The Bundesliga: Injury and the cloud of fast video assistive technology

After the first part of the confrontation in the last European Nations Cup, Feldhofer was proud, but also depressed. “Yes, we should have gone 3-0 up, yes, we should have got a penalty and yes, we have another injury,” Rapid coach said after the first leg.

Hoffman’s particularly serious injury overshadowed the first duel for a place in the Conference League playoffs’ second round. In injury time in the first half of the match, the center back unfortunately hit the knee of striker SCR goalkeeper Paul Gartler, breaking his cheekbones, jaw and eye socket. The season is over for the 28-year-old and the process will be essential as well.

Rapid submit against WSG

Hütteldorfer won his first duel in a European Bundesliga playoff in Innsbruck 2-1 and could secure entry into the international business in Sunday’s second leg.

An already weak Feldhofer side will have to deal with another bitter loss in Sunday’s second leg in Hütteldorf. According to Feldhofer, there was almost a “Reinforced Rapid II team” at the Tirol square at the end. This returned 2:1 after Marco Grol (10) and Jonas Auer (13) secured a comfortable lead early on. “I’m really proud of the way we’ve managed the situation,” Feldhofer confirmed.

Referees admit mistakes

The situation could have been more enjoyable for the green club if referee Sebastian Geschmer had signaled the penalty after half an hour. WSG goalkeeper Ferdinand Oswald appeared to have Grol off his feet, but the team’s whistle remained silent, as did VAR assistant referee Alan Kegas. Wrong, as VAR coaches later admitted. “They considered the intervention justified and desirable,” they wrote on Twitter Thursday evening.

Geba / Daniel Schöneherr

The speedy Feldhofer coach (right) was upset when the penalty was not awarded

Analysis of the scene showed that it was a penalty kick according to the rules. “However, the VAR did not consider the referee’s decision ‘not a penalty’ as clear and clearly wrong and therefore did not intervene,” the statement said. Feldhofer had no two opinions: “The referee on the field simply has to decide that. We don’t need to talk about the VAR either.”

Jashamer admitted his mistake after the final whistle. “Everyone is wiser in hindsight when you see the pictures, in which case I would also say it was a wrong decision. A penalty should have been issued,” he said. His perception on the field was different, he saw Oswald as “fairly consistent” The VAR was able to follow his logic. A possible offside position was also checked in advance. Meanwhile, Rapidler was fortunate that Hoffmann was not sent off with a yellow card soon after after a foul.

WSG must challenge the rule of extraterrestrial targets

In any case, Feldhofer was pleased with the “great starting position”, which was “of course a little better” due to the away goals rule. The away goals rule, which has long been abolished in the European Cup and elsewhere, is still in use in the current Bundesliga season. “It’s also unique here, it’s been canceled in every other competition,” Oswald said. The Waterners therefore need at least two goals in Vienna to keep the dream of Europe alive.

“It’s a tough job, of course,” WSG coach Thomas Silberger said. Rapid deserved the victory “because they pulled us in the first 20 minutes.” Then top scorer Giacomo Frione kept Tyrolean in the match with his 19th goal of the season. Since goals in the play-off have topped the scorers’ list, the 23-year-old tied with Salzburg’s Karim Adeyemi, and could still secure the top scorer title after three more games on Sunday.

Watteners logo for the next few days? Silberger said: “Renew smart and then see that we are making the impossible possible in Vienna. We are not out yet. Several matches have already shown in relegation, and there are almost wins away.” “We are going to Vienna to perform the miracle,” Frione declared.

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