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Fans at the Nürburgring celebrate the 24 Hours of Racing for the first time since 2019. For an entire week they have turned Nordschleife into the crazy home of motorsport. The most creative fans can be found camping around the ring.

The sounds of Bavarian folk music are heard from the speakers at the Schwalbenschwanz camp. The closer you get to “Stubenmusi”, the more striking the appearance of the fans will be at this point. On the catwalk, the group threw themselves the traditional Bavarian costume: the men dressed in dirndl clothes. “Today is a themed party,” says Toby.

The 31-year-old and his friends created a special program for Father’s Day. On the sunny evening of Ascension Day, a taste of the Bavarian Alps will find its way to Schwalbenschwanz. The fragrant Cassler spins on the rotisserie. In keeping with the tagline, there’s puree and sauerkraut, Toby adds. There is a light Bavarian beer on the drinks menu for the day. The group expects an individual to consume one can of beer per day. Suitable for Nordschleife.

Guido Ten Brink / SP Media

Nordschleife’s ‘track keepers’ ensure you can enjoy beer.

The fan is back in the ring

This year’s 24-hour race is something special for viewers. After all, for the first time since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, fans are returning in full numbers to the legendary racetrack. So the rush to the coveted camps is huge.

The organizer’s plan to open the berths to the Nordschleife fans on Monday morning (May 23, 2022) did not work out. The fans were already lining up the weekend before to get a good seat. In the Brünnchen region in particular, campers have blocked Federal Highway 412.

Many spectators had already arrived several days before seats were available. So the police arranged for the famous site to open early. This allowed traffic to flow better again after many motorhomes and caravans stopped off the road.

Toby and his friends arrived on Sunday to secure their spot near the racetrack on Monday. It took a whole day to build the wooden terrace and tents, and to install water, gas and electricity.

Total ADAC 50 Capacity 24 Hours Nürburgring 2022

Guido Ten Brink / SP Media

The playgrounds around the road are fully occupied after two years without camping.

Six weeks of preparation

Like the teams, campers also have to prepare for the 24-hour race scene. A total of a month and a half in advance, Toby and his children planned their trip to Eifel. If you are wondering why you need so much time for flight, then you should take a look at the wing structure. The crew moved a shower, refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher to match.

Campers can live independently using a generator. This is possible because men compliment each other. Toby himself is a butcher and cares about the physical safety of the troops. His friend Thomas installed the balcony above the caravan. His job as a carpenter helped him.

The offspring is ready

Thursday’s champagne at Toby and his friends had to make way for Oktoberfest. He’s been driving to the Nürburgring for 20 years. He inherited his enthusiasm for Nordschleife from his father. “I was born in 1991 and I’ve been here with my parents since 95.” The 31-year-old from nearby Koblenz now has a son himself. “I now go to the Nürburgring every four weeks with my father and son.”

The boys built a sleigh on their balcony for the little ones. So that Toby’s son can de-stress there. But it’s not just kids who use the slide – adult Dirndl wearers have also enjoyed the supplement.

Total ADAC 50 Capacity 24 Hours Nürburgring 2022

Guido Ten Brink / SP Media

The slide for kids is also great fun for dirndl wearers.

Toby needs “two weeks” off for a break in the ring. He’s also more excited this year because he hasn’t been able to camp on site for two years.

Toby keeps his fingers crossed for Phoenix Audis. He knows the son of team leader Ernst Moser personally. Ron Moser is now the team manager. That’s why the brand’s sympathy lies with the rings. However, in his opinion, another Bavarian brand won the general victory: “I say BMW!” With the M4 GT3, the Munich company brought a new car to the Nürburgring that proved fast.

There are no swimming pools at Brünnchen & Co.

Over the course of the days in Nordschleife, the fan-favorite pools can be seen disappearing. You can just peek at one on TV. This does not prevent fans from celebrating their party in the ring.

And the next big event will start on June 3. Then it gets loud again when the legendary Rock am Ring attracts hundreds of thousands of party-obsessed fans. Some of the 24 hour visitors won’t go home at all, but they’ll live up to the festival within a week with their enthusiasm.

Will Bavarian folk music be at the helm again? At least a small question mark fits.

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