Jimmy Butler with a playoff record! Miami Heat Force Game 7 at Boston Celtics

The Miami Heat forced a decisive seventh game in the Boston Celtics. In a victory of 111:103 at TD Garden, Jimmy Butler in particular managed to tackle the impending play-off end with force.

Butler played 46 minutes and made 47 points (16/29 FG), 9 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 possessions and simply the Celtics defense couldn’t capture it. His And-1 two minutes before the end put the guests on the road to victory, late in the 13:4 by the Heat made the initial decision, Butler jumped from the corner to 107:101 44 seconds from the end, capped a magical evening for the striker, who Set a new record 47 points in a playoff match.

In the last 3:30 minutes, Miami had to dispense with Kyle Lowry (18, 5/14, 10 assists), who missed but had his best game of the series. Max Strauss (13, 3/8 three times) finished off the drought, and Pam Adebayo (6, 3/6, 9 rebounds) scored little but was a true anchor in defence.

On the other hand, the Celtics have often had their own way, being shut down mostly due to the ups and downs themselves. Jason Tatum (30, 9/12 FG, 9 rebound, 7 Eritrea) was the home team’s top scorer, but he didn’t get the chance to play well in the second half. Jaylen Brown (20, 6/13) scored only two points after the change, instead it was Derek White (22, 7/13, 4/6 three-pointers, 5 assists, 3 steals) who scored Boston after a 13-point linebacker. In the lead again in the middle of the last section.

Miami was once again without Tyler Herro (thigh), but she was a transformative performer. The triples came in the first few minutes and Butler looked fresher. The Heat star put 14 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals in the first quarter alone and hit 2 triples. The score was a 29-22 lead after 12 minutes as Boston looked a bit lethargic and didn’t deliver as one team win away from the finals.

Jimmy Butler of the Boston Celtics is unstoppable

Tatum changed that and scored 9 points (free throws, three-pointers, dunk and fadeaway jumper) in under four minutes. The Heat responded with a triple, but the turnover (which was already 11 at the break) made things difficult for the guests. Brown now attacked the basket more and was successful, giving Boston the first lead of the evening three minutes before the break. Then, however, turnovers crept back into the Celtics (three in a row), so Miami managed to create some attack again and took a tight 48:46 lead into the break.

Miami is off again. After a four-point game by Smart, the Heat put in a 13-2 run. Butler had some help from Victor Oladipo, plus Max Strauss (11 points in the third quarter) made a triple after 14 consecutive tickets. However, almost everything went through Butler, who continued to be unstoppable and now scored his points from medium distance. Miami led 82-75 in the latter period, and Boston stayed close thanks to Robert Williams’ shots close to the ring.

Meanwhile, Tatum had to repeatedly drop the ball, but suddenly White appeared as a refugee with 8 fast points. Butler kept getting replies, but with less than five minutes remaining, Boston once again led three times over Al Horford (all FG!) and White. Butler was there again (and -1) after Lowry’s foul and Brown missed two free throws. The Celtics made stupid mistakes, Miami got easy points. Butler climbed to +6, but Boston still had a chance to get back to -2 with 12 seconds left for Brown. However, the striker made an offensive foul on Oladipo, and Butler brought the match home from the free throw line.

So there is still Game 7 in this series, Monday evening from 2:30 AM GST, the Golden State Warriors contender will be searched for.


The most important stats

Boston Celtics (2) – Miami Heat (1) 103: 111 (BOXSCORE), Series: 3: 3

  • That first quarter was really weak for the Celtics. Of course, the Downtown Heat scored 5/8, but Miami also had 10 ringside shootings and forced 5 turns from the hosts. In addition, Boston hit only 35 percent of the field and not only fell behind because the Heat made several mistakes, resulting in eight free throws for the Celtics.
  • As a result, the Celtics fared better, producing seven turnovers in the heat and only allowing five field goals (shooting average of 27.8). In contrast, Brown and Tatum scored 22 points for Boston out of 24. Other than that, the Celtics didn’t do much, all but the star duo only scored 3/18 from the field (0/7 three-pointers).
  • Miami responded to the Celtics star’s dominance in the second half. Brown and Tatum only took seven combined throws after the change and were forced to give up the ball. The duo scored 8 assists after the break, but also 6 turnovers.
  • The heat in the previous players was icy cold, but not this evening. 43 percent (15/35) was a solid result, and guests also scored four times more than Boston (11/33).
  • Jimmy Butler is now the only player in history, along with Michael Jordan, to have had 40 points and 4 steals in at least two consecutive games. The 47 points were also a record in elimination matches (previously Dwyane Wade with 46 points in 2010 also against Boston). Butler narrowly missed the record for most points in a Heat playoff match, held by LeBron James (49).

Celtics vs Hit: Thoughts about the game

Im Odoka (Celtics coach): “We didn’t show the passion Jimmy Butler had at the other end. He took matters into his own hands and kept coming back to the basket for easy points.”

Derek White (Celtics): “We’re frustrated but if it was easy it wouldn’t be us. We’re going to Miami now and try to get that win.”

Bam Adebayo (Heat): “Everyone wrote us off, everyone thought the series was over. We didn’t need more motivation.”

Star of the game: Jimmy Butler

Butler still saw that it wasn’t at 100 percent, but by sheer force of will, the striker forced the seventh game. Butler went into a showdown again, hit a lot in the area and even drowned four times. In addition, he is always in a good mood in the traffic lanes and also as a director. Boston’s acclaimed defense had no answer to the Heat star.

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