Hertha BSC-Manske talks about a “desert state” for the club


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Hertha BSC – Mansky talks about ‘a desolate state’

The eagerly awaited general meeting of Hertha BSC will take place in the exhibition halls of the Radio Tower on Sunday.

picture: Inga Budling

After staying up late, Hertha BSC wants to change its location. The general meeting can be turbulent. We report on the live blog.

Signs at Hertha BSC indicate a fresh start. At the general meeting on Sunday in Showroom 20, the course will be renewed for the German football team. President Werner Gegenbauer has already resigned, but there are still proposals against the rest of the Presidency to vote on. In addition, the Supervisory Board of the Capital Club will be re-elected.

Investor Lars Windhorst also insists on speaking in front of members. After a chaotic season, in which Hertha was only able to prevent relegation to the second division last Monday, the event has plenty of potential for conflict. Follow the event on the live blog.

Hertha BSC – Members Meeting Live Blog

12:01 pm: Mansky: “Werner Gegenbauer showed great courage and announced his immediate resignation as president and resident of the KGaA.” Mansky thanks the former president for the move, there are applause and booing. Mansky welcomes Lars Windhurst, boos grow. Minsky “I give you my hand and beg you, let’s stop talking about each other and talk to each other.”

The date of the extraordinary meeting at which a new president will be elected has also been announced: June 26, 2022.

11:53 am: Mansky talks about a “desert state” for the club. We didn’t do well on and off the field last season. “Applause from the members.” We are determined to change the direction of the club’s future. We need to create a new old lady.”

“Working alone should be a thing of the past,” Mansky continued. “Our old lady deserves to be treated with respect and not constantly thrown into the media.”

Mansky: “We have to restore the club’s identity as a club run by members. Hertha must become more concrete and tangible again. We are still the biggest club in our city.”

Mansky is based on the new Hertha stadium, which does not yet have a site: “The new arena should also be a meeting place outside of match days.”

11:49 am: 2491 members participate in the event, of which 2385 are eligible to vote. Thorsten Manske now takes the podium to report the President.

11:46 am: The awards never end: Soccer player Joel Neslin has been named the Heartthner of the Year.

11:31 am: After honoring the deceased members of Herta, the long-serving followers of Hertha were honored. Michael Otto, who died in November 2020 and was a longtime member of the Executive Committee, was posthumously honored with a gold badge of honor with brilliance.

11.20 am: First criticism from the auditorium: Proposals should not be put to the vote until after the supervisory board has decided in order to know the point of view of this body. The members present agree with this by a large majority.

11:17 AM: Motions to remove members of the Presidency will be made immediately after the Presidency’s report is issued and not at the end of the 13-point agenda.

11:14 am: Introducing investor Lars Windhurst. The applause mixed with whistles and shouts as he stood and waved to the assembly.

11 oclock: Acting president Thorsten Manske opened the meeting and immediately spoke of a near-death experience with a goal last season. And the first slip of the tongue: “Let’s be disrespectful… uh… we respect the club.” Mansky’s plea: “May we make wise decisions today and become the German champions on the amateur court.” Hertha Juniors will play Borussia Dortmund at 1:00 pm for the title.

10:58 am: Exhibition Hall 20 is full. The mood swings between hope that something will change and a bit of anxiety about a mud fight.

10:28 am: The room fills up half an hour before the start of the general meeting. Compared to previous years, there is a lot more going on. From the speakers, Frank Zander’s “Just home” sets the tone for a blue-and-white Sunday vibe.

9.38 am: Good morning from Showroom 20. The general meeting of Hertha BSC starts here at 11 am. Investor Lars Windhorst is also expected to speak. Windhorst itself should not miss what the supplement believes about the commitment of the donor.

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