Blackout, pride and celebration: Liverpool boss Klopp gambles with Thiago

Blackout, Pride and Party
Liverpool coach Klopp gambles with Thiago

By Tobias Nordmann

Jurgen Klopp conceded his third defeat in his fourth Champions League final. But despite all the disappointment, the coach feels proud above all else. Proud of a wonderful season. It’s bittersweet that the top performers fail in the final of all things.

In the Liverpool dressing room, no one wanted to share the pride that manager Jurgen Klopp feels. He felt proud even though his very superior team had just lost the Champions League final 0-1 (0-0) to Real Madrid. As members of the royal family celebrated the coronation of the surreal journey through First Class at the Stade de France and raised the stakes in the air, the Reds looked exhausted at European Nirvana. They were favourite, they were better, but they were desperate. Especially goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who dismantled the Titanic several saves, but also for the passion of Madrid.

Klopp admitted in the evening, “Even if no one on the planet understands that we’re doing a parade, we’ll do theirs. I hope everyone in Liverpool can come.” It was a kind of self-confidence that this season was something very special. He was chosen not with the historic quartet, but with two titles, the FA Cup and the League Cup, and second place. In the league where the team once again had an amazing duel with Manchester City and now in the Champions League. Yes, it was a great season. without question.

“We’re going to celebrate this season,” Klopp said. “After a little sleep and after a few words from me, I hope my players understand that too.” “It takes a little longer, and I understand that. But the two titles we didn’t win, we lost by the slightest difference.” It was a Premier League point and a Premier League goal (at least in extra time). what was? About the simplest thing in the world (football). “They scored a goal, we didn’t.” If the goalkeeper is the player of the match, “you know something went wrong.”

One scene decides everything

In fact, the game knew almost one direction – to aim for madridists. The Reds threw the ball on the goal 24 times without any return. Real showed ruthless efficiency in the 59th minute, Vinicius Junior completing a perfect counter-attack. However, it’s not clear if template provider Fede Valverde really wants to scroll or not. His sweeping display, which the young Brazilian turned in the far corner, made arguments for both. So for passing and shooting. Let it be! But the scene tells us a lot about Liverpool’s defeat.

Then there is Trent Alexander-Arnold, for example. The 23-year-old is considered one of the newest right-backs in the world. The Englishman has an irrepressible offensive leadership. He has made 19 goals this season. Incredible statistic. The flaw that clings to it: sometimes it overdos it. Ironically, in the final he gave one of his worst performances. He always had the wrong idea up front and left a lot of room in the back. Vinicius Jr., his opponent, punished him only once. Lucky for TAA: central defender Ibrahima Konate has been interfering in his place on a regular basis.

Konate was the founding player in Liverpool’s defense that evening, even if he was rarely called up. On the other hand, Virgil van Dijk, the giant, captain remained surprisingly pale – and very passive when conceding a goal. He let Valverde do what he wanted to do. His attempt to block the shot was more an excuse than a proof of work. But the series of errors has already begun in midfield. Thiago and Fabinho couldn’t stop the counterattack. The perfectly harmonious duo were momentarily lopsided. Fatal error in voting open the middle.

Thiago’s secret and his injury

Thiago was one of those players who, after great matches in recent weeks, had a heroic role in the final in Paris, which was overshadowed by a devastating chaos at the entrance. But the Spaniard, who can control the game in a way unique to his genius, looked very frustrated despite all the commitment. Which also appears to have health reasons. As Klopp reported after the match on Dazen, Thiago was injected with painkillers due to the pain in “an area you really can’t ignore”. “It’s okay. The only problem was that the feet were numb.” “You still have 80 percent more ball feel than I do foot numbness,” he told Thiago. A typical club tale. But the question that at least raises the question is whether Thiago’s plan makes sense? Klopp also seemed unsure, Thiago was preparing away from the squad, while Naby Keita was already up for the task. But things went differently.

However, it was not the case that the team was without a chance due to the absence of its key players. The opposite was true. But the perceived dominance did not yield anything convincing. Liverpool lacked what set them apart otherwise. The match was “heavy” but without “metal”. The effects of the drying season were unmistakable. Strength is not at the mandatory Reds level. Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane despair of Courtois, while the rest of the squad are in a fierce struggle for the royal champs in tuxedos. Led by powerful horses David Alaba and Dani Carvajal.

While veteran Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti miraculously celebrated an impossible comeback on the bigger stage and finally made himself an immortal coaching legend with his fourth win in the First Division, Klopp had to end his third defeat in the Premier League – bypassing the finals. He did it his own way. Upright proudly. The 54-year-old received immediate and severe criticism over the headline: “Of course we can’t be accused of anything, so what’s the nonsense?”

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