This was a hot training day for all seasons

7:26 pm

Unconfirmed weather for Saturday

That’s the end of the training day here at the bar. On Saturday, the rain can begin in the middle of the morning. Of course, this can lead to turbulent rehabilitation sessions. The first MotoGP motorbike race will also be on the agenda tomorrow. till tomorrow!

Saturday schedule:
09:00-09:40: Moto3 FT3
09:55-10:40 For FT3 Motorcycles
10:55-11:35: Moto2 FT3

12:35-12:50: Moto3 Q1
13:00-13:15: Moto3 Q2
13:30-14:00 MotoGP FT4
2:10-2:25 p.m.: MotoGP Q1
2:35-2:50pm: MotoGP Q2
15:10-15:25 Moto2 Q1
15:35-15:50 Moto2 Q2
4:15 pm: MotoE Race 1 (6 laps)

Photos: MotoGP: Italian Grand Prix (Mugello) 2022, practice

7:24 pm

MotoE Update: Cardelus Injured

In the collision in the MotoE qualifiers, Xavi Cardelus broke his toe and suffered other injuries to his right foot. The weekend is over for him too. Get well soon!

7:24 pm

Moto3 update: Sasaki injured

Ayumu Sasaki was injured in a serious accident during afternoon training. The Japanese broke both collar bones and also suffered a concussion. The weekend is over for Sasaki. Get well soon!


Dominique Aegerter: “I love Mugello”

Dominic Eggerter He says: “I am very happy! We started the weekend perfectly. Our pace is very strong. It was very hot today but my team did a great job preparing. I love Mugello and I hope there will be a lot of Italian fans coming – but also from Switzerland. I will give everything! “

5:24 pm

MotoE Q2: the pole for the Aegerter

That was the decision! With 1:59.205 minutes, Dominique Aegerter finished second in his MotoE career. In addition, Kevin Zanoni and Mattia Casadey conquer other places in the first row.

Eric Granado, Matteo Ferrari and Kevin Manfredi will attack from the second row tomorrow. The MotoE Speedway begins at 4:15 p.m. Saturday.

5:20 pm

MotoE Q2: Aegerter ups the ante

On the next lap, Aegerter followed suit and stopped at 1:59.205 minutes. This increases his lead over Zannoni to 0.268 seconds. Cassady is in third place.

Eric Granado, Matteo Ferrari and Kevin Manfredi occupy positions four to six in the second row.

5:18 pm

MotoE Q2: Aegerter steps on gas

The Swiss are getting faster and finding a new best time. The Aegerter’s speed is ten seconds faster than Kevin Zannoni’s. Mattia Casadei is back in third place.

5:16 pm

MotoE Q2: Casadei presents

After the first flying lap, Mattia Casadei takes the lead while Aegerter is down by twenty and is fourth. But in the next lap, the top drivers all have better sector times.

5:09 pm

MotoE Q2: A tycoon for the Aegerter?

The Swiss set the fastest time in both free training sessions. In MotoE, Dominique Aegerter has taken first place once so far. That was at Jerez 2 in the summer of 2020.

5:05 pm

MotoE Q1: Best time for Alcoba

With 1:59.805 minutes, Marc Alcoba secures the best time. He’s the only driver in less than two minutes. Kevin Manfredi is the second driver to move into Q2.

Hikari Okubo, who was up front at Le Mans, retired in third. Hector Garzo has already finished his work.

5:04 PM

MotoE Q1: crash and fall!

Shortly before the time ran out, an accident occurred between two drivers of turn 12 (Corientaio). Massimo Roccoli leads a wide arc there. Inside comes Xavi Cardelus on his swift lap. At the top they both bump into each other and fall. Cardelus kneels in the meadow and waits for helpers.

4:52 PM

MotoE Q1: First Qualifying Session

Electric scooters are already doing the qualifying today. Ten drivers compete in the first quarter. The fastest step up to the second quarter.

The first section includes Garzo, Fores, Cardelus, and Okubo, among others.

3:55 pm

Moto2 FT2: Schrotter too late

The other temporary places in the second quarter are held by Joe Roberts, Celestino Fetti, Manuel Gonzalez and Fermin Aldger.

Marcel Schrötter finished on Friday 1.4secs down from 24th place.

3:53 pm

Moto2 FT2: Checkered Flag

There is plenty of traffic to the end, but with the asphalt temperature of 53°C, only a few drivers improve their times. That’s why Jake Dixon remains the fastest with his FT2 mark of 1:51.966 minutes.

The Briton leads today’s result, ahead of Augusto Fernandez and Aaron Kanye. With the best time in FT2, Somkiat Chantra moves up to fourth.

The fifth to tenth positions are occupied by Pedro Acosta, Philippe Salak, Albert Arenas, Sam Luiz, Tony Arbolino and Niccol Antonelli.

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