How did Perez accident happen!

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Perez: I wanted to hit the gas early and then…

Sergio Perez explains how his accident occurred in the porter’s bend before the entrance to the tunnel in Monaco:

“The eighth lap was really tough for me in qualifying, so I tried to anticipate and hit the gas early. But when I got into the petrol, I didn’t feel any grip on the rear tyres. I played until I lost it.”

He was ‘surprised that Carlos [Sainz] It shocked me, “Perez continued. But he doesn’t blame the Ferrari driver.” This is Monaco,” says Perez. He only regrets not having another chance for the fast course. I think we would have had it more quickly,” Perez says.

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Red Bull’s hope: rain in the race

Red Bull has a clear idea of ​​how Sunday should go in Monaco: Helmut Marko wants rain, and that’s exactly what was announced. “There is Max [Verstappen] Its own bank,” says the former Formula 1 driver. And then you can just try the strategy. “

However, Marko generally assumes he will be in a better position across distance than he last time in Barcelona: “I think with these changes in the setup that we’ve made now, we’re closer.”

Verstappen himself says he will do another rain dance. Reason: Of course I need it now. Runs only P4 on the start network.

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Verstappen: Ferrari was ‘simply too strong’

Could Max Verstappen have caught Ferrari on his last flying lap? Verstappen doubts himself: “I think Ferrari was very strong, with Charles [Leclerc] Naturally. And after that, there was still one more place left and I think we were on our way to second because of Checo [Perez] It was slower, Carlos [Sainz] It wasn’t faster either and I was already two or three tenths faster. “The red stage shortly before the end deprived him of the chance to improve again.

Helmut Marko thinks: Verstappen could have beaten Leclerc: “Until the accident we were three-tenths ahead. That means we were on a par with Leclerc.” On the last lap Verstappen stopped the “uncertainty on braking” ahead of curve 1 and thus was driving much better than before. However, after the events, he did not complete the lap. “That’s why he’s not exactly in the best mood,” Marco says.

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Marco on Perez: “Bad luck”

Red Bull’s sporting director, Helmut Marko, does not blame Sergio Perez for his exit from the qualifiers. His driver was “too fast” at this point and then was “in the back [in die Banden] Marco’s conclusion: “Bad luck, but this is Monte Carlo.” “

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“The car looks bad,” says Perez.

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez fears for his place on the grid at the Monaco Grand Prix because his car was badly damaged in the accident in the third quarter.

O-Ton Perez: “It definitely looks pretty bad in the back, and what made matters worse was Carlos’ goal. [Sainz]. The car is completely damaged, but we’ll see. “At this point, she’s presumably going to be ‘okay’ on Sunday.

Perez confirmed that he himself was “fine”.

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Sainz in detail: I still braked, but …

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz has just commented in more detail on the scene at the tunnel entrance curve. This is his opinion:

“I got out of a blind corner. I went through Turn 7, got out completely, and then I saw a yellow flag on the left. I knew right away that the car in front of me had crashed, but you can’t see where it was. It had crashed. You’re flying in turns and you don’t know where it will be.”

After that, Sainz explains, he “simply braked and tried to push the radius of the curve as tightly as possible.” “But when I was about to overtake him, I hit the brakes a little bit harder and hit his ass with my rear end. If I had saved that, it would have been great because I didn’t have time to intercept it.”

His conclusion: “Something like this is happening in Monaco.”

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Highlights the picture to qualify

The first pictures of the Formula 1 qualifiers in Monaco are streaming into the gallery, and we’re constantly uploading new decorations. So you better take a look now: the cheery first photos of Charles Leclerc at the Parc ferme are already here…

Photos: F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2022, Saturday

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Leclerc’s sight on the scales: a penalty?

Red Bull sporting director Helmut Marko indicated in his television interviews that there may be a penalty for Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc for initially overstepping the FIA ​​scales.

Das sieht Ferrari-Sportdirektor Laurent Mekies ganz anders und erklärt auf Nachfrage von ‘Sky’: “Charles hat ja 15, 20 Meter danach noch angehalten. Wir haben mit der FIA gesprochen. Not a problem.”

In other words: Ferrari corrected Leclerc’s mistake by acting quickly – without first getting into the car pit. So there will be no punishment.

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Ferrari: Damage to Sainz still unclear

Ferrari sports director Laurent Mekes can’t yet estimate how much of Carlos Sainz’s car was destroyed in the collision with Sergio Perez at the end of qualifying.

On ‘Sky’ he said: “We have to see that. First of all, it was important to us that Carlos was fine. It could have turned out differently. We’ll take a look at what’s going on with the car in a moment.”

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Sainz explains: That’s why the accident happened

This is how the crash went at the end of the third quarter from Carlos Sainz’s point of view: “Perez crashed in front of me. I was in my fast lap. I just saw the yellow flag turn 8, braked and I couldn’t get past him.”

Without the crash and with a free lap at the end, Sainz says, that would have been enough for the front. “I think so, the speed was good and I felt comfortable in the car,” he says. As it stands, she is the P2 on the grid behind Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc.

By the way, Ralf Schumacher agrees with Sainz in the analysis of “Sky”. His impression: The yellow flags may have appeared too late after Perez’s departure, and Sainz was not warned in time.

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Why did Sainz clash with Verstappen

In the first reaction over the radio, Carlos Sainz explained how he saw the incident with Sergio Perez: “I saw the yellow flags too late.”

First, Perez flew into the porter’s bend and hit the left back. Shortly thereafter, Sainz also moved away in the same spot and hit the right front wheel of the parked Red Bull for Perez. The scene will be the subject of a YouTube livestream with Christian Nimmervoll and Kevin Scheuren from 8pm – with the guarantee that the two will kick off the Champions League Final with their show!

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Accident in the playoffs, the session ends in red!

Accident ends Formula 1 qualifying in Monaco: Red Bull’s Sergio Perez smashed into a loader curve before the tunnel and was hit by Carlos Sainz in a Ferrari. One thing is for sure: Charles Leclerc in the other Ferrari takes first place in the race at home.

4:58 pm

After the first attempt in Q3: Leclerc leads!

Charles Leclerc has lived up to his role as a favourite so far: On the first attempt in the third quarter, he made 1:11.376, his best time so far this weekend. Thus, he is ahead of the last attempts in the qualifiers in Monaco.

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Q2: Vettel reaches the top ten

Sebastian Vettel is in the top ten in Monaco qualifying with his Aston Martin AMR22. Vettel qualified for the final segment in P8 in Q2. Best time of 1:11.864 minutes went to Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari F1-75.

On the other hand, Mick Schumacher’s Haas VF-22 is no longer around after the P15 in Q2. Current information about the additional qualification course can be found in the live session tape!

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accident at ferrari

Charles Leclerc was called up to the FIA ​​scales in Q2, but he passed them right on the pit lane. Fortunately for him, Ferrari responded well: Leclerc was instructed to park the car so the mechanics could put him back in the balance. So he should have escaped a penalty.

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Perez is fast – and improvised

Sergio Perez is also fast in Q2, but he’s also forced to improvise: In Tabac’s corner, he catches a piece of plastic from his car’s halo, then drives off.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton has complained about the temperature of his rear tire.

Six minutes left in Q2.

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