Ricardo accident in the second training session!

5:32 PM

After 30 minutes: Leclerc . leads

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc just took the lead on the soft tires in the second free practice. In the middle of the session, he is two dozen ahead of Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen.

Perez just lost his left rear view mirror. Sebastian Vettel, currently in P7, only managed to avoid an accident in the pool section. Mick Schumacher currently holds the position of P14.

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5:21 pm

An interesting conversation between McLaren and Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo is currently not having an easy time with McLaren. McLaren boss Zak Brown recently criticized him in clear words. Now comes this dialogue after Ricardo crashes over the radio:

Engineer: Daniel, is the car okay?

Ricardo: “Ah, I’m fine.”

Engineer: “I’m glad you’re okay. We’ll fix the car, don’t panic.”

So the first question was not about the driver, but about the car, but it may be just a coincidence.

5:16 pm

Ricardo accident, red flag!

FIRST F1 crash this weekend: Daniel Ricciardo crashes his McLaren MCL36 in the pool. It seemed that he himself had survived the accident unharmed.

The second training stopped with a red flag. Get more information in our live bar!

5:04 PM

Training underway, driving Schumacher

After the technical issues in the first training session, the second unit starts much better for Mick Schumacher: after changing the gearbox and the MGU-K, Schumacher is already on the road in the Haas VF-22, he has already completed several laps and is on top with his early times 10 in classification.

But there is still a bit of action in Alfa Romeo: both cars are in a ditch after Valtteri Bottas was barely able to drive earlier. In his case, too, it was MGU-K.

4:46 pm

MGU-K also has a problem with Bottas

Valtteri Bottas is the only driver who has yet to set a lap time in Monaco. As with Mick Schumacher, Ferrari’s MGU-K unit also went on strike: Bottas only managed two slow laps. This is the fourth time he has lost a free training session this year and, like Schumacher, he has to make up for his lack of experience in a second training session.

4:40 pm

Lando Norris ‘Not at 100 per cent yet’

According to McLaren boss Andreas Seidl, Lando Norris continues to suffer the consequences of tonsillitis, which already affected him at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. “He probably isn’t back to 100 percent yet,” Seidl says. “But he does so much better.”

McLaren driver Norris skipped the official FIA press conference to take things easy ahead of Friday’s practice session, then sat normally in the car for the first practice session, drove 31 laps and finished fifth.

“Both cars worked really well,” Seidl says. “It was definitely one of the best first courses of the year.” We didn’t encounter any problems. That’s what you want for a special weekend getaway here in Monaco. good start.”

But if Norris isn’t up for the job, McLaren will be at a loss to decide which reservists to play: the team has access to Mercedes reserve drivers Nick de Vries and Stoffel Vandoorne under contract, as well as reserve Alpine driver Oscar Piastre. (Check out an overview of the 2022 reserve driver here!)

4:33 pm

Schumacher’s car ready for second practice session again

Haas report: Mick Schumacher’s car will be ready for the second free practice session (from 5pm). “We replaced the gearbox and the MGU-K.” A gearbox change became necessary after the MGU-K flawed in its first practice session in Monaco.

However, this does not lead to a penalty: Schumacher’s components are still within the quota for the 2022 season. Click here for a full engine overview!

4:26 pm

AD: Indy 500 lives on the sky!

The full program this weekend: first the Monaco Grand Prix, then the legendary Indy 500 – with some former Formula 1 drivers like Juan Pablo Montoya or Romain Grosjean.

And everyone can get the Indianapolis event right at home: with Sky Ticket for just €19.99 per month, Formula 1, Indy 500 and more motorsports can be streamed with ease. Report here!

4:20 pm

Technology Monaco: So close!

What’s new in the Formula 1 lane? Our photographers searched from Motorsport Images, Giorgio Piola was once again very close to Formula 1 cars. Here’s the result: detailed photos of the vehicles and their technology in the Monaco edition!

Photo Gallery: Formula 1: Technology Detailed images of the Monaco Grand Prix 2022

4:01 pm

Ralf Schumacher: Mick is being courted!

According to Ralf Schumacher, his nephew Mick Schumacher does not need to worry about the sporting future in Formula 1. Even in his second year, Mick “has value in Formula 1” and there are many teams that care about German youth, according to Ralf Schumacher. It’s not just an Aston Martin, he says.

What is also talking about Mick Schumacher is the “German component”, with two German brands making their way into Formula 1 with Porsche and Audi as engine suppliers, but not until 2026. But the topic is already gaining momentum, says Ralf Schumacher: “There is a lot going on now.” [Im] In August and September it really goes.”

3:51 pm

Video: The Schumacher incident

How Mick Schumacher got off earlier and why alpine driver Fernando Alonso was also involved in the freak accident at the start of the pit lane: a scene from the first free training session in the video!

3:49 pm

Image update!

Our colleagues at Motorsport Images have done it again and have uploaded more images into our system that are well worth a look. You can now find highlights of your first free training session in our Formula 1 photo gallery – so take a look now!

Photos: F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2022, Friday

3:32 pm

Mercedes back with ‘an unbelievable amount of jump’

Lewis Hamilton complained of an “incredible amount of rebound” during the session, and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff also sees this as a fundamental problem for the silver stock in Monaco.

At ‘Sky’, Wolff said after practice: “Sometimes it’s a mixture of aerodynamics and stiffness. Today it’s stiffness. But our car seemed to run. We were fast. Maybe not at the end with the solid tires when we simulated long distances but overall it looks like That we own a good car. It’s indestructible.”

His team can now only work “on the setup” and hopes to make the car more comfortable for drivers.

Hamilton also requested padding for his elbows during the unit because he was constantly hitting the cockpit. Wolf: “If things go faster with him, he’ll have all the pillows he wants.”

3:22 pm

Red Bull is ‘confident’, even without the best time

Ferrari is well ahead, but Red Bull is “satisfied” with the position of the chase, Helmut Marko says on Sky. He explains: “Max [Verstappen] He set his time on the first lap by an average. It certainly wasn’t the fastest way. Then he misjudged and we decided not to continue chasing the times.”

The small gap ahead of Ferrari shows that Red Bull is “on the lead” in Monaco, Marko continues. And: “We look forward to everything with confidence.”

3:18 pm

It’s getting worse for Schumacher…

Ralf Schumacher believes his nephew Mick Schumacher’s technical problems in the first training session are just the start of a tough weekend.

On ‘Sky’, the former Formula 1 driver said: “He needs every meter on this particular track, but the setup process is also lost. Now you have to drive with compromise again.”

“The biggest problem is: On a track like Monaco, you have to get better, you’ll get used to it slowly, you can take a risk in the end. Mick got that completely wrong. It’s more difficult now.”

3:09 pm

Big problems in Bottas and Alfa Romeo

“Everything has to fit just right,” Valtteri Bottas said a few hours ago at the press conference. Almost nothing went right in training: Bottas managed only two sessions with no time, so he practically missed his first full free training session.

This was due to an unspecified “technical issue” with the Alfa Romeo C42. “As a result, we had to completely remove the rear end to track down the problem,” Alfa Romeo reports. And there was not enough time in training to troubleshoot the error.

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