And Rummenigge strengthened against Barcelona, ​​which Lewandowski dreams of

DrAfter the clear position of his successor Oliver Kahn and the rest of the Munich club management, former Bayern Munich manager Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is counting on Robert Lewandowski to stay with the German football champions. “I can’t imagine that Bayern Munich will abandon Robert now with these statements,” Rummenigge said on Sunday on the “Bild” TV station. The 66-year-old targeted the words of his successor, Kahn. “He will honor this contract – that’s it!” Kahn said of Lewandowski at the Munich championship celebration. Kahn used the phrase “to show: the door is closed,” Rummenigge explained.

Lewandowski’s contract expires on June 30, 2023. According to his advisor, Benny Zahavi, FC Bayern is the “history” of the world footballer. There is speculation about a move to FC Barcelona. “He’s a goal machine, a guaranteed goal,” Rummenigge said. “I wouldn’t give up on a player like this voluntarily.” Rummenigge does not rule out other seasons for Lewandowski in Munich. He advised the Bayern Munich management: “You have to fight for it, you have to have discussions with him. Cuddling with advisors is not that easy, but it is still useful every now and then.”

Rummenigge has also raised potential future Lewandowski club in the transfer scene. He said, “I can’t imagine that you can currently win with Barcelona more than Bayern Munich. What can Barcelona offer at the moment? I can’t think of anything to be honest.” This is very important for Bayern, but also for the entire Bundesliga .

“Robert is irreplaceable at Bayern Munich. You need a player like that, even if he is on the verge of turning 34. This is a guarantee of a goal that is not found anywhere in Europe. Robert is first-class!” The league has already lost a big star In Erling Haaland and thus lost his allure, ‘You have to pray for Robert’s survival, he is the ultimate attraction in the league.’ Lewandowski is not a “riot maker” who is provoking a farewell: “You have to include him in the inner workings of the club.”

“Incredible mission”

Rummenigge is primarily concerned about the Bundesliga in light of the “ridiculous” deal between star striker Kylian Mbappe and Paris Saint-Germain. “Where will this lead? How can any club in the Bundesliga, even if its name is Bayern Munich, continue to compete and remain competitive?” This is an “incredible task”. He was so used to it, but with exaggerations that he “got a little dizzy for the first time”.

Rummenigge also urged caution after the riots in the Champions League final. “I think we need to slow down a bit,” he said. During the video interview, the 66-year-old, a member of the UEFA Executive Committee, recalled the 1985 Heysel stadium tragedy in Brussels, in which 39 people were killed. “We have to close this whole case a little bit and not wait for something to happen,” Rummenigge said. You have to “calmly find your way back to normal life with the masses. This is very important.”

There were big problems especially when entering the stadium. The police also carried out a tear gas operation. UEFA explained the chaos due to the high number of fans without valid tickets. The match at the Stade de France had started 36 minutes late due to problems. Eyewitness Rummenigge said that even after the match it was “a bit chaotic”. “The French police did not have a good deal with the whole organization, even after the match.”

Rummenigge can imagine Toni Kroos continuing his “extraordinary career” even after his current contract with Real Madrid expires. “The contract expires in a year, but this does not necessarily mean that it will expire in a year,” he said. Real Madrid in particular, with whom Kroos (32) won the Champions League for the fifth time on Saturday and as a professional, work longer with older players, as you can see with Luka Modric (36). Rummenigge said he cannot predict what Kroos will do after his career. “I think it would be great to stay in football.” Kroos moved from Bayern Munich to Real Madrid in 2014.

Rummenigge was delighted with the success in the final for Kroos, David Alaba and Carlo Ancelotti, who have Bayern’s pasts as players and coaches. “The three played an important role for us,” Rummenigge said. Ancelotti had to leave Munich prematurely in September 2017, and Alaba left Bayern last summer. “He did everything right, but Bayern didn’t do everything wrong either,” Rummenigge said, with his move eight years ago, recalling his estimated €25m transfer fee. Deeply regrets the change from Alaba. He was the “head of defence”, and this part is missing from Alaba at Bayern Munich.

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