Aston and Rowe in the double whammy!

12:46 am

Gotze turns on the gas

Maximilian Götz is currently the top performer in GetSpeed-Mercedes #3 (Christodoulou / Götz / Schiller). Of the 21 seconds that was the gap to the #15 Phoenix Audi (K. van der Linde / D. Vanthoor / Vervisch / Frijns), there are still eleven. But again: He should get an extra 23 seconds to make up for his previous stopping point.

On the other hand, the Schubert-BMW #20 (Krohn/Sims/Klingmann/Krütten) has slipped. Jens Klingmann is currently 1:45 min behind. That was a minute ago at this point in the mission.

12:17 AM

The first information about the Aston crash

Apparently, Nicky Thiem slipped on an oil track. No other vehicle was involved.

12:07 AM

Punishment Against #5

An action by Ricardo Feller that, when apparently confusing yellow with green, has consequences: Phoenix-Audi #5 (headed by Kolb/Stippler/Feller/K. van der Linde) receives a 2:32-minute penalty. This means that the current fourth position will disappear.

11:58 PM

Another collision

The first trimester is slowly coming to an end and the pace is still rough. Here’s Charles Espenlop in CB-Mercedes #21 (Putman/Espenlop/Foster/Lewis) clearing the completely innocent Black Hawk #121 (Harkema/T. Muller/Nagelsdijk/Rosenberg) off the road. The rude gait of the GT3 cars is a problem in this race.

11:44 PM

This is Aston Martin

Most of these photos are not yet known. Nicky Thiem will surely soon be commenting on what happened at the noose.

11:36 pm

Three brands in the lottery bowl

With #90 and #98 out of the decision, Phoenix-Audi #15 (K. van der Linde/D. Vanthoor/Vervisch/Frijns) is on top, but it’s a tough case. GetSpeed ​​Mercedes #3 (Christodoulou/Götz/Schiller) took second place with a difference of 21 seconds. He stopped one lap earlier and should be in the pits for 23 seconds more during the race.

Schubert is now a serious candidate for victory. Schubert-BMW #20 (Krohn/Sims/Klingmann/Krütten) has just completed a pit stop and has three laps against Phoenix and four laps against Jetspeed on hand. A minute late at the moment. Three times in 23 equals 69 seconds, so you’re currently progressing by default.

11:19 pm

And now Sheldon van der Linde stands up!

Is this the possibility? Sheldon van der Linde had a serious accident in a Rowe-BMW #98 (Catsburg / Edwards / S. van der Linde / Wittmann), which just took the lead: punctured tires in the Lauda curve, the collision, the car coasts into the inward bend of the mine. Drama before the magic hour on Nordschleife! Who wants to win this race?

11:17 PM

it was an accident!

Confirmation comes: TF-Sport-Aston-Martin #90 (Sörensen / Thiim / Pittard / Martin) had an accident. More details are currently unknown.

11:12 PM

Everything BMW, or what?

We still don’t have any information regarding Aston Martin. But they will arrive soon. Now we have one – two for BMW. After initially losing time, Schubert-BMW #20 (Krohn/Sims/Klingmann/Krütten) is now ahead, but then Rowe-BMW #98 (Catsburg/Edwards/S. van der Linde/Wittmann) Resignation. You drive with a different cadence to stop in the pit after you’ve been in the pit two turns in a row because you suspected there was a problem that wasn’t the same.

However, Rowe Racing now holds the trump card. But we didn’t make it until 3!

11:05 PM

Aston Drama!

Wake up everyone, now the captain strikes! The TF Sport Aston Martin #90 (Sörensen / Thiim / Pittard / Martin) is on Döttingerhöhe!

10:58 PM

Konrad Lambeau lags far behind

#7 Konrad-Lamborghini stayed in the group leader for a long time, but now, after a long hiatus, is one lap behind in 26th place. After Maximilian Hackländer, who was the fourth driver in the car in no time, slipped into the fenders, Team Franz had to Konrad to Lambo check and tie rod change.

10:41 PM

Felix von der Laden comments on the KTM fire

“I had no power on the way to Schwedenkreuz, the fuel pressure went down and I saw flames in the rear camera. Then I tried to stop as quickly as possible. Inside Armberg, I activated the onboard fire extinguisher and stayed in the cockpit as long as possible. Because I I wanted to step on the brakes. When that didn’t work and there was more and more smoke in the cockpit, I had to get out. The car had no handbrake and so it started rolling. Unstoppable. It’s a shame, I set the best lap times of my life” The car was perfectly prepared by the team. It felt so good that I drove a double mission – the second part had just started and the tank was full. Of course we can’t say anything about the reason yet because the car has not yet made it to the track.”

10:38 PM

Aston Martin strengthens its progress

It’s been a really solid showing from TF Sport’s Aston Martin team so far. The car is fast, the drivers do a flawless job, and the #90 is already 32 seconds ahead of the #98 Rowe-BMW.

10:20 PM

HRT threatens further adversity

Onboard footage shows Gabrielle Piana at HRT-Mercedes #6 driving past several cars in a slow zone. There will be a penalty. Especially since a statement is not a blank canvas…

Meanwhile, sister car #12 is back in play after initial problems. Philip Ellis is currently back on top.


Update after 6 hours: What happened so far

– Octane126 Ferrari short-lived lead
Early stop pushes TF Sport #90 Aston Martin and #1 Manthey Porsche forward
– After-collision repair throws BMW mini cars in the back
– Two holes in GT3 fright KTM #116
– Rowe-BMW #99 drops Toksport-WRT-Porsche #27
– Manthey-Porsche #1 crashes violently in Antoniusbuche after a duel between Laurens and Dries Vanthoor
– Felix von der Laden’s KTM X-Bow caught fire and, without a driver, rolls in the direction of Fuchsrohr.
Aston Martin leads in 6 hours

9:41 PM

Let’s leave it as is

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