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Just like in 2018, Liverpool is there UEFA Champions League Final.

Just as in 2018, the Reds meet Real Madrid. Saturday’s final will spark deja vu for many English fans.

Loris Karius (28) is the player who took the top spot in 2018.

But what does the former Liverpool goalkeeper do today?

After several successful years at Mainz 05, Karius moved to Liverpool in the summer of 2016. The club paid more than six million euros to the club of former coach Jürgen Klopp (54). A broken hand and competition from veteran Simone Mingolet (34) ensured that Karius was able to make his Reds debut on day six of the Premier League.

Tough start at Anfield

The blunders ensured that Karius got off to a rough start in England. Former Liverpool player and TV expert Jamie Redknapp (48) christened Karius”slither fingers“.

The goalkeeper himself said of his early days at Liverpool: “It was not an easy time, but I learned from these negative things and developed mentally as a person.”

Karius signed his contract in 2016Foto: Privat

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Karius signed his contract in 2016Photo: private

In the 2017/18 season, Karius took a big step. The former U-National goalkeeper has been a real support, especially in the Champions League. Karius finished six matches without conceding a goal. No other goalkeeper has played such a good season in the Champions League!

horror finale 2018

“A night like this could ruin a career.”

Karius will never forget the evening of May 26, 2018. Two incredible mistakes were made in an absolute goalkeeper’s nightmare:

  • In the 51st minute, Karius intercepted a long ball easily. In his attempt to initiate a direct counterattack, former Mainzer threw the ball at the foot of Real striker Karim Benzema (34). The only thing fans see after the 1-0 draw is the French striker’s big smile.
  • In the 84th minute it comes to the second amount. Real star Gareth Bale (32) attempts a long-range shot from 35 meters when the score is 1:2. Although the score is poorly ranked, Karius misses it. Instead of clearing the ball, the Liverpool goalkeeper kicks the ball into his own goal. His second mistake made the final score 1:3!

After the match, Liverpool manager Klopp said: “I am very sorry for him. You don’t wish that on your worst enemy. very very difficult. But this is life.”

The words of goalkeeper legend Oliver Kahn (52) were less positive. After the final, the former ZDF expert said: “I don’t remember seeing anything more brutal from a goalkeeper’s point of view. A night like this can ruin a career. “

Career after the final drama

In the summer after Champions League night, Karius was loaned to Besiktas Istanbul. After two years in the Premier League, he terminated his contract with Besiktas in 2020. In the following preparatory season, Karius was the fourth goalkeeper at Liverpool FC. With Alisson Becker (29), Spaniard Adrian (35) and Kawemhen Kelleher (23) in front of him, the former Champions League goalkeeper didn’t have much chance to play.

From the Champions League final to the Iron Union. Behind Andreas Loth (35), Karius made five appearances in the Köppeker jersey. He made his debut in December 2020 in the second round of the DFB Cup. Karius conceded three goals against SC Paderborn. With the end result 2: 3 Karius debut at the same time early in the Berlin Cup.

Loris Karius Special

The now separated couple on the red carpet at the big TV donation party Foto: picture alliance / Eventpress

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The now separated couple on the red carpet at the big TV donation ‘Heart for Children’Photo: Photo Alliance / Eventpress

From 2019 to 2021 Loris Karius was with Sofia Tomala (32). In the summer of last year the separation became known.

After all, after the breakup, the two seem to be doing well. While Sofia Tomala had one last year Love declaration from Alexander Zverev (25) got, Karius now looks like the new Tim Wiese (40):

National player and DFB Cup runner-up Nico Schlutterbeek (22) commented on an Instagram post with the word “Irre”!

What is Loris Karius doing today?

Although Karius is no longer part of the Reds, the German is still training at Liverpool. At least he will do so until the end of this season.

At the beginning of the year, there were numerous rumors about where the former Mainzer would play for the 2022/23 season. In addition to Greuther Fürth, FC Basel is said to have shown an interest.

Where the 2018 CL Finalist will continue their career remains open.

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