Live in the Ticker: Giro Time Trial on stage 21 in Verona – fight against the clock for every second in the live bar and timing

The twenty-first and final stage of the Giro d’Italia is a 17.4-kilometre trial in Verona.

Bike enthusiasts will know the track from the 2019 Giro Final and the 1999 and 2004 World Championships at the same venue.

There is one last climb in the programme, ascent to Toricella Massimilian (altitude 301 m): climb of 4.6 km with a 5.1% rate, classified as Category IV.

Giro d’Italia

Giro Time Trial Phase 21 Start List: Who starts and when?

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As in 2020, Guy Hendley entered the final trial in the pink jersey, but this time the Australian must defend Maglia Rosa and achieve the first overall win for Bora Hansgrohe in a three-week tour.

Giro Live: 21 stages in the live broadcast tape:

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Live in the Ticker: Stage 21 of the Giro – Buchmann begins

Emmanuel Buchmann is moving into the final stage of the Giro d’Italia 2022, after the Tour de France 2019 he will once again finish a grand tour in the top ten. Thiemen Arnesmann was second, 22 seconds behind Sobrero, but faster than Van der Paul.

Leonard Kamna is eleventh at the finish, teammate Jay Hindley wears the pink jersey on a roll during final preparations.

Giro Live Tape: The Beginning of the Top Ten

The top ten in the Giro are now starting. We have arrived at Juan Pedro Lopez (Trek – Segafredo). He will have to defend his ninth place against Hugh Carthy (EF Education – EasyPost). The starting distance is now at three minutes.

Kämna is 1:12 minutes behind in the mountain rankings meanwhile, so it’s 13th on this measurement point. Boque Mollema finished third behind Sobrero and Van der Poel, with a difference of 1:08.

Giro pointer, stage 21: the start for Kämna

Leonard Kamna is racing now – he was very strong yesterday, but just as excited today. We know his qualities in the trial of time, so what would that be enough for today? Now starting top 20 overall. Wilko Kieldermann will also be the next professional from the German squad to start just before Bora.

Briton Ben Tolet (Ineos) with 23:36 fresh third, knocked out Mauro Schmid.

Live broadcast tape Jiro Time Trial: Van der Poel at the end

Top player Matthew van der Poel is second at the finish line, 33 seconds behind, clearly missing his best time. Sobrero also drove a good descent, and the opening round winner could no longer straighten out. The Italian was faster than the “MVDP” to get off. The best German so far is Jasha Sütterlin, who worked a lot yesterday and is still in the top 10 so far with a time of 24:20 minutes in 10th.

Live in the Tape: Stage 21st Giro – Best Clear Time

Team BikeExchange Italy time champion Matteo Sobrero recalled the best time ever on the course – 22:24 minutes for him! He’s 1:16 minutes faster than former Swiss pioneer Mauro Schmid (quick step). Perhaps it was in the fight for today’s victory. He was also 17 seconds faster than the Swiss in landing!

Via Giro, stage 21: the final showdown around Rosa in Verona

Giro Live Tape: First Time at Last

Now the first driver has reached the finish line, not Roger Kluge, who was overtaken by Belgian Peter Serry on the way. The clock stopped at 24:56 at the end of the last meters over the cobblestones. The average is around 42 km/h.

Any driver who is currently on the track really has no chance if the weather actually improves. Brändle and Dowsett, both time-professionals, didn’t try to set a good time.

The start menu for the Giro . time trial

The first starter, Roger Kluge, a German leaves the slope in Verona at 2:00 pm, then every minute the other drivers follow him until they reach the top 10. For these, the starting period is then increased to three minutes.
Emmanuel Buchmann, who is seventh overall, left the course at 4:30 pm and teammate Jay Hindley finished in the pink at 4:48 pm.

Giroud Timing: Grand Final in Verona

In the middle of the 17.4 kilometer course in Verona is the last mountain classification of this gyro. But she will hardly decide victory or defeat at the time of the trial and in the overall standings.
The favorite to win the day is Matthew van der Poel (Alpsen-Phoenix), who finished second on time in Budapest. Jay Hindley (Bora-Hansgrohe) shouldn’t be able to banish an all-out victory. However, there are still some interesting battles for positions in the top ten.

The track is almost identical to that of the 2019 Giro Finals, when Richard Carapaz, dressed in the pink jersey, entered the famous arena in Verona as the overall winner.
At the time, the winner needed 22:08 minutes – so today at 5:11pm we should know what this giro’s final rating looks like.

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Via Giro, stage 21: the final showdown around Rosa in Verona

Giro d’Italia

Giro d’Italia: premiums, regulations, T-shirts, ratings in a nutshell

05/05/2022 at 11:02

Giro d’Italia

Giro Time Trial Phase 21 Start List: Who starts and when?

3 hours ago

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