A former FCB pro would rather sell Sane than Gnabry

Marcus Babel doesn’t think the knot in Leroy Sane will “explode” and therefore prefers to “sell it this summer over Gnabry”. New player Nassir Mazraoui confidently presents himself at Bayern Munich. Here you can find news and rumors about FCB.

Here you can find yesterday’s Bayern news and rumours.

Bayern Munich, news: Marcus Babel “prefers to sell Sane over Gnabry”

Marcus Babel doesn’t think Leroy Sane’s knot “will explode yet.” Therefore, the former professional Bayern Munich player “prefers to sell Sani this summer over Gnabry,” he said Sky Sports betrayal. Most importantly, the Munich team “extends Serge Gnabry”. Sane’s performances in Bayern and in the national team were “simply not enough” for Babel.

The 49-year-old “had big doubts from the start about whether Sane would work at Bayern”, but was then taken aback. “He’s done so well for a long time,” said Babel. “I didn’t expect that from him. Now he’s showing his old face again. I wonder what happened there? I don’t get it.”

And above all, “lethargy” and “body language” have recently hit him negatively. He himself had no idea why. So Babel asked the question, “Doesn’t he want to understand?” Sane directly participated in 29 goals in 45 official matches with Bayern Munich this season. Recently, there were rumors that Munich should take care of Sadio Mane from Liverpool.

Gnabry is said to have received an offer to extend the contract, but negotiations must stall. If Mane is signed, he can leave the club in return.

Bayern, news: Nassir Mazraoui ‘can do almost everything’

Nosair Mazraoui is the first signing of Bayern Munich in the summer. The 24-year-old confidently presented himself in Munich. The signing with Ajax said in the club’s media: “I’m a right-back and he’s a multi-level player. I can do almost everything. I’m strong, even if I don’t look really strong. I have speed in attack and I’m technically good. It’s crazy to say Something like that about myself, but my offensive skills are very good.”

Mazraoui was not only wanted at Bayern Munich. Among other things, FC Barcelona and league rival Borussia Dortmund are said to have been interested. “Der Moment, als ich hörte, dass Bayern mich will, es hat sich angefühlt, als würde dein Herz einen kleinen Sprung machen”, erzählte Mazraoui: “Es war von Anfang an ein tolles Trafühl. he is.”

The winger also remembered his first goal in the Champions League, which he scored against Bayern Munich from all places. In 2018, he scored in the group stage in Munich to draw 1-1. “It was unbelievable. I was very young at the time. The tension was great, I was very nervous, playing against players like Ribery and Robben, who you usually play with on PlayStation,” Mazraoui said.

The Moroccan moves to Isar with a free transfer. He used to wear the number 12 at Ajax, and that number has not been awarded in Munich since 2002 because it was made available to fans for a solo stream. It is not yet clear what number Mazraoui will get at Bayern Munich.

The final schedule of the Bundesliga season 2021/22

place Team Sp. gates differential a point.
1. Bayern Munich 34 97:37 60 77
2. Borussia Dortmund 34 85:52 33 69
3. Bayer Leverkusen 34 80:47 33 64
4. RB Leipzig 34 72:37 35 58
5. Union Berlin 34 50:44 6 57
6. Freiburg 34 58:46 12 55
7. Cologne 34 52:49 3 52
VIII. Mainz 05 34 50:45 5 46
9. Hoffenheim 34 58:60 -2 46
10 Borussia Gladbach 34 54:61 -7 45
11. Eintracht Frankfurt 34 45:49 -4 42
12. Wolfsburg 34 43:54 -11 42
13. Bochum 34 38:52 -14 42
14 Augsburg 34 39:56 -17 38
15th Stuttgart 34 41:59 -18 33
16 Hertha Berlin 34 37:71 -34 33
17 Armenia Bielefeld 34 27:53 -26 28
18 Grather Fuerth 34 28:82 -54 18

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