Live 24 hour tape of the Nürburgring 2022: a violent accident for Manthee Porsche

9:25 pm

Time Penalty For Audi Phoenix #5

The Phoenix-Audi #5 (composed by Kolb/Stippler/Feller/K. van der Linde) received a time penalty of 33 seconds for falling short of the minimum stopping time.

9:21 pm

KTM’s fiery drama

The KTM X-Bow GTX #160 catches fire with Felix von der Laden behind the wheel. With a fire in the rear, the YouTube star can get out of the car at the Aremberg curve and get out, and the guards begin putting out the fire. But the store clearly forgot to switch to speed. The car begins to roll and ignites in the direction of Fuchsöhrle, where it comes to a stop after two collisions with the fender. Stunning scenery.

9:14 pm

More from Laurens Vanthoor

Now the Belgian has also commented on the incident with his brother Dries in the official live broadcast. I don’t have any injuries, but of course it’s hard to describe the situation in words. It was probably the dumbest moment I can remember. I spoke to Dries. We are both driving our ultimate dream here and both are fighting for success. Surely I would have responded differently If he wasn’t my brother. But I let sibling conflict hold me – that couldn’t have happened. I’m so sorry.”

24 Hours of Nürburgring 2022: A collision between two brothers pulls Grillo out of the race

Dries and Lorenz Vanthur collide in the 2022 24 Hours of the Nürburgring, evidenced by a violent crash of the No. 1 Porsche “Grillo” in Manthe.

8:56 pm

Laurens Vanthoor also made a first statement

“I was driving along with the other car. Then we ran out of space. We only touched each other a little bit. The injury was probably the worst place in my car. I turned really fast – that’s it. I’m fine.” But it’s an incredible shame for the whole team.”

8:43 pm

Dries Fanthur comments on the incident with his brother Lorenz

“We’ve had better days. We know from each other we don’t want it. That was crazy, I’m going to have to look at it again, but yeah… It was always a side draft there. I was out and on the right turn. Of course, when you see something of that Like, it’s not cute.”

For the Audi driver, the accident was a racing accident – just as the sport’s commissioners thought: “Yes, I don’t think either of us did anything wrong or acted aggressively in any way… If something like that happened to your brother, it’s the worst feeling you could possibly have.” feel it.”

8:27 PM

RAW Team Principal: Aston Martin ‘forgot’ at BoP

We spoke to Rowe Team Principal Hans-Peter Naundorf and he believes the Aston Martin Vantage is in a league of its own and, given the regular racing, BMW can’t beat it on its own. “I think they forgot about that in the BoP. Basically, we have to hope he’s gone.”

8:17 pm

Brand Verification: Audi has the best cards

How are individual brands doing after four hours? Audi is in the best position at the moment. With my #15 Phoenix (K. van der Linde / D. Vanthoor / Vervisch / Frijns) on the P3 and #5 (V. Kolb / Stippler / Feller / K. van der Linde) on the P4 plus the set of cars – Audi #22 (Haase / N. Müller / Niederhauser / Rast) On the P4 it has four rings three irons hot in the fire.

Mercedes-AMG also has three cars in the top ten, but two GetSpeed ​​cars #3 (Christodoulou/Götz/Schiller) in P5 and #4 (Engel/Gounon/Juncadella) in P7 should raise the flag here. The HRT-Mercedes #6 driver in 10th place (Haupt/Piana/Dinst/Bastien) has very few drivers.

In the BMW camp, Rowe-BMW #98 (Catsburg / Edwards / S. van der Linde / Wittmann) is the only hope left for victory after Schubert #20 and Walkenhorst #101 haven’t been able to keep up yet.

After the accidents at Manthey and the Toksport WRT, Porsche is currently no longer in the top ten. The spearhead is the dynamic Porsche No. 28 (Englehart / Cairoli / Lidogar / Breining), which, however, hardly belongs to the group of favorites to win.

7:59 PM

Update after 4 hours: What happened so far

– Octane126 Ferrari short-lived lead
Early stop pushes TF Sport #90 Aston Martin and #1 Manthey Porsche forward
– After-collision repair throws BMW mini cars in the back
– Two holes in GT3 fright KTM #116
– Rowe-BMW #99 drops Toksport-WRT-Porsche #27
– Manthey-Porsche #1 crashes violently in Antoniusbuche after a duel between Laurens and Dries Vanthoor
Aston Martin leads after 4 hours

7:43 pm

Time Penalty for RW BMW #99

The hosts see Nick Yelloly as the cause of the collision with the Toksport Porsche and impose a 1:32 minute time penalty on the #99 Rowe BMW. However, this is no longer relevant, because the car is still standing – but is now back in the pits.

7:35 pm

Once before the Vanthoor accident site

This is not the first time that Hohenren Scheken has been the scene of a serious Vantor accident. A few years ago, Dries rode in a similar fashion in an Audi at this point.

7:32 PM

Directed by Laurens Vanthoor

That’s the big news, because it was a big hit. And the Marshals, who were stationed directly behind the Manthey Porsche impact site, are doing fine, too.

7:29 pm

Grillo crash!

Serious accident involving Manthey Porsche #1 at Hohenrain chicane, car flat. The accident was the result of an uphill fraternal battle. Laurens Vanthoor had a tough duel with his brother Dires at Phoenix-Audi #15 on Döttinger Höhe. There are two light touches, and after the second the Porsche spins and hits hard in the fender.

7:12 PM

Rowe-BMW #99 returns to the tent

Rowe’s No. 99 is pushed back into the team’s tent in the ring. So we won’t be seeing this car on the racetrack anytime soon – that is, if ever.

This is how Nick Willowy describes the collision with a Toxport Porsche: “The three of them went a little too far in the Grand Prix circuit. I tried to get out of there, but then the Porsche just sped away and unfortunately we touched. I tried everything but unfortunately I couldn’t Avoid it. This is very frustrating, sorry for BMW and our entire team. Nobody wants to retire early. Broken front wishbone.”

7:02 PM

Crazy fights on the river Döttinger Höhe

7:01 PM

Update after 3 hours: What happened so far

– Octane126 Ferrari short-lived lead
Early stop pushes TF Sport #90 Aston Martin and #1 Manthey Porsche forward
– After-collision repair throws BMW mini cars in the back
– Two holes in GT3 fright KTM #116
– Rowe-BMW #99 drops Toksport-WRT-Porsche #27

6:51 pm

Problems for HRT Mercedes

Tire damage in HRT Mercedes #12. Luca Stolz has to drive almost a full turn around Nordschleife in the wrecked car. Another car is lagging behind. This was preceded by contact with a slow car.

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