Return of Ideas: Joachim Loew Checks “Requests” – Football

Joachim Loew has made himself scarce in public in recent months. In the DFB Cup final with his “team” SC Freiburg, the former coach of the national team made another appearance – and expressed vague plans for the future.

Joachim Loew appeared again. And who knows, perhaps football fans will see the former national coach more often on the field again in the future – and not only as a guest in the stands or, as in the DFB Cup final, as an ambassador for his heart club SC Freiburg. .

Back to the training bench?

No, after a good year in the European Championship and his exit from the German Football Association after a largely successful 17 years, the 62-year-old shrugs off a return to the exciting world of football – preferably off the bench.

“The will is already there,” Loew said in Berlin. He remembered and spoke for himself in Skye’s interview. At a time when a number of interesting coaching positions were also vacant in the Bundesliga. The local league, which he has long ruled out returning to in recent years as a national coach.

In the cup final with his club as the unfortunate loser, Loew, who traces his roots to Bresgau and was Freiburg’s record scorer for many years until he was replaced by Nils Petersen, recovered on the big stage, and fully recovered. Loew carried the DFB Cup to the stadium, the “destiny” he lifted 25 years ago as a successful coach for the club after their 2-0 final win with Stuttgart against Energy Cottbus. It was his first title as a coach.

There are some requests.

Given the advantages of being a national coach with breaks between international matches and tournaments for the comrades, it seems hard to imagine that Löw could do the grueling daily chores of football again. But retire at 62? “There is nothing concrete yet,” he said of his plans. “There are some inquiries, one offer or another, which I will deal with in the next few weeks. No decision has been made yet.”

The 2014 world champion is not considering a new job as coach of choice. “Once you become a coach for Germany, it is obviously difficult to find something else suitable as a national coach.” “He would love to coach the club again,” he said. “It would be fun for me.”

What are the realistic options?

He also worked in Turkey and Austria before taking up his position with the German Football Association. Loew certainly won’t end up at Borussia Dortmund. Not even in Schalke. In Hoffenheim you can imagine the Black Forest a little earlier. or abroad. Turkey’s return to Istanbul’s Fenerbahce, where he moved in 1998 after his time in Stuttgart, has always been a matter of debate.

Löw was also repeatedly traded for top European clubs such as Real Madrid during Bundesliga times. Learn Spanish for a while. It could be PSG’s final kick for the world champion coach to end life’s work, and possibly crown it again. Low is available – feature. The language barrier will be a hindrance to a continuum like Löw, the extreme stress factor.

Schweinsteiger: “Löw can help clubs”

Former player and ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger, who became world champion with Löw in Brazil in 2014, commented: “I don’t know if he is interested in the Bundesliga, but he can definitely help a club from the Bundesliga.”

Löw’s longtime companion Andreas Köpke spoke about Löw’s return for his 60th birthday in March. After retiring as a national coach, “he initially needed some distance,” the former national goalkeeper coach said. They have worked together at DFB for 17 years, and together they stopped. They keep in regular contact.

“I don’t think the yogi will ever stop and won’t want to do anything anymore. I can’t imagine that,” Koepke said two months ago. He also spoke about the new Löw/Köpke team: “Basically, I can imagine doing something with Jogi.”

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