Boschheim schools have to improvise in sports – Fürstenfeldbruck

By Heike A. Batzer, Puchheim

The gym and middle school in Puchheim had to improvise in physical education for years. The old gyms were dilapidated, and in 2015 refugees were housed in them. The school center halls are now demolished. The new buildings – triple and duplexes – are already in place, but it is doubtful whether they will be ready by the start of the new school year in the fall. But even in the last two months of the current school year, the two schools have to rearrange their physical education classes again: The air dome, which has been used on campus for two years as a temporary solution, will be dismantled at the beginning of June.

Even in the Corona period, people had to be satisfied with yoga in the hall

School administrations are pragmatic. Wolfgang Teuchner, deputy principal of the secondary school, announced that they will “react flexibly” in the summer months and do more sports outside. He’s only attended school since last August, and knows only the improvisational skills that high school and high school had to demonstrate in the past from hearsay. There were also problems when the two halls were demolished two and a half years ago due to the discovery of pollutants and the delay in demolition, as well as the construction of the air dome that was supposed to serve as a temporary solution for the schools. It will be dismantled next Wednesday, and the use contract expires after a good two years. It cannot be extended because the sewer that runs below the temporary hall must then be renovated. We can’t change it,” says Kristin Heymann, deputy principal at Realschule. When the weather is good, you go out, and when the weather is bad, you will find alternatives, such as practicing yoga or relaxing in the hall, for example. Experience with this has already been gained during the Corona period.

But not everything is going smoothly with the construction of the two halls either. A construction company that had something to do with the demolition sued the district to pay 177,000 euros a year ago, they met in court, but no verdict has yet been issued. Defects have now appeared in the exposed concrete in the two halls. A spokeswoman for the district office explains when asked by SZ that fair-faced concrete “isn’t quite even, but a bit rougher. It’s about a visual impression, not the technical quality of the concrete.” The opinions of experts are drawn up, the so-called concrete cosmetologist is to provide an estimate of the cost for subsequent treatment. A lawyer was brought in.

The construction project suffers from the fact that it should not be more than 18 million euros

The dark mass next to the building board is one of the two halls. SPD county councils are now critical of optics.

(Photo: Lucas Barth)

Then there are the costs, which in total may not exceed 18 million euros (without an air dome). This is what the county council decided when it was approved. Any additional costs, such as the disposal of contaminants during demolition, should be included in the total. Therefore, management lets county councils know that those unexpected costs “can be at least partially absorbed by a more generous budget framework.” The savings package included, among other things, the work without lettering as a load-bearing decorative element and without glass surfaces in the facades. At least from the point of view of the Social Democrats, which voted against the cost cap at the time, gyms now appeared with “monolithic-looking facades” and “black panels for facades”, which residents, school officials and future users would find “extremely unsuccessful” in an extensive list. From the questions submitted by the SPD region parliamentary group to the client. This Monday, the district commission will deal with the issue.

The most important question for schools, as well as for sports clubs, is whether the schedule can be adhered to and whether gyms can be started at the start of the new school year in the fall. With construction progress currently about three weeks late, this is considered questionable. According to the county office, “several factors” will oppose “timely completion.” Reason: in connection with the war in Ukraine, there are delays in the procurement of materials. According to its own data, the district authority has already booked alternative gyms “to a limited extent”.

However, the county does not consider itself responsible for the sports clubs, which are also affected by the problems of the gyms. According to the district administration, the task of the respective municipalities is to provide clubs with sufficient hall capacity. The district will only allow them to use the school gymnasium. That is why there is no spectator’s platform in the new triple hall Boschheim. There is no need on the part of the city of Puchheim, the district office responds to the request of the SPD county council, and no stands are necessary for the school gymnasium. The available seating is sufficient. However, the double gym is allowed as a meeting place for school events. The municipality of Misach did things differently, as the area also demolished an old gymnasium and built a new triple hall. A runway has been installed there – and the municipality pays for it.

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