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10:06 PM

The TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage GT3 (#90) continues to set the tone after six hours. Driver Marco Sorensen is confident after his stint: “We are definitely fighting for victory. We can only complain about the little things.” The Rowe-BMW (#98) is still behind the Aston Martin, which is currently driven by Marco Wittmann on Nordschleife. Third place is a best Audi (#15) with Robin Frijns at the wheel.

Behind the top three is a GetSpeed ​​Mercedes with starting numbers 3 and 4, which constantly completes its cycles unremarkably, but without any problems. Only in the top ten is the powerful Konrad-Lamborghini (No. 7), which bravely battles the fleet of German manufacturers and is on the road with a sick front end.

The Audi Collection Audi (No. 22) had bad luck. Rene Rast lost more than a minute during his mission in Code 60 on Döttinger Höhe: “The others all passed in front of me without a double yellow card. Of course we have a big gap now, but let’s see what else everything happens.”

Slowly the night fell and the Nordschleife became completely dark. Drivers now have to adapt to changing visibility and pay attention to slower vehicles, especially when turning around in traffic. It is important not to waste a lot of time, but also not to cause an accident.

21:20 hour

The scenes happened here where you stuck your head in. Teichmann Racing’s KTM X-Bow GTX stern blazed (#160). Pilot Felix from the store parks him on the lawn. He gets out, but the burning car is unlocked. Roll down in the direction of Fuchsöhrle. After about 50 meters, the KTM entered the inner fender. There, the race car is still lying around – and continues to burn.

9:00 pm

The situation is calming down a bit at the moment. Depending on the rhythm of the pit stop, different heroes alternate in the lead. The Aston Martin Vantage GT3 from TF Sport (#90) is definitely in top shape and is 20 seconds ahead of the #98 BMW in Rowe-Racing. Driver number 15 of the Audi Sport Team Phoenix made it comfortable in third place. He is late by a total of 38 seconds. Fabian Schiller #3 GetSpeed ​​Mercedes is already 1 minute late. Vincent Kolb finished fifth in the special race number 5 Shearer Audi from Phoenix.

Overall, Audi and Mercedes each have three cars in the top ten, BMW at least two, as well as an Aston Martin and a Lamborghini. Konrad Lamborghini is already one of the racing surprises so far. On the other hand, Porsche experienced a fiasco. A better Dinamic 911 (#28) with 11th place Pirelli tires, two Falken cars 16th (#44) and 17th (#33).

Meanwhile, Dries Vanthoor also commented on the incident with his brother: “I’ve had better days than these. The situation itself is hard to assess and I think we both did nothing wrong in the end. It’s a shame he’s out now. It’s hard to describe,” said Laurens Vanthoor. With words. I’ll be honest: It’s the dumbest moment I can remember, we love each other so much, we’ve been racing since we were kids. I knew he was my brother, or else I would have quit long ago. I got the upper hand and he was stupid on my part too. I’m not angry, this shouldn’t happen.”

8:10 pm

After the violent collision of the Manthey-Porsche (No. 1), drivers have to slowly overtake the scene because the fender has to be repaired. Laurens Vanthoor himself must undergo a medical examination at the medical center. After the accident, he himself managed to get out of the wrecked 911 GT3R.

Aston Martin (#90) remained at the top. David Pittard is now behind the wheel. His lead over second-placed Nikki Katsberg in the RAW BMW (No. 98) by nearly ten seconds. Dries Vanthoor in Phoenix-Audi (#15) 35 seconds behind Aston Martin, the Belgian survived the crash with his brother Laurens without any further damage.

The next Audi, led by Frank Stipler (No. 5), followed closely behind. Adam Christodoulou rounds out the top five in the current best Mercedes car (#3). It could be said that in the first four hours, many candidates had already given up in the fight for the overall victory.

Stefan Balduf / Self-Service Media

End of brother duel: Laurens Vanthoor destroys his Manthey Porsche in a duel with Dries Vanthoor (Audi).

7:32 PM

The defending champion is out! Laurens Vanthoor collided in Manthey-Porsche (No. 1) with his brother Dries Vanthoor, who drives a Phoenix-Audi (No. 15). At Hohenrain chicane, neither of them wants to give up and hits Laurens Dries in the back, spinning and crashing hard at the railing. The guards were drenched in fear. In doing so, one fan favorite, “Grello,” is eliminated, and the big race to catch up is down the drain.

6:55 pm

More than two and a half hours later, the leading group had their first major collision. A Rowe-BMW (#99) collides with Nick Yelloly at the wheel of a fast Toksport-Porsche (#27) at NGK chicane. On the turn, Yelloly hits Julian Andlauer, a seated Porsche, with his right front wheel on his left rear wheel. This knocks both cars out of their promising positions for overall victory.

Hot: The two brawlers had made contact before at the exit from the pit lane when Willowe and Andlauer had not agreed on a right of way.

The Aston Martin (#90), which Maxim Martin currently drives on Nordschleife, is now on top. On Döttinger Höhe, the Frenchman didn’t give his compatriot Frédéric Makowiecki a chance at Manthey-Porsche (#1) with his superb top speed and slip. Despite spinning in the early stages, Aston Martin has managed to take it to the top. The pace of the traditional English brand is impressive at this time.

