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THW Kiel defeated TuS N-Lübbecke 32:23 (13:7) in the Bundesliga handball catch-up match on Thursday. SG Flensburg-Handouet won a long-distance duel for a potential Champions League spot at Stuttgart by 28:26 (13:15).

The two matches were postponed due to the quarter-finals of the northern clubs in the Champions League. Thus THW prevented the early SC Magdeburg Championship on Ascension Day. With three matches remaining, the lead between the leaders is still six points.

Zebras, in which star Sander Sagosin was the best kicker (9 goals), outperformed bottom line TuS N-Lübbecke in all respects and avenged a 25:29 defeat in the first leg. “Philipp shouldn’t have made us feel excited before the match”, Patrick Winske said, referring to Lubeck’s bankruptcy.

My voice: THW Kiel on his way to the Champions League after a mandatory win (2 minutes)

Cale dominates the asymmetric duel

THW controlled events from the start at will. Ten minutes later, the German record champion made a five-goal lead (7:2) for the first time and could then afford to rotate personnel.

However, it was also necessary. Hendrik Pickler was absent due to a ruptured Achilles tendon. Ron Dehmke was injured before the match, while Niklas Ekberg and Nikola Bilek were injured during the match. When Magnus Landin saw a red card for hitting him in the head with a penalty kick (26 min), Ciach Filip Jicha had to improvise. Playmaker Miha Zarabec also appeared in the left wing position.

For the guests, the seventeenth defeat was synonymous with an almost certain relegation. With three games remaining, TuS is six points behind the Savings Bank. Kiel has a good hand in the fight for second place: “If we keep working meticulously, no one will be able to get past us,” Wiencek said. “We want to win all three matches,” he added to the end of the season.

Flensburg turns the match up in Stuttgart

Flensburg fans set off on a flurry of emotions on Thursday. The fourth-placed in the league spent a lot of time with the Swabians. After a fine opening stage that included a 6:2 lead after ten minutes, the match turned midway through the first half in the direction of the hosts, who entered the second half with a well-deserved lead.

In the 34th minute, the North Germans were still behind by 13:17 before they started the final race. Two Danes played well in Saint-Germain: goalkeeper Kevin Muller saved 14 times, and left winger Emil Jacobsen scored eleven goals. Flensburg are fourth (48:14) and are close to third-placed Fuchs Berlin (50:12) and are still hoping to overtake the team from the capitals they met in the last round.

Remaining hope in the Champions League

In Saint-Germain, there is still hope of qualifying for the Champions League. The European Handball Federation (EHF) has not yet decided how the suspended HC Brest of Belarus and HC Zaporizhia of Ukraine will be treated for the 2022/23 first-quarter season. However, a third place for Germany is considered unlikely.

After their win over the holiday, Kiel and Flensburg face a weekend without a game. “Now we still have three weeks left, and the boys deserve a little break to catch their breath,” Gicha said. “It’s a balancing act on the razor blade, what we expect from our boys,” his fellow Secretary-General Mike Machula emphasized.

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