The last Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix?

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Leclerc’s curse in Monaco: Here’s what the stats say

You’ve certainly heard the “curse” of Monaco by Charles Leclerc these days. He never won his home race. But it’s actually even worse: he never finished his home race! For him, the stats in Monaco basically define: bankruptcies, misfortune and collapse.

2017: Formula 2
Best time in practice, best time in qualifying, in the race. After a technical defect, Leclerc is out. A collision in the second race forces him to retire.

2018: Formula 1
With Sauber in Q2, in the race for P12. Brake failure on the front left causes an accident in Brendon Hartley. Leclerc is eliminated again.

2019: Formula 1
Best time in third training for Ferrari. But the team is already playing in Q1 and Leclerc is stuck in 16th place in the first segment. In the race, he is engaged in a duel with Nico Hulkenberg at the Rascasse Curve. The left rear wheel is broken, Leclerc has to give up.

2021: Formula 1
After a year’s break in Monaco (Corona), Leclerc is fully present at Ferrari. In the playoffs, he sets the best time – and crashes. Because of the next red stage, no one can improve anymore, he keeps first place. But when driving to the starting grid, a defect is detected: the drive shaft is over. Leclerc is not in a home race.

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On the go in Monaco

Where we are already on the topic of “jumping”. It has already been driven in Monaco before the Grand Prix, and in the Porsche Cup, some interpret the perfect line in the pool in a more generous way. result:

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On the way to Monaco

It is a somewhat different race, where the drivers do not come to the track by car, as they usually do, but by boat. And Max Verstappen had already mastered his first little test of courage that day – he landed safely after that jump!

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Best Racing Strategies According to Pirelli

So if the race remains dry, Formula 1 tire supplier Pirelli has a clear idea of ​​what will happen strategically: not much. At least in theory with no vehicle safety phase or similar interruptions. Then everything goes according to schedule, which looks ideally like this:

Alternative 1: Start in a soft position for 22 to 32 turns, then change to hard and drive to the end. This is considered the best racing strategy for 78 laps in Monaco.

Variant 2: Start with medium for 27 to 37 laps, then change to hard and drive to the end. at the same speed.

If there are accidents or if it gets wet, there may be completely different scenarios that may deviate from the mentioned strategies. In general, however, the following applies: stopping in Monaco costs not only time, but also sometimes positions on the track that are difficult to recover in a duel. So it is better to stop only once.

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And what happens today in the race?

Back to the present and ask all the questions this Sunday: Is the rain coming that we’ve been hearing about all week? Find out more in our current weather forecast for the Monaco Grand Prix, which we also missed an update this morning! And now there seems to be a clear trend for this time as of 3pm in Monaco…

Get the current weather forecast here!

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So much history in so little space

Once again we remember a quick tour around the Circuit of Monaco and some stories about this race and the racetrack in the Principality of Monaco. Over the years, this Grand Prix has created an anecdote or another – and it has sometimes come in handy for big surprises!

Journey on the craziest track in the world

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Monte Carlo from Daniel Ricciardo’s cockpit perspective at Gulf-McLaren: These are the highlights of the Monaco Grand Prix!

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Monaco Specials

The Monaco Grand Prix has always played a special role in the Formula 1 calendar. This is also reflected in the “Monaco Specials” series developed specifically for this race. Special aerodynamic solutions, eg. But I actually give up a lot, just see for yourself! 😉

Photo gallery: Formula 1 technology: The most unforgettable special ideas in Monaco

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Expert Opinions: Another design is needed!

The article has already touched on that and it may be a (partial) solution: a different design for the Monaco Grand Prix. Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc, who comes from Monaco, also has an idea – read here!

Former Formula 1 driver Marc Surer also thought about the Monaco Grand Prix. His thesis: This race in its current form is “no longer up to date”. In our video, Surer also offers suggestions on what organizers can do to make the Grand Prix even more exciting:

Marc Saurer: Monaco needs to be rebuilt!

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Marc Saurer: Monaco needs to be rebuilt!

Monaco didn’t have to pay anything for years, and it was still considered in Formula 1. That would be different in 2022. We explain why.

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