumacher’s technical problems in the first training session are just the start of a tough weekend.

On ‘Sky’, the former Formula 1 driver said: “He needs every meter on this particular track, but the setup process is also lost. Now you have to drive with compromise again.”

“The biggest problem is: On a track like Monaco, you have to get better, you’ll get used to it slowly, you can take a risk in the end. Mick got that completely wrong. It’s more difficult now.”

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Big problems in Bottas and Alfa Romeo

“Everything has to fit just right,” Valtteri Bottas said a few hours ago at the press conference. Almost nothing went right in training: Bottas managed only two sessions with no time, so he practically missed his first full free training session.

This was due to an unspecified “technical issue” with the Alfa Romeo C42. “As a result, we had to completely remove the rear end to track down the problem,” Alfa Romeo reports. And there was not enough time in training to troubleshoot the error.

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Ferrari leads in first free practice

The first free practice session in Monaco and Ferrari finished ahead: Charles Leclerc set the best time with a time of 1:14,531 minutes. P2 went to Sergio Perez in Red Bull ahead of Carlos Sainz in second Ferrari and championship leader Max Verstappen in Red Bull second.

Sebastian Vettel made it into the top ten at Aston Martin, but not Mick Schumacher after a technical flaw. There were no major accidents after braking.

Get the full training result here!

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Perez is too fast in the pit lane: Fine

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez has been fined 300 euros. Because at the start of his first free training session in Monaco, he was measured at 63 km/h instead of the permitted 60 km/h. This is the first rule violation this weekend.

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First driving photos from Monaco

The first half ended in Monaco. And we have the first driving pictures in the Formula 1 photo gallery. So take a look there!

McLaren’s Lando Norris is currently ahead of Max Verstappen at Red Bull and Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, who continues to complain loudly about the rebound. Also problems with Lance Stroll: He scolds on the radio like a reed sparrow and says, “I don’t have a grip on the front axle and he gets in, otherwise I’ll crash.”

Get current information in the live session bar!

Photos: F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2022, Friday

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First quarter of the hour: Verstappen leads

Max Verstappen in front of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, then Daniel Ricciardo. This is the situation ahead after the first quarter of the hour in the first free practice. Get current information in the live session bar!

Williams driver Nicholas Latifi is only driving now, fifteen minutes behind the two starting drivers. That’s a difference of 12 laps, and that’s a lot in Monaco.

But not everyone runs smoothly: Lewis Hamilton complains of an “incredible amount of jumping” in his Mercedes, already shorted in his sleek pool. Alpine man Esteban Ocon says he can’t brake in the tunnel because the car “wants to go everywhere”.

There was no accident yet, there were only a few people who braked without consequences.

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Technical problems in the TV picture

The first few minutes of Friday’s training are also marked by transmission problems with the global TV signal. Why is this important? Because in Monaco, the local promoter produces the TV pictures himself, not Formula 1, unlike other racetracks. This is also a point of contention over whether or not Monaco has a future in Formula 1. The current contract between the emirate and Formula 1 expires after the 2022 Grand Prix.

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Now LIVE: The first free training session in Monaco!

Driving operations begin in Monaco: at 2 pm the track opens for the first free practice session. Drivers have 60 minutes to get used to the street circuit.

Current information, lap times and impressions of the vehicles on the track can be found in our live session tape, which my colleague Norman Fisher will be responsible for this weekend.

It’s also helpful to stay in touch in the live stream bar in the ring at this point: for highlights from the free practice and, above all, for comments and ratings afterwards.

And we’re already referring to our video analysis of Friday’s training in Monaco: Tonight from 7:30pm. Christian Niemervall and Kevin Schoren will be at the start of the YouTube live to provide all the important facts and answer users’ questions.

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Rosberg meets Hamilton in the elevator

Two Formula 1 world champions meet at their adopted home in Monaco in an elevator. This is how Nico Rosberg describes his confrontation with former team-mate Lewis Hamilton:

“He came in and looked like he was still in pajamas. Was looking forward to the race weekend. I had my kids with me and I was on my way to the pool, and was on my way to the track. The daily planning looks completely different!”

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Reader Question: Abusive session times?

Our reader Jens is asking on Twitter with the hashtag #FragMST what the start times are for the Monaco Grand Prix. In fact, the Mathematical Regulations do not contain any specific times, but only information on the length of the individual units and at what time periods the units should follow each other in the day.

For Friday, for example, it says, “Two free training sessions of at least one hour each are separated by a maximum of two and three hours.” The third training session on Saturday may not start 18 hours before the end of the second session. Between the third training session and qualification there is a minimum of two to a maximum of three hours.

In general, the FIA ​​sets start times for Formula 1 units, including races. Times sometimes vary, for example, because organizers take other (sports) events into account so as not to risk conflicting with viewers.

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Why Monaco should stay

Charles Leclerc says Monaco should stay. And that’s how motorsport experts Stefan Heinrich and Stefan Ellen see it, who explain in this video why the Grand Prix is ​​still warranted!

Formula 1 in Monaco: This must stay!

Will Formula 1 still have a Grand Prix in Monaco and is tradition alone enough to stay on the F1 calendar? We analyze! More Formula 1 videos

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Monaco Idea: Turn left before the tunnel?

At the press conference, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc was asked how to make styling in Monaco easier to overtake. His answer: “I don’t know. Maybe we can turn left before the tunnel and make a long straight line. But how possible is that? I’m not sure.”

Overtaking is clearly difficult in the current situation, says Leclerc. “But what we drivers in Monaco love about is the challenge. Especially in qualifying, on the lap, when you pay. There is no other circuit where you get as much adrenaline as Monaco. For me, it’s part of Formula 1 history and should stay in formula 1. .”

Mark Surer, a former Formula 1 driver, also considered finding an alternative route in Monaco. You can learn more about it in a video interview on the YouTube channel!

Marc Saurer: Monaco needs to be rebuilt!

Monaco didn’t have to pay anything for years, and it was still considered in Formula 1. That would be different in 2022. We explain why. More Formula 1 videos

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First Friday pictures in the gallery

Formula 1 started Friday in Monaco and our gallery received the first decorations of the day. Feel free to check out the mood in which Sebastian Vettel, Mick Schumacher & Co. were in the track – and we’re constantly adding more pictures from our motorsports photos!

Photos: F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2022

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