The Indomitable: The Unstoppable Rookies of VfB Durach – Sport im Allgäu

The U-17s of VFB Durash became the Champions of the District League. They are unbeaten in two games before the end of the season: 13 wins, 1 draw.

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05/27/2022 | Status: 11:45 AM

Perhaps the feeling of defeat is unknown to VfB Durach’s Under-17 players. So far they have won 13 of their 14 league matches, one game ending in a draw. In the last round, bring the little ones Augsburg Championship in the county league and thus promotion to the state league in dry clothes.

Despite the dominance of the season: the coach sees room for improvement

Durian expects both TSV Schwaben Augsburg III and SV Wattenweiler in the last two days of the season. The wins with 16:0 and 9:2 show how superior VfB has dominated the season so far. “We knew we had a good team. We weren’t expecting a season like this,” said coach Rainer Rahn (54). “Our big advantage over other teams is the size of the team. We have at least two players at the same high level in every position,” Rahn says. He attaches great importance to offensive football, and the commitment and communication on the pitch must also be right: “It is important For me to have a lot of movement off the ball as well. We still have room for improvement here.”

Training camp in Miran / Italy: “peak of the season”

In addition to the possibility of ending the season undefeated, the small number of goals conceded (nine) is a special incentive. Goalkeeper and captain Yuina Viola played a key role in this: “I would describe our team as self-critical. We are rarely complacent and we constantly try to improve. In addition, we all get along well and there are very few arguments.” The team’s chemistry is especially enhanced during the Easter holiday. In mid-April, VfB traveled to Meran/Italy for a three-day training camp. “Besides the championship, it was the climax of the season. This trip was really good for the team and gave a huge boost to the crucial matches,” said Ran.

After a 1-0 win over FC Augsburg, Reina Baldemag, Franziska Nagel (of the blue shirts on the left) and VfB Durash rounded out the tournament early.

After a 1-0 win over FC Augsburg, Reina Baldemag, Franziska Nagel (of the blue shirts on the left) and VfB Durash rounded out the tournament early.

Photo: Sabine Vogel

Since 2020, VfB Durach also offers girls’ and women’s soccer. At that time, the U16 and U17 juniors started. Since 2021, there has also been a women’s team and development group. He bet: “We attach great importance to women’s football. With our different teams, we want to make sure that anyone who wants to play football can play with us.” While other clubs are no longer able to provide teams, more and more players are joining VfB. “In retrospect, I would say it was the best decision to switch to VfB. The past few years have been so much fun, the team has really grown out of me,” says Viola. The captain is one of many players who will make a move for women after this season due to age. “It is very important that we inspire more female footballers and win them over to our team,” says Ran.

Better Training Opportunities: Plans Are Made

The fact that VfB will be the only team with a big field for the Allgäu B-Juniors as of next season should be a strong argument. There is also a challenge waiting for the juniors in the state league. Coach Ran expects “one or two top teams separating each other at the top”, but overall he expects a “balanced and competitive league”.

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A training camp is again scheduled in Miran to prepare for the season. In order to maintain its appeal in the Allgäu women’s football, officials hope to improve coaching opportunities. Currently, all three teams often have to train in one place. “The entire club is behind our department. Plans are being worked out to improve training conditions,” Ran is optimistic.

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