Football – Kroos celebrates with the kids – Klopp is proud of the sport

Toni Kroos celebrated one of his most beautiful titles with his three children, and Jürgen Klopp was almost defiantly looking forward to a home show despite the bitter defeat.

The emotional worlds of the German champions in the Champions League final, which were also memorable due to the huge problems between fans and hosts, were not as far apart as one might suppose. Cross quickly overcame his brief moment of frustration in the ZDF interview with “Trivial Questions”.

Klopp is looking forward

The former world champion celebrated enthusiastically with his teammates and family, who were on the field together for the first time. Klopp, who won the silver medal at 11.47 pm after the bitterness, because he did not deserve the 0-1 draw with his team Liverpool against Real Madrid, looked immediately. “Even if no one on this planet understood that we were doing a parade, we would,” said the 54-year-old. Instead of the hoped-for four, there are only two National Cup titles to celebrate at Liverpool.

On the other hand, Kroos kicked off his fifth Champions League win, which was “very special”, according to Lyon’s father (8), Amelie (5) and Finn (3). “I’ve won the Champions League a few times. But I’ve always said I want all the kids to be on the field. That was the case today. It’s hard to describe how nice it is.”

For the specialized magazine “Marca”, which is close to Real Madrid, the 14th victory of the record holder in the European first division “was celebrated like never before”. Because, contrary to the other understanding of the royal family, no one had ever thought that it was possible beforehand. “Frankly,” Kroos admitted, “I didn’t expect that before the season. It’s hard to put it into words.”

Of the eight Madridistas who met Cristiano Ronaldo as the five-time winner of the Hincklebutt, only Kroos, who retired from the national team last summer, also became world champion. And not only did he celebrate this victory with his family. After the final whistle, he lay for a long time on the grass, tangling with David Alaba. Along with the Austrian, he won his first first division title with Bayern Munich in 2013.

Record holder Ancelotti

This success was also characteristic of coach Carlo Ancelotti, who is now the only record holder among coaches in the most important European Cup with four victories. “It was definitely the toughest title, because nobody thought we could win it,” said the Italian. For Kroos, the former Bayern Munich coach has a big share of success “because he knows better than anyone how to manage a group and beat it”.

Klopp has also managed to do so admirably this year. But the balance of what was actually such a strong season clouded dramatically within a week. But the former Mainz and Dortmunder spread the mood. His motive was clear: after an unusual season, in which titles in the championship and the premier class were missed, players should not go on vacation in a bad mood.

Liverpool wants to celebrate

“We are celebrating after we had an exceptional season,” Klopp said. “We lost the two competitions we didn’t win by the smallest difference imaginable: by one point and 0-1.” He told his players in the locker room, “I can already feel proud. But I was the only one there. The boys need longer for that.”

For Klopp, the third defeat in the fourth final was perhaps the most bitter, given the 23-3 shot on target. “When an opponent’s goalkeeper becomes the best player in the match, it is always bad news,” he said, referring to the outstanding Thibaut Courtois. But the 54-year-old has already announced the next attack on the European crown. “We’ll be back,” he said. “Sure.” After the 2018 final, which he also lost to Real Madrid, he actually won the title with the Reds a year later. Klopp says the difference from that time: “At the time I was hoping we’d come back. Today I know that.”

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