Is it really the new Sancho?

Jayden Braff is the latest discovery of Borussia Dortmund. The 19-year-old winger signed until 2025. The fact that he came from Manchester City like Jadon Sancho and that there are striking similarities allows for comparisons to be made. But there are fundamental differences with the previous Dortmund.

Sometimes it takes a while to get all the attention in the world. Today’s youth might say that it takes a moment. The associated app is called Snapchat, where you can send short messages to share what you’re doing, thinking, feeling, eating, drinking, etc.

Jayden Braff also wanted the world to know how he felt when he wasn’t part of Manchester City’s FA Cup squad against Port Vale on January 4, 2020. “I have to score 100 times to make his first big man debut, damn it,” Braff wrote. “I have to score 100 goals to start my professional career. Damn it!”

Of course, you cannot condemn the fact that a young football player wants to be part of his professional team. However, it is questionable whether using social media to connect is a good idea. Especially if you have a history.

This Jayden Braaf is clearly a very exciting new signature for BVB. Anyone who sees the Dutchman playing has to look again. You can’t ignore the way he handles the ball, the speed with which he outruns his opponents and often makes his opponents look dumber.

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