The Rowe-BMW (#98) took second place. Followed by the first Audi with Kelvin van der Linde at the wheel (No. 15). Makovitzky was fourth, while veteran Frank Stipler was second in Scherer’s Audi (No. 5). The first ten cars within one minute after 20 laps and still have every chance in the battle for the overall victory.

6:05 PM

I love this race. A little over two hours later, it’s three cars in a second. Augusto Farfus in Rowe-BMW (No. 99) has Konrad-Lambo with Pepper (No. 7) and Toksport-Porsche with Matt Campbell behind him. The three in the same hole stop rhythm.

In the second hour of the race, many dramas took place. Aston driver Nicky Thiem lost precious seconds due to the spin. It was worse for the column position and the BMW juniors. The Octane-Ferrari, which was the fastest around Nordschleife yesterday, stumbled across the green hell with holes in it.

Simon Trummer grumbled: “A Porsche flies in front of me, crashes into the fender in front of the mine and then shoots across the racetrack. I brakes and a BMW I was turning in from behind hits my rear end.” Octane Ferrari needs repairs. The Swiss team can forget the race for the overall victory.

The BMW Junior team arrived around Daniel Harper, Max Hess and Neil Verhagen (#72) as one of the candidates after a solid performance in the NLS. But Harper made a costly mistake. He drove to the BMW 330i in Hohenrain chicane at the end of the Nordschleife lap. Mechanics should replace the connecting rod and front end. From the dream of the top score.

5:25 pm

After the first series was interrupted, Aston Martin (#90) with Nicky Thiem took the lead. Manthey Porsche follows the defending champion (#1) for second. During the stop, Manthey mechanics used masking tape to repair the damaged front left side. Rowe-BMW’s Sheldon van der Linde (#98) is currently third. Ricardo Feller finished fourth in the Shearer Audi (No. 5), followed by fellow brand name Vincent Kolb (No. 24).

The leaders took advantage of their early stop on lap five. As a result, the service life was shorter than that of the Rowe-BMW (#99) and Konrad-Lamborghin (#7). The shorter the duration, the shorter the mandatory minimum downtime. The current race picture does not reflect the standings yet. Why did the rise stop so early anyway? To keep cars off the road.

The BMW driver, Philip Eng (No. 99), was excited about his first assignment: “This is the greatest thing you can do!” His BMW sustained minor damage after contact with the enemy Konrad-Lamborghini (No. 7), which was also checked in the pits.

Team Principal Franz Konrad: “The damage doesn’t look that bad. Jordan obviously likes a BMW because he touches it a lot. The grille is slightly curved inward. It got stuck in the radiator shaft. The radiator itself is stuck in a corner. I hope it holds up and we don’t get damaged in the radiator. We’ll take a look.” Check it out at the next stop.”

4:25 pm

It ended up with Italian glory at the top. She drives a BMW now. On the third lap, Konrad-Lamborghini takes the lead at the start. Jordan Bieber outscored a Ferrari with two wheels on the grass. A little later, BMW driver Philip Inge tattooed the Ferrari octane Jonathan Hershey.

At the start of lap four, the engineer grabs the Lamborghini and leads the race. The pace is high. After just one and a half laps at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the GT3 drivers were caught in traffic by the slower racing cars. You are risking too much. At Porsche, there was a connection within the brand. The title holder suffered. Kevin Estre broke the left front fender of his Manthey Porsche, named Grello, in a three-way fight with Earl Bamber (KCMG, #18) and Christian Engelhart (Dinamic Motorsport, #29).

Start - 24 Hours Nürburgring - Nordschleife

Stephen Baldov

The start: Ferrari defends the lead against BMW.

4:10 pm

The race continues! Octane126 Ferrari with Jonathan Hershey kept the wheel. Behind him was Philip Inge in a Rowe-BMW (No. 99), but he was under a lot of pressure from his brand mates from the junior team (No. 72). After a great start, they advanced from sixth to third. It is followed by Konrad-Lambo (No. 7), Car Collection-Audi (No. 22), and Scherer-Audi (No. 16). Kevin Estry’s defending champion Manthey-Porsche (#1) finished 26th after one lap and lost 12.7sec to the leader. Falken-Porsche #44 was already in contact with the enemy because things were tough and tight in the GT3 realm.

3:45 pm

We return from the starting grid. Just look at how many fans were hanging around the cars there. After two years of limited viewership, the Nürburgring-Nordschleife circuit is back in full swing. Meanwhile, the cars move into the warm-up cycle. GT3 cars drive through the green hell at slow speed. The guards wave at them.

Grid start - 24 hour race Nürburgring - Nordschleife

Stephen Baldov

Full starting grid: Fans take a closer look at the cars.

3:30 pm

Cars line the start and finish line directly at the Nürburgring. The classic movie starts half an hour later. 134 cars are fighting over positions at the Nürburgring – Nordschleife with a length of 25,378 km. Ferrari leads the field. Octane driver Jonathan Hirschi starts the 488 GT3 Evo20 with number 26.

Rowe-BMW (No. 99), which will initially be driven by Philip Inge, starts from the front row. This is followed by the Konrad-Lamborghini Huracán GT3 (No. 7) with Jordan Pepper and Nico Müller in the Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo2 (No. 22).

what’s the weather like? The air temperature is 13 degrees Celsius. The wind is relatively fresh. We are expecting an exciting race. Or as BMW driver Augusto Farfus put it yesterday: “Everyone in the top 20 can win. The track is not crowded with more than 130 cars. That’s why I expect a fast race.”

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