Steffi Graf: ‘I need a little publicity’

She’s a legend on and off the tennis court: Steffi Graf. But despite her fame, she does not like to be in the spotlight at all.

To this day, tennis icon Steffi Graf (52) holds the world record for the longest time at the top of the world rankings – 377 weeks. Her sports career is also a record-breaking story and outstanding performance: 22 Grand Slam tournaments alone go to her account. But on August 13, 1999, the Mannheim native finished it and turned her back on the tennis court — and the crowd.

In the video above, we show you Steffi Graf’s sporty daughter Jaz Elle.

After a layoff: the love marriage with Andre Agassi

It was her thoughtful and reserved nature that played tennis in Steffi Graf Cards. She was combative, but rarely reckless or reckless. However, the spotlight that fame inevitably brought her was not comfortable for her. Two years after the end of her career, she married fellow tennis player Andre Agassi (52 years old) on October 22, 2001, in Las Vegas living away from the hustle and bustle. Now Steffi Graf can be seen on the June cover of “Vogue.”

From a tennis career to tax evasion: they have a lot in common.
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A clear message: Steffi Graf simply feels more comfortable in her privacy

In an interview with she spoke about the time she left the world of tennis and life away from the public: “It was not a decision I had to make, it was more in line with my personality,” she explains, adding. “Basically, I have a bit of publicity. Even during my career, my privacy has been very important to me, which could have something to do with the fact that I was in the spotlight at such a young age. I feel more comfortable in my own life – and focus on what’s important. For me “.

Perfect Family Happiness: Stevie Graf’s husband and children

From time to time, husband Andre Agassi shares private photos of Stevie and children. Jaden Gil (20) and Jaz Elle (18) are both out in the woods and doing their own thing. How much they love their parents can sometimes be seen in a story on their Instagram – for example when they wished their dad a happy birthday (April 29).

On the tennis courts of the world: Steffi Graf has had incredibly beautiful moments

When asked if she would prefer to do without the spotlight altogether, Steffi Graf on said: “Sports have always been my focus. When you stand in a central stadium, you are drawn to the crowd and the worn-out atmosphere, this is of course something very special.” She has had “incredibly beautiful moments” on the tennis courts of the world, which you do not want to miss under any circumstances. “But I was always someone who liked to get back to normal after the game and felt less comfortable in the lights off the field. That was hard for me.”

Titles of a different kind: Boris Becker and Stevie Graf

While Boris Becker, 54, who sat on the tennis throne around the same time as Steffi Graf, is always giving the public new headlines – currently a prison sentence for lost insolvency proceedings – Steffi Graf remains silent. The fact that she’s now featured on the cover of Vogue has nothing to do with her desire for attention as a person. It aims to raise awareness in the areas in which the 52-year-old is socially involved.

Steffi Graf sees responsibility to others in every person

Her foundation Children for Tomorrow, which supports refugee children and youth with therapeutic offerings, is very important to Stevie Graf. “I think everyone has a responsibility, whether they are in the spotlight or not. We all have a responsibility to others. Of course there is more emphasis on being in the public eye, but we should all feel that way.”

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