In long pants through the shop window – sport

Even the retired winter sports enthusiast can get overwhelmed by the cold. Alexandra Burgard, who recently raced for an Olympic silver medal at the Mariama Jamanca in Beijing, returned to her main job for the first time since her winter trek, racing on a tartan track, on Sunday at the 35th Ludwig Gall Sports Festival in Munich’s Dante Stadium. But instead of the warmth of summer, which caressed the muscles of the runner at the end of May, it sometimes gushed in, and the extra degrees were only in the double digits. Burghardt rolled the pre-race in a cautious manner in contrast, in tight competition clothes and 11.58sec. In the final, she proved her learning ability: 11.38 seconds, it even equaled the best time of the year for the still very young German – this time in long pants.

“Under the circumstances, the time is right,” the 28-year-old summed up, for her, the trip to Dante’s Playground was somehow worth it. Even the player who ran the 100 meters in 11.01 seconds last year, and after many years of pain, won the national title at the sprint distances, needs a bit of a revamp to self-confidence once she starts a new season. On the other hand, she said, she had “never experienced such a home game” — Burghardt once studied in Munich and represented the local athletics, and even if she now represents LG Gendorf Wacker Burghausen: for her it is “normal” at Dante’s court, “if There was such a meeting here.” In other words: with the official seal of approval from the World Federation with points for the world standings and as a starting point for a summer heading towards its climax two kilometers east, and also for Borgardt: at the European Championships next August. In the Olympic stadium.

Organizers also want to place their local players in a shop window as garnish for the European Championships in the summer in Munich’s Olympic Park – but that doesn’t quite work out

This is one of the reasons why they have collected so much for their revamped sports festival, the organizers of the post-Sportverein Munich and LG Stadtwerke: about 50 international athletes, inclusion competitions, interviews with the winners in a wagon next to the running track. They also wanted to offer the local athletes a little as an appetizer for the summer, but that didn’t quite work out. When the main program began, it rained, which weakened not only many performances, but also the audience. Jochen Schweizer, a member of the LG board, was still counting 1,000 visitors, and Verena Dietl, as the third mayor in charge of the sports department, said she was “proud” of having such a strong club and meeting in the city – there wasn’t much left either: from Who knows if Schweitzer will still carry her umbrella when she sends her regards?

Anyway, the officials heard the praise with satisfaction. Whether they can hold their meeting to this extent in years without a user at home will also depend on the number of sponsors involved as well as the city. By the way, some performances on Sunday, despite the weather, were quite suitable for the middle of summer: Simon Baer (VfL Sindelfingen) shot putter increased his best distance by seven centimeters to 20.37 metres, even surpassing the previous German season’s best in the world twice. David Sturl. Christian Zimmermann (Kirchheimer SC) lost his home game this way, but the 20.07m was a very respectable one. It also put international performances in the shade, with Kayhan Özer notching 10.46 seconds over the 100 metres. But in the well-occupied high jump, 2.15 meters was enough for Dresden’s Jonas Wagner to win – Tobias Poti had passed early, hurting his ankle.

The hosts also had some successes, Christina Hering, for example, surprisingly won in 53.58 seconds on her journey to a lower distance (400 metres). After all, Ukrainian Alina Lohwynenko reached with a recommendation of 51.19 seconds, but her best time is already ten years. On the other hand, Lohwynenko – like all members of the small Ukrainian delegation on Sunday in Munich – has other concerns than bad weather and 55.19 seconds early in the season. Luhoenenko said after the race that her coach from Odessa had fled to western Ukraine and trained her from there over the phone. She herself comes from Donetsk and lived in Kyiv the last time before fleeing the war to Düsseldorf. She said that she hopes, despite everything, that soon she will be able to participate in the world and European championships, this will also give friends and acquaintances a little support at home. Last but not least, you are yourself.

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