But then came the idea of ​​a global “Kali”: Klopp and Bayern Munich once agreed …

But then came the idea of ​​”Kali” global
Klopp and Bayern Munich once agreed…

Under Jürgen Klopp’s leadership, the BVB rose to record champion rival Bayern Munich from 2008 to 2015. Bayern icon Uli Hoeness explains that things could have gone differently. Because Klopp and Bayern were already in agreement. But then Karl-Heinz Rummenigge came along.

Jurgen Klopp extends his hand to fate again. The German star will play with his club Liverpool against the old champions of Real Madrid this evening in Paris (From 9 pm on ZDF, on DAZN and in the live tape on ntv.de) Already his fourth final in the premium football category. He lost two games, in 2013 with Borussia Dortmund against Bayern Munich and in 2018 with Liverpool against Madrid, in 2019 there was the only victory for the 54-year-old so far.

If the match starts now at the Stade de France, they might be a little sad at Bayern, but certainly in Tegernsee. Because Jürgen Klopp almost ended up with the record champions, said Chairman Emeritus Uli Hoeness in an interview with RTL/ntv. “We agreed once that he would come to Bayern Munich.” That was in early 2008. Klopp was still coach of his club FSV Mainz 05, playing 325 matches as a player and scoring 52 goals.

“I spoke to him before Christmas to see if he could imagine coming to Bayern Munich,” Hoeness says. And yes, Klopp could have imagined that. Hoeneß promised the coach that he would call him on January 7, after the Christmas holidays. “But then Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had a great idea to sign Jürgen Klinsmann.” The former Bayern Munich striker, world champion since 1990, took over as coach of the team in the summer. Meanwhile, Hoeneß went to Canossa and canceled Klopp. As you know: wrong.

Klinsmann’s time ended in disaster

Klinsmann’s time with the record champions ended in a sports disaster after less than a season. At the end of April 2009 he was dismissed from work. The club saw qualification for the Champions League in jeopardy, and Bayern Munich also acknowledged the “psychological barriers in the team”. Jupp Heynckes took over the coach, who in 2006 was still in charge of the German summer fairy tale with its many changes and wanted to repeat it in Munich.

On the other hand, Klopp moved to Borussia Dortmund and wrote an incredible success story there over the course of seven years, winning two championships and winning the cup. But more than accolades, he has worked his time at the heart of the club. To this day, there is a longing in the black and yellow environment for the mental giant Klopp, who charmed an entire country with his heavy metal ball.

The Stuttgart native has been writing a similarly amazing story since 8 October 2015 at Liverpool FC. It is a story that fascinates Hoeneß. “This is the honor when you celebrate this crazy success at a famous club like Liverpool.” Especially as a foreigner it is not easy in England to be successful for such a long time. “He’s got great ability, he’s flexible, he speaks English now, he acts, he’s committed – that’s what Liverpool fans love. He’s developed into a real coach.” According to Hoeness, Klopp “remained a problem in our ideas and I could always imagine him at Bayern because I think he is a great coach”.

Hoeness surprised by Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti has also earned this designation over the years. Klopp’s opponent is now fighting a duel for the handle bowl. Hoeness is also amazed at the resurrection of the former Bayern coach, whose time at Sabinerstrasse also ended in disrepair and sacking, after years of mediocre performances: “I must say frankly that I never thought he would again have such a victorious experience comeback because he didn’t just reach the final. He won the Spanish championship easily.” Above all, no one believed the team could do that, Hoeneß continued.

“We both thought that Real Madrid needed to rebuild, they have a lot of older players. But he managed to achieve great goals with this team. However, I think it will be very difficult for Real Madrid to win the game because I think Liverpool are a little better.” .

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