Tactical problem in Spain: Schumi wants Monaco points

Monaco GP 2022

Will Mick Schumacher finally get the first points in Monaco out of all places? The Haas looks good enough to take the top ten places. But in the end, something always got in the way. The strategy did not work in Barcelona. In addition, the German suffered from a technical problem.

Mick Schumacher can no longer hear press questions about when he finally got his first World Cup point. Last year, he always fought a losing battle with inferior materials. But this season, Haas is fast enough for the top ten. In Barcelona, ​​the two pilots ended up in the final round of qualifying.

But with Schumacher, something always comes out in the end. The pointless series in Formula 1 now lasts 27 races. Things have looked very promising in Barcelona lately. Schumacher climbed to sixth in the first corners. “After the first three laps, I thought he’d hit the podium,” team boss Guenther Steiner joked.

But then he steadily turned back. Although tire wear was higher than expected, the Haas hub stuck to its two-stop strategy. “It was relatively clear in the first period that it would be a three-point tactic. Unfortunately, we have not adapted to it. It has now been analyzed and I don’t think it will happen to us again in the future,” Schumi explained Thursday morning (26 May) in Monaco.


Schumacher was repeatedly moved in the Barcelona race.

Bad luck in tactics and discouraging problem

The pilot revealed that they hesitated for a long time on the crucial stage and missed the perfect time for the first leg. “You just passed the entrance to the pits and you already missed a turn. Then you discuss half a turn and you already lose another. Then suddenly two rounds are delayed by stopping and you immediately lose important positions.”

According to Schumacher, there could have been points with optimal tactics. His team boss doesn’t want to get fully involved in that. But at least it could have been more than fourteenth place. “I think it could have been somewhere between ten and twelve. But this later strategy game is not that easy. If we had done something different, someone else might have changed their tactics.”

Schumacher added in his defence that technology was not playing well either. “We had a little problem after the third training session, which we moved on to in qualifying and the race. Of course, that didn’t help either.” When asked by auto motor und sport, Steiner confirmed that the damper setting on the rear axle was not appropriate. The mechanics had to do a quick fix after the brake fire in the third practice session.

Mick Schumacher - Monaco GP 2022


Schumacher kicked off the weekend in Monaco with a game of table tennis against Timo Glock.

No frustration despite accidents

So now he should succeed in Monaco with his first World Cup points. In his debut in Formula One in the principality, he hasn’t gotten along very well in twelve months. The young man was introduced to the gangs in both the second and third training sessions. Because the car could not be fixed in time, the German had to watch qualifying.

However, the driver does not look back with negative feelings: “I felt very good in the car last year. I also felt very comfortable here in Formula 2. Above all, you need confidence and a good rhythm. And you should not immediately leave the car in the wall In the first five laps,” the driver says of the formula for success on the tight street circuit.

Schumacher hopes things will improve on his second attempt at the harbor tour: “The experience helps you in Monaco. The accident is also an experience that you learn from. I hope it doesn’t happen again in the third practice session. Preferably it doesn’t happen in anything” at all training. But you also need to know in time the maximum. You cannot reach the limit in the playoffs. Then things usually get worse.”

Mick Schumacher - Formula 1 - Monaco GP 2021


On his first weekend in Monaco in Formula 1, Schumacher got to know the gang twice.

Has Haas good enough for Monaco points?

Haas must work in Monaco. At least in theory. Unlike competition cars, the VF-22 doesn’t produce much steering in slow turns. “We have a car that should be good here and that you can at least drive in the second quarter,” Schumacher thinks. “The first two training sessions are particularly important to know where the problems lie and what needs to be changed.”

Team boss Steiner is also optimistic about the race at the weekend: “The car was fast in Barcelona. I don’t see any reason why it would be any different here. We have been especially good in the third sector with tight corners. Of course, as always, there will be a lot more. From what happens here to make the decision on Saturday.” That should encourage Haas. Most of the time, the cars were a little better in qualifying than they were in the race.

Steiner doesn’t think Schumacher will lose confidence at some point if the points don’t work out again: “I’m more afraid at some point he’ll turn despondent and run over. He knows he’s close. He just has to be patient. In the end it will happen because the car is good. Enough. We need both drivers to score points. I hope that happens sooner rather than later.”

